Vinturi Wine Aerator Review

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Giftable 4.7 
Easy to use 4.7 
Easy to clean 4.6 
Flavor 4.6 
Quality of material 4.0 
Durability 3.9 
  • The wine's processing can be sped up.
  • Stylish and up-to-date technology.
  • One of the most interesting approaches used here is the sound approach.
  • A bit expensive.

Vinturi Wine Aerator Product Description

With Vinturi’s handheld aerator, using it has never been simpler or easier. You’ll pour your wine through the aerator while holding it above the glass with your free hand, as if you were holding a funnel, instead of directly from the bottle to the glass. Without the aid of batteries, charcoal, or filters, the acrylic aerator is able to increase oxygen exposure to wine and enhance its bouquet.

  • With the Vinturi Red Wine Aerator, the aeration process of a wine will be accelerated.
  • With its patented technology and a stylish, yet classic design, Vinturi Red Wine Aerator offers a stylish way to aerate wine.
  • Wine Aerator Vinturi Red allows you to quickly aerate an entire bottle of wine or a single glass of wine. It's the ideal tool for entertaining guests.
  • With the award-winning Red Wine aerator from Vinturi, red wines can be opened and developed in just seconds. Replace your traditional decanter with a ten-minute pour.
  • It is imperative to listen to the sound - it is unique to all Vinturi aerators, which makes you sure that it is a real Vinturi.

Questions & Answers

A year ago today, I ordered a Vinturi, but received the Magic Decanter that I ordered. I noticed that this item had a sticker labeling it Vinturi yet it is in fact not Vinturi. A party was the catalyst for my purchase of the red and white Vinturis on 12/31/13. These are the real deal. I purchased them on Amazon. My disappointment this time was that I got a knock off.
There is no such thing as a linear progression. Immediately aerate the wine with an aerator by holding it over a glass and pouring it through it Mixes air properly in the right amount and at the right method.
Neither of those things is true. If it leaks, then you are not holding it right. These two holes are actually capillaries that allow air to enter as you pour and mix with the wine to aerate it as you pour. We chose the name Vinturi for an experiment we conducted during Physics class on Venturi's principles. I got mine in Co$tc0 for $15. This is a great product.
I'd appreciate it if you could! In order for Vinturi to market the fact that there is a difference between the red and white aerators is for sales purposes. People feel better when they are made to Please continue to the next section The air holes in your aerators will be adjustable so you can adjust them to the variety of wine you are using. It's possible to aerate the first half of the glass, then pour straight wine into the back half. Feel free to adjust the volume I will answer your question as follows It is uncommon for most people to aerate whites, but if you want to, do so. The color you like better should be the one you buy. It used to be possible to aerate wine in the glass or a decanter before this "invention". There is also a decantator in Vinturi that aerates the wine. Are you sure that's what it is? Red wine stains on black, so I opt for the black one. The seams become red from the red dye. Wishing you good health and happiness while enjoying wine.

Selected User Reviews For Vinturi Wine Aerator

I'm very happy with how it works (fold lines are not cracks) (5/5)

I emailed the manufacturer to get some clarification on what appears to be cracks in the product. It works great, but there is some confusion over what appears to be cracks. As a response, here's what was said Over each air hole there is a fold line that is often mistaken for a crack during the manufacturing process. An image of these fold lines can be found below. Those lines can be seen in their promotional video if you go to their website. It seems like Amazon would state this somewhere in their marketing.

Carson Levine - 20/05/2021
A 5 star product paired with a 0 star customer service rating equals 1 star (1/5)

During the week of 8/14/2019, I sent the following email to Vinturi support My question is about the new Vinturi V1010 (see attachment 1) I bought from Amazon. com (sold and shipped by Amazon. com directly, not a 3rd party seller) and I received it today. As I was unpacking it, I noticed a small plastic tab pushing into the throat of the Vinturi (see attachment 2), and I was wondering whether this was A venturi port right above this means that it will interfere to some degree with the smooth flow of wine. That seems very strange to me as it will interfere with the smooth flow of wine through the throat in some way. A little water was run through the Vinturi in an attempt to dislodge the tab, but it was unsuccessful. Would you mind getting back to me and letting me know if the plastic tab should be there or if it was a manufacturing defect?" *br>*br>I didn't receive a I contacted them again after a week. I spoke with them for a long time and they looked at the pictures. They said there was nothing wrong and that the plastic tab belongs In my opinion, it seems to me that it is leftover plastic from the placement of one of the air vents, and if so, I would like to have another unit installed. To confirm if a plastic shard was present in their stock, I requested that a unit be pulled from their stock so they could examine the throat. My doctors said there was no need for me to get a second opinion, that it's perfectly What the heck? I agree with you, but I still do not think this is right. One of the holes produces wine drips, so I observed that the device works. As a result, I figured my technique was the problem, and I would get the hang of it eventually. Since then, I have noticed that the little air hole opposite the place where this tab is located leaks wine whenever wine is poured through it. This has led to my dissatisfaction with this device and the mess it creates. It is so frustrating that I have resorted back to traditional decanting techniques. Well, this morning I was over at my neighbor's A VinVinturi belongs to him as well! In the end, I asked if I could go through You know what I mean, right? This plastic shard does not stick out of his VinVinturi's throat, as it would on a standard model. He made it clear that I could try his VinVinturi before buying, and I am so glad. What do you think is the answer I have tested his device over 12 times (and used the equivalent of 12 wine bottles of water each time) and neither a single drop of fluid has leaked from the vent holes. I then took a very thin, long thin flathead screwdriver and carefully pressed on this stupid plastic tab until it broke off and was flushed out of the VinVinturi. Thus, my leaky VinVinturi now works just as well as my neighbors' devices. That stupid little piece of plastic became stuck in the venturi throat, allowing wine to flow readily out of a vent hole because of the interference. It has been more than a year since I got my VinVinturi, but now it is working properly (after getting rid of the plastic shards). As I recall, when I asked your customer support if I should do this, they said, "no, it's never a good idea to insert objects into the throat of the VinVinturi. ". I heard the same thing from the same person who told me in photo #2 above that the shard of plastic you see is normal. So, how do I feel about the fact that there was a manufacturing glitch in the product? Not at all. It's not uncommon for stuff like this to occur in mass production techniques, but it should have been caught by the factory quality control department at the very least. Nevertheless, I am VERY UPSET, specifically because of the service I received from Vinturi customer support representatives, specifically their incompetence and insistence that there was nothing wrong with my product sir" and that I could not take advantage of an exchange because it is normal. No, it is NOT normal. If you took some time to examine a VinVinturi and compared your product to my photo #2, you would have most apparent this. My view is that VinVinturi is a good product, but the customer support is absolutely awful. Rather than simply rehiring existing customer support personnel, providing them with the proper training on your products, and monitoring how they perform their duties, perhaps you should focus a lot on finding better people and providing them with the proper training. *br>Had your support rep told me that the issue was not what I expected, I would have asked for a return during the return period. Instead, I paid full price for the working product, but had to research the problem FOR YOU and fix the customer's problem myself. That's one heck of a deal.

Maxwell Downs - 31/05/2021
Exceptionally high This small, high-quality company is highly effective and efficient (5/5)

With its small size and high efficiency, this aerator is the perfect way for you to speed up the drinking process of your heavy red wines. A synthetic velveteen pouch came with the original model in order to make it easier for you to enjoy a red wine with dinner without having to decant it I bought a plastic one, but this one is made of glass, so it doesn't stain. The size is small enough to fit in the drawer of your kitchen when not in use. There are two Having to use both hands is a bit of a drawback (one to hold it and one to pour the wine), but it is not overly awkward. Certainly a useful addition to the toolkit of any oenophile.

Marlee Jackson - 11/02/2021
I don't see any value in this (2/5)

I don't think this is really useful, but it's rather a novelty. He loves wine, but he's definitely not a connoisseur. That's why I bought it for him. There were several times when we played a game in which I had to fill up two glasses of wine, one aerated, and one Aerating one or the other would require him to taste both and guess which one is anerated. His ability to distinguish between them was underdeveloped and he guessed incorrectly much of the time. When I told him my in-laws had A group of laws showed up, who are wine connoisseurs, and they had a hard time figuring it out. Although they claimed to have guessed correctly more often, there was a significant difference between the two groups. For now, it simply occupies a cabinet in our party cabinet.

Harold Hart - 31/05/2021
The following instructions apply to all users This is the right way to do things! There are no messes & maximum air exchange (5/5)

The sound made by the Vinturi Aerator when used correctly is very unique. Test &amp Make sure you're ready Practice by holding the Vinturi Aerator under a running faucet or tap. so much that it runs over the top just enough to keep water from spilling out. It equals &gt Take a listen. If you're not sure which direction to tilt it to achieve the best aeration sound, tilt it a bit (any direction will do). When pouring wine through a device, this is the sound you want and need to hear. You'll hear a sucking sound, which means air is being sucked into the device through the side holes (which means nothing is leaking out Pour your wine according to the instructions below In one hand hold the Vinturi Aerator (don't cover the vent holes) and the wine bottle in the other. In the other hand, tilt the Vinturi Aerator slightly WESTWARD of the bottle (don't tilt it away from it). To the bottle just a tiny bit. In order to aerate the wine effectively, pour the wine in such a way that it hits the wall opposite the bottle (the side of the Aerator closest to DO NOT POUR SLOWLY and DO NOT AIM FOR THE CENTER. Put in a normal rate of flow. In order to keep the wine volume and flow rate at a certain level, it is important to keep them at a certain It's just a matter of pouring out as normal. You need to pay attention to *br>*br>Making Vinturi Masters is as easy as following these instructions. There is no leaking or mess because you have achieved maximum aeration. As I pour my wine in the kitchen, I wash it with water after every use and store it in the dish rack in the sink after I have used it. Aeration is outstanding, zippy, and there is no mess in any way.

Kieran Paul - 15/04/2021
The wine tastes much better after using it, as described (4/5)

The only reason for 4 stars is that there are two distinct scratches. The wine tastes much better after using it, as described. Four stars due to the two distinct scratches that appear from the vent holes on each side. When I opened the box for the first time and saw the scratches, I thought, "Wow, yet another used product Amazon sells or passes off as new. ". "I then read the instruction insert from the manufacturer and realized the scratches were (for whatever reason) intentional before I submitted the return form. This venturi thing made of plastic looks so strange and funny that they couldn't make it without getting It would be more convenient if an insert explained the changes. When I realized that the scratches I discovered in the product were "normal," I was relieved that it was likely new when delivery arrived.

Misael Williams - 15/06/2021