VinoBravo Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glass Bar Gift Set Review

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Value for money 4.7 
Giftable 4.6 
  • Durable.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Much expensive than other brand.
  • Small capcity.

VinoBravo Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glass Bar Gift Set Product Description

Clear Lead-Free crystal is used to make this weighted mixing glass, which has a weighted bottom for high volume bar settings. Its thickness and bottom weight are specially designed to make it more portable and easy to use. Mixing glass sets comes in a premium package, making it a great gift for anyone into mixing drinks.

  • The Four-Piece Cocktail Mixing Set includes an 18oz Mixing Glass with Weighted Thick Bottom, a Hawthorne strainer with 120 high-density springs, and a Japanese Jigger with exact measurements for 2, 1 and 3. The sum of 5, 1 & 0 is 5. With a spiral handle to help you stir your drinks with ease, the 5 oz European style bar spoon makes it easy to make different drinks.
  • The weighted mixing glasses are extremely durable because they are made of quality materials such as clear lead-free crystal. Made with a weighted bottom to keep them in place, they are made with extra thick lead-free crystal.
  • This set not only looks adorable and elegant but has also been designed to be the most reliable set for bars with high volume. UNIQUE & PRACTICAL DESIGN This set is attractive & practical and has been proven by bartenders to work efficiently.
  • It makes the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys mixology despite its sciencey nature. Our mixing glasses set comes with a high-end packaging, ensuring a great gift. Buying this gift would be a wonderful idea for a wedding, birthday, housewarming, Christmas gift, and Valentine's Gift.
  • Every VinoBravo product is backed by a lifetime guarantee of quality, a commitment to customer service, and a reassurance of speedy delivery. Please contact us if you have questions or issues so you can receive fast and responsive support.

Questions & Answers

The listing indicates that it will hold more than two cups of liquid. I am not aware of the liquid measurements for a martini, but this should do the trick.
The dishes can be placed in the dishwasher without any problem.

Selected User Reviews For VinoBravo Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glass Bar Gift Set

I am impressed by the clarity and the quality of this piece (5/5)

As a gift, it was very thoughtful. Solid and beautiful, the glass is made of lead. I also found the strainer to be quite heavy. The quality of the product is excellent. I was not personally impressed with the material used on the strainer and spoon, which I didn't like very much. My husband loves it and uses it constantly. It is my own fault for not paying attention to these things when purchasing. (I was not paying much attention Having said that, it's a pretty great set. Despite the spoon being a little light, it is still enjoyable.

Rosalee Spencer - 23/01/2021
An excellent value for the money (5/5)

I bought this set as a Christmas gift for my husband and he loves it. I like this glass even more than the set we already have, since it is slightly shorter. A beautiful finish and durable construction are evident throughout. This beautiful bar looks stunning with our other bar wares and can definitely be cleaned in the dishwasher. It is beloved by my husband and me as well.

Kaydence McKenzie - 06/06/2021
It is of high quality and Quality is the name of the game with this cocktail stirring set (5/5)

In addition to the thick and heavy glass, the strainer is also heavy and of Only one (small) thing I would have liked on the strainer is that there is no button on the top for locking the gate. It's a really good quality set and really beautiful. The cocktail nerd friend I bought it for appreciated it so much that she bought a second one as a gift.

Gemma MELLOR - 29/07/2021
A great product, but the gift box is damaged (3/5)

My package was very damaged when I received it, just as I ordered. There was something wrong with this return, as it seems to have been open It contains everything I need, but I have to repackage it to package it for gifts, which is As far as the items themselves go, they are fantastic!.

Jakob Donovan - 17/02/2021
This is a great product (5/5)

Set is very nice, but I am not a huge fan of this particular style of With a 2 oz line right to the top, spills will occur, and since it is double sided, messes will occur when you flip it I just have an opinion about the style, but I think it's well made and of good quality for the price. I'll be looking for a different style of.

Ayan Reese - 01/03/2021
The package is beautifully presented and makes a wonderful It was a gift for a friend and he was thrilled with the quality and the style of the set (5/5)

It looked like each item had good quality and was well made. If I were buying for myself or as a gift, I would definitely do so.

Maren Frazier - 02/07/2021
This is a great bartending kit (5/5)

You will find most everything you need here! Besides the black color, I like it very much. I can have my bar tending kit done when I get the shaker! Service is fast, the price is fair, and the product is of high quality.

Noe Gould - 22/01/2021
The quality and style of this item are excellent (5/5)

That was a lot nicer than I expected, and I used to work in high end cocktail bars in Miami, which is surprising, since that's where it comes There is a nice weight to everything and it feels strong. Truly, I just couldn't be happier! I highly recommend this book.

Abner Waller - 25/05/2021