Venero Crystal Bourbon Glasses Review

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Sturdiness 4.9 
Giftable 4.8 
Easy to hold 4.8 
Durability 4.7 
  • Solid build.
  • Eye-catching.
  • Manufacturing defects.

Venero Crystal Bourbon Glasses Product Description

This set of bourbon glasses has all the hallmarks of good glassware, including a thick, thick, and sturdy base, and a dishwasher-safe finish. The lead-free crystal in this product makes it look beautiful as well. You can’t go wrong with this gift if you want to give a bourbon lover the perfect gift. You just need to add a ribbon and gift tag to this beautiful gift. It comes in a box with gold print and is nestled inside a satin-lined gift box. Venero Crystal bourbon glasses were a big hit with a customer who bought them through Amazon. Using it was more convenient for him than he expected, as it is easy to handle, easy to wash, and holds an ice cube of average size. In addition, he will get another set of glasses, so the price is well worth it. A customer also liked the price, packaging, and design of the glasses, as well as their durability.

  • STORE CRYSTAL IS PRODUCED FROM THE BEST QUALITY. It is sure to impress your party guests when you serve drinks in these stylish two-piece whiskey glasses. Solid crystal, they sparkle beautifully in the light and are guaranteed to add a touch of elegance to any drink. This is the perfect beverage to share on special occasions with family and friends, or when playing poker and having a party.
  • THE THICK SIDES AND BASE WILL NOT BREAKS AND WILL RETAIN THE TEMPERATURE OF YOUR DRINK. With its thick walls and heavy base, it keeps your drink at the perfect temperature for much longer, regardless of whether it is ice cold or room temperature. It's dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime warranty, so you won't have to worry about it.
  • Presented in a gift box that has a satin-lined interior, ready to be given as a gift. Make this gift set the perfect present for anyone on your special day, or treat yourself. In an elegant satin-lined presentation box, these old fashioned glasses will make an ideal gift for your friends, family members, or even your spouse for their birthday, Christmas, housewarming, or wedding anniversary.
  • A great way to add a bit of elegance to your dining table and give your party that WOW factor. This large 10oz rocks glass is great for any type of liquor like Scotch Whiskey, Bourbon, Old Fashioned Cocktail, Cognac, Vodka, Gin, Tequila, or order them as classy juice or water glasses.
  • WE OFFER A SATISFACTION GUARANTEE AND A LIFETIME WARRANTY, SO YOU CAN TRY THEM WITHOUT ANY RISK. With our customer service and guarantee, check out our products for 30 days and if you don't like them, return them for a refund, plus you get a lifetime manufacturers warranty. Click Add to Cart to get started today and try them out 100% risk-free.

Questions & Answers

Thanks for your inquiry, Kel. Those are made in China, and we have a very strict quality control procedure in place.
I have not seen a box that will work. My choice would be a ready made tulle (netting) gift bag with a view of the beautiful glass inside. Whiskey glasses of this quality are amazing.
I know how much it is, it's 10 oz. that you see at the top of the listing was posted by mistake by It has been identified as a mistake, and we are working on updating it as soon as possible. This is a mistake and we apologize.
There is a circular rim on the plate.

Selected User Reviews For Venero Crystal Bourbon Glasses

I like it (5/5)

Oh my goodness! I was looking for a good pair of bourbon men's glasses, so I found these and figured I would give them a try since it was only 30 bucks. I just have one word to describe this WOW. It was such a pleasure receiving the package and the glasses feel and look A very good impression has been left behind.

Mathias Yoder - 08/07/2021
Clear glass tumbler with a stunning design (5/5)

I just used these tumblers for the first time last evening. They are beautiful to look at and feel in the hand, and once you become familiar with the shape and feel, they are a joy of pleasure to drink A set of these cocktail tumblers is beautifully packaged in a presentation box, and it would make an unusual wedding gift, or even an excellent gift for someone who enjoys drinking whiskey well.

Crystal Robertson - 14/01/2021
It is the perfect gift for the scotch lover in your life (5/5)

As a gift for my brother, I bought these glasses - It is legal. It was a shock to see his face light up as he unwrapped the box. Despite being thin, the glass feels very heavy and is actually very attractive. Gifts like this make for great presents for people who are hard to shop.

Solomon Spears - 01/05/2021
This is a nice pair of The present I gave my husband for his birthday was a pleasant surprise for him (5/5)

I am drinking from clear and sparkling glasses. The dishcloths are easy to hand wash or dishwasher safe. As I'm not an expert on estimating weight by ounces, I was surprised by the size. As we drink from them, we have not experienced any difficulties holding.

Demi HILTON - 13/07/2021
Drink whiskey in style with these stylish glasses (5/5)

It has a nice set of sturdy glasses that look good while fitting well in your hand while you hold In addition to being dishwasher-safe, the glasses are thick and feel strong. Those that you're looking to give as a gift will come well packaged in a.

Annabelle Bridges - 14/04/2021
It's a great and classy present! After I was invited over for drinks by a friend of mine who served drinks in Disney tumblers one evening, I decided to get these for him (5/5)

The feeling of drinking B&M was awkward He wore a Mini Mouse glass, so I had to go and buy him a pair of grown-up I found these to be very good for the price. It comes in a very nice presentation box, so there is no need to wrap. * High quality construction* Generous size* Great feel in the hand*Unique stylish design
Set of 4 comes in a very nice presentation box, so there is The black cover on the presentation box was slightly pealing and the corner of the box was dinged up. Other than that, I can't say more than "I am very very pleased with them and wouldn't hesitate to get a set for myself if I didn't already have about 50 glasses.

Ricardo Howard - 17/06/2021
An amazing piece of glass (5/5)

It's amazing what these glasses can do! I sincerely appreciate the packaging and presentation of the product as well as the quality of workmanship. had about six whiskey glasses, Glencairn to be exact. I was not impressed with the style of presentation. You could give these glasses as a present to someone special! Definitely check out our whiskey glasses if you are looking for some great whiskey glasses!.

Terrance Skinner - 30/06/2021
There is a chance that they will break (1/5)

The way they act as though they are unbreakable is nice. A glass was broken in half when it was delivered in a very nice package, but the rest of the glasses in the package were fine. It seems that you are not indestructible after all. My first thought was that I'd give it another shot since they are really nice looking. After that, they increased the price by four dollars, and I thought that was it for the.

Chaim Johnson - 22/01/2021