Vinetto Wine Aerator Review

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Easy to assemble 4.9 
Easy to use 4.5 
Easy to clean 4.2 
Flavor 4.1 
Giftable 4.1 
  • High quality aeration.
  • Affordable.
  • Elegant design.
  • Doesn't spill wine.
  • Requires handling with care since it's delicate.

Vinetto Wine Aerator Product Description

A wine aerator attaches to the bottle and allows drinking wine without waiting for it to stop aerating because it aerates as the wine is poured. It simply goes into the bottle and the wine is poured into your glass. There are air bubbles in the wine that help it to taste better because they infuse oxygen into it. Despite it being a great aerator, the ribbed and tapered rubber stopper will ensure a leak-free seal on all bottles of wine. In spite of its elegant tear-shape design, the utility is built to do its job in a stylish manner. For easier pouring, the angle of the bottle has been designed so that it is ergonomically tilted towards the user. Cleanup of the aerator is simple since it comes apart in two parts. run it under water to rinse it. A similar level of ease applies to assembly.

  • If you wish to release the aroma of your fine, expensive red wines, then superior aeration is required. Using Vinetto aeration and decanter spout, you can infuse wine with just the right amount of air and invite all of its complex aromas and flavors to shine through.
  • This exclusive red wine aerator spout pourer, which is made with premium quality and has a beautifully designed, ergonomic swan-neck pouring spout that is 150 degrees slanted for ease of pouring, is made to last for years. This sleek design makes it an excellent gift idea for aspiring sommeliers. It is a must-have for all wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs.
  • Add this elegant red wine bottle top air funnel to your perfect party tables to add an elegant touch of sophistication to any party. Impress your guests with your sense of style, and impress your guests with your expert attention to detail.
  • This Vinetto wine aerating pourer is equipped with an anti-drip rubber stopper that ensures consistent, accurate pouring at all times, making you worry less about embarrassing red wine stains on your expensive tablecloth.
  • A PERSONAL MONETARY GUARANTEE IS INCLUDED Vinetto is so sure of the top quality and excellent performance of its exclusive red wine aerators that it offers a Lifetime money-back You have nothing to lose so order one for you and one to give as a gift right now!

Questions & Answers

There is no marking on the box, so I am not sure. While it is not perfect, it does work well nonetheless. Make sure that you do not twist the cap apart after removing it.
They don't seem to be a problem, but I'm not positive.
looks like it's made of heavy, sturdy plastic.
Aerate wine in your refrigerator or overnight but NEVER in your fridge or in your sink To maintain a stringent, vinegarish flavor, these steps should be completed shortly before serving your wine. Too much exposure to air will otherwise result in an overly astringent wine. You should remember that your refrigerator acts as a mild dehumidifier and will spoil your open wine quickly.

Selected User Reviews For Vinetto Wine Aerator

Be confident and feel fancy while pouring (5/5)

This simple pour has been a valuable tool for me for several months. The product does what my in-laws asked for, but I'm not a connoisseur or anything It is more bulky to follow laws like this one. It was important to me to get an aerator at the same time as finding a pour that prevented dripping. As well as the aerator, this does the trick. It's a step in the right direction. The one thing I must remember is to make sure the pour on the base is correctly connected. The last time I did not realize I had air ports on the incorrect side of the pour, I embarrassed myself. However, the problem is easily fixed and the cleanup is no problem either.

Sienna McMillan - 20/03/2021
I have no problems with it (5/5)

Red wine is one of my favorite drinks, and this thing can make even the least expensive wine taste amazing! Whenever I open a bottle at the weekend, I use it and I have to wait longer for it to pour into the glass, but it is totally worth it if it enhances the body of the vino! I love it and I plan on ordering more for.

Luciano Webb - 13/07/2021
The month ended with the bank account being empty (1/5)

The reason I was so enthusiastic about this was that it has worked so well for me so far. Additionally, it seemed quite poorly made, which made me nervous. In fact, it broke after just one My quality concerns led me to be very cautious when I used it. In the past few nights, it fell apart in the middle of pouring, and the clips holding it together appeared to have worn out. The software didn't work as well as it should have. Considering the price and the quality, I would not purchase it.

Leilani French - 19/04/2021
This is a great idea! A pair of shoes was purchased by me I bought one for myself and a gift for someone else (5/5)

I gifted it to a couple who responded, "I love it. ". I did not ask for this. It is easy to assemble and to This product works great - it leaks into the bottle and the replacement comes quickly and without hassle, so great customer service. Your wine tastes great immediately.

Jazlyn Walker - 11/02/2021
I would like to wish Vinetto a happy birthday! I'm very impressed by how such a small utensil can make such a A taste test without and with the use of the product lets you discern Thank you very much for your purchase (5/5)

I'm extremely happy with it. Thanks a lot!.

Ledger Hebert - 27/03/2021
There are leaks on your clothes and on your table/counter top (1/5)

The majority of what I drink is red wine. The wine aerator I purchased is not a good product. The black and clear plastics of the lid leak where they meet. It leaks between 3 and 5 percent depending on the amount of pour There are a lot of drops in 7 drops of wine. I suppose it would be fine for a picnic outside but not for indoors or over.

Elena Carver - 01/04/2021
I like it a lot! There is no better product out there for any wine enthusiast! This enhances the flavor of any wine, making it smoother and even better (5/5)

In fact, I bought two for myself and two more for the girls I work My only complaint is that nothing is wrong.

Alivia Winters - 02/04/2021
It is hard to find a better aerator than Vinetto (5/5)

I am in love with A friend had recommended another type of aerator that we tried, but we didn't like it because we had to hold the aerator over our wine glass and pour the wine through the aerator. While the Vinetto Aerato works beautifully, is easy to clean and tastes great, it is a bit expensive.

Omari Mejia - 03/08/2021