VEHHE Stainless Steel Cocktail Muddler Review

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Easy to clean 4.9 
Sturdiness 4.8 
Ergonomic 4.8 
Easy to hold 4.8 
  • Food-grade 304 stainless steel.
  • No metal aftertaste.
  • No oxidation and fading.
  • Steel construction may not be for everyone.

VEHHE Stainless Steel Cocktail Muddler Product Description

In addition to being BPA-free, the Vehhe muddler is constructed from food-grade 304 stainless steel. Fruits, sugar, and herbs are mixed together better on its head thanks to its teeth. As you muddle, the handle’s unique curve makes it easy to hold. There is also an integrated 2-in-1 spoon and fork for stirring cocktails with stainless steel. The bar spoon that comes with it can be used to stir your drink too because, in addition to mincing herbs and spices, you can also stir your drink with it.

  • If you have a bar or are at home making drinks at home, then this muddler bar tool set can make them professional-looking and taste great. Muddlers can be used for cocktails, mojitos, drinks, and juices, so it is the best bar tools pick.
  • 18/8 STAINLESS STEEL IN TOP QUALITY The drink muddler stainless steel is made from high-quality, food-safe 304 stainless steel, is BPA-free, does not impart any metallic taste or smell and does not rust. Moreover, with this mojito muddler kit, you can use it for a long time while remaining virtually safe and eco-friendly.
  • AN EASY TO USE AND EASY TO GRAB DESIGN Our cocktail muddler has a unique curve and is of a palm size to make it easier to hold. Cocktails can be made much more easily with their help.
  • Both the bar tool and the mixing spoon are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It's also hard to retain foreign matter on the grooves or surfaces because stainless steel makes cleaning a breeze.
  • MULDCRUSHING The shaker's head design can crush citrus juices, strawberries, lemon, mint, herbs and spices easily, the rotating mixing spoon rod can quickly mix drinks, and the trident-shaped design forks pulp easily.

Questions & Answers

For the record theres no case of a damage so far, and I love the convenience of using my cup.
Stainless steel is the material that makes up the muddler, so it's easy to keep it A silicone head does not leave a stain behind like a silicone head.
find it to be a great tool for bartending, and it has a large enough footprint for me to use it efficiently.
It goes without saying that our products are sold with gift boxes, which make them perfect.

Selected User Reviews For VEHHE Stainless Steel Cocktail Muddler

An inch or two more is better than an inch or two less (5/5)

A grade of 8 was given to me I used the Muddler and it was just a bit too short to fit the stainless steel shaker I have. It worked, but my hand constantly bumped the top of the shaker. My wife's jalapeno watermelon margarita drink tastes great when I muddle up jalapenos for it. I also use it to muddle up everything really well, such as jalapenos for this. A good amount of cleaning is required. There is no doubt in my mind that I would The spoon is of good quality, but I have not used it too much yet.

Dani Freeman - 04/05/2021
The stainless steel muddler and mixing spoon will be perfect for you (5/5)

I really like this set because it is very well-made, modern, easy to use, and easy to The information is not used for any other purpose I think this would work well for making alcoholic drinks and infusing water, but cocktail-making would obviously be a lot better. As a gift or for personal use, the set is a very good investment I recommend it. It is sturdy, easy to handle, and will last a long time.

Armani Murphy - 18/01/2021
One of the best muddlers I have ever owned (5/5)

Our favorite make of Mojitos in the summer are muddlers, and this muddler fits our tall shakers perfectly. The grip is very easy to hold, and the device works well.

Fallon CARTWRIGHT - 01/03/2021
The muddler is great! In my second muddler purchase, the cup (a different brand but the same design) had a screw-on soft plastic tip on the muddle tip which I thought would be easier on the glassware (5/5)

The tip totally broke The design that was found was an excellent find I should have ordered it the first time. The best thing about it is that it is easy to use and clean, and nothing can go wrong with it.

Isaiah Barrett - 18/06/2021
Muddler was mighty, no doubt (5/5)

Making mock Mojitos with this muddler is my favorite pastime. Using the muddler leaves a surprising mint flavor in my mouth. I am able to detect it even when I don't use it. You can clean it easily and store it nicely in the kitchen drawer. My method of washing is to wash it in soap and water, then to manually dry and store it. After multiple uses, it is still in great condition with no signs of rust.

Margot Kaufman - 25/03/2021
I liked the set a lot (5/5)

I searched for a long time before finding The fact they are solid, with no additional materials, is wonderful. It is easy to clean, does not stain and does not The bar set is great.

Emmalynn Small - 28/03/2021
You will not find a better muddler (5/5)

You are a great puzzler! There isn't another one like this. There is no standard spoon.

Diego Duke - 10/04/2021
Everything works as it should (5/5)

This is a solid construction and a nice design. My first use was to extract the flavor from blueberries, then I used it with lime wedges. It worked much better than using Keeping it in good condition requires me to hand wash and dry it immediately after each wash.

Sydney Blankenship - 18/05/2021