Vin Fresco Portable Electric Wine Opener Review

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Easy to use 4.4 
Giftable 4.4 
Battery life 4.3 
  • Ideally weighted.
  • Safe to use and easy to clean.
  • Operate slowly.

Vin Fresco Portable Electric Wine Opener Product Description

The elegantly designed Vin fresco wine opener features a black frosted finish, perfect for presenting as a gift. Using one charger you can open up to 30 bottles at the same time. Battery power is provided by this automatic cordless wine opener. The foil cutter of this tool is perfectly suited for removing the foil seals from most wine bottles with ease.

  • Open your wine bottle with a push of a button using this sleek black and silver opener. Get the cork out of your favorite wines and spirits in just a few seconds. A beautiful addition to any room with its matte black finish.
  • Not only has our opener been designed to work well, we have also included a foil cutter and batteries.
  • The batteries are in the package! Perfect for travel or a picnic in the park, this cordless earphone is easily portable. Due to its lightweight design and the fact that it can be used for hundreds of minutes on one charge, you can carry it in your purse or satchel for any occasion.
  • This gift is also an excellent gift to give to newlyweds, a housewarming present, to celebrate a retirement or to honor any holiday or occasion which calls for a thoughtful and unique gift to present.
  • Our customer service team is always available to assist you, should you need it. Here is a complete list of the terms of our warranty. Our staff is based in the US and ready to help with any questions you may have.

Questions & Answers

Battery pack with four AA batteries that can be replaced.
You can reach Amazon customer service by phone.
Any cork I've used has not caused me any issues. I have tested it on several different devices, and it works great on all of them.
There is a rose gold color to the actual paint. With the opener and color, I am very satisfied.

Selected User Reviews For Vin Fresco Portable Electric Wine Opener

The device doesn't pull out the cork from the bottle, so you shouldn't buy it (1/5)

I always thought that this was the slowest and most useless battery-powered wine opener I have ever used. As soon as I received it, I returned it.

Royalty Wilcox - 18/04/2021
A former student who has never Despite the fact that the wine opener looked exactly like the Brookstone opener that I previously owned (1/5)

Unlike the other, this one won't even fit into the corkscrew.

Lily WESTON - 28/06/2021
It is nothing to drink to! The #LEGIT product feels like an Apple product, looks nice and modern, and was surprisingly easy to operate without instructions ("ouch, that was so easy") (5/5)

Originally I bought it for my mom, who broke out her corkscrew because she didn't "have time to figure it out". After I opened it, I installed the batteries, tried the button a bit, and then As a matter of fact, I ordered one for myself as well.

Rebecca Christensen - 20/06/2021
Using this program is so easy (5/5)

My inability to remove the cork from another wine bottle almost led to the ruin of my next bottle. I now use My package arrived in perfect condition, the instructions were clear and easy to follow, and I had already used it to open my new bottle within minutes of receiving it. I have never used a wine opener until now, so I cannot compare it to anything else. It is, however, extremely easy to use and I have not had any problems opening any bottles with it. For those looking for a wine opener at an affordable price point, I highly recommend it.

Derrick Kramer - 08/01/2021
This is a great gadget for those who enjoy wine (5/5)

Electric wine openers are so much better than those that you plug into the wall because they run on batteries. My wine openers in the past were weak and could still be used after they ran out of battery. This wine opener was bought for me by my friends, and it has been very With its strong design and many uses, one set of batteries is sufficient for many things. You can replace the batteries when it begins to get weak. It will perform like a brand new device. The gift was purchased for my family and friends who like to drink wine.

Abdullah Galvan - 25/02/2021
I love how it works (5/5)

The last one I had lasted a long time (I don't know how long it was). In addition to looking good and working well, it also does its job well. As far as I know, it will last as long as my last one did. My experience with the product has lasted at least 2 months, and it is very fast. It is nice to have it tuck into the foil cutter, so there is no need to look for it. Unfortunately I cannot comment on battery life, as it is still in operation.

Blake Thornton - 19/07/2021
Perfect, thank you (5/5)

It's a great way to open a bottle of wine! The cork is removed and then released smoothly and quickly. In addition to the foil cutter, the base serves as a handy storage area. An attractive matte rubber finish prevents slippage while providing the user with a secure grip. This is very nice and we've already given several to friends and family.

Elliot Zamora - 07/07/2021
I want to know where the wine is (5/5)

Despite trying every type of wine opener, I cannot use any other style of It's not every night that I have a glass of wine, but COVID 19 allows me to do that. There is no comparison to this opener! I am very happy with the product. It has eliminated frustration, blue words, etc. trying to open a bottle. I highly recommend it!.

Emmaline Werner - 19/06/2021