VEHHE Reusable Metal Stainless Steel Straws Review

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Sturdiness 4.9 
Durability 4.8 
Easy to clean 4.7 
Flavor 4.2 
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Affordable.
  • Not that heat resistant.

VEHHE Reusable Metal Stainless Steel Straws Product Description

These straws are made from top grade 304 stainless steel, making them the most environmentally friendly straws, having no color fading, no metal taste or smell, and no oxidation, no oxidation, dishwasher safe, reusable, and no waste. Using a set of steel straws can replace hundreds and thousands of plastic straws for a very long time, even over a lifetime.

  • 2 straight straws and 2 bent straws of 10. EXTRA LONG & FIT FOR ALL SIZE TUMBLERS 2 straight straws and 3 straight straws of 5", 3 bent straws of 8", and 3 straight straws of 10". This is a cleaning brush for 20 oz tumblers or 30 oz Whether you want a cold drink, iced tea, cocktail, cappuccino, coffee, or whatever you like, this is the place for you.
  • A top food-grade 18/8 304 stainless steel straw is your best choice when looking for a straw, made from top food grade stainless steel, which is BPA free, plastic free, no metal taste, no oxidation, dishwasher safe, reusable, It is possible to replace hundreds or thousands of plastic straws with one set of steel straws, lasting for years.
  • The stainless steel straws were designed in a modern and sleek design that is easy to hold and transport. A cocktail straw turns a drink into a cocktail, or a smoothie into a smoothie, that can be enjoyed at any party it is trendy for picnics, boating, family reunions, girls' nights out, and cocktail parties.
  • INCLUDES 2 FREE SCRUB BUSHES AND IS EASY TO CLEAN The broom is included for easy cleaning of the straws, this banister brush allows one to clean straws more easily and no need to worry about damaging them. By its annulus at the end, the brush can also be easily hung. The only thing you need to do to clean the straws is hold the handle of the brush and let the nylon bristles come into contact with the straws. The brush is the right size to clean these straws.
  • The ECO-Friendly, Reusable, and Plastic Waste Reducing Straw is here! There will never be any more plastic straws! In order to protect our earth, we should replace plastic fast food packaging containers with stainless steel straws, so that we reduce the amount of

Questions & Answers

As well, I saw no evidence of this when I examined the box once I had received.
It is not obvious why this shouldn't be done. There is no contact between the straw and your teeth, only with your If you're still drinking hot or cold beverages, perhaps this is causing your teeth to become.
Yes, the dishes are dishwasher safe. You are welcome to use them. There will be no plastic straws used any more It's the best! In order to protect our earth, we should replace plastic fast food packaging containers with stainless steel straws.
Plastic straws reduce the garbage in the environment, can protect turtles from plastic pollution. I think it can save turtles to some extent if we use metal straws.

Selected User Reviews For VEHHE Reusable Metal Stainless Steel Straws

A great product! Check out the video (5/5)

In a nutshell, Straws are being reduced to save the environment, so they have become more and more expensive. I have already switched to stainless steel stirrers which I really like. It used to be that I bought them individually wrapped and they were also pricey. These came with a storage bag and brush cleaner and have been great. Depending on the length of the straw, alternate cleaning both ends. Neither I nor my client have any Amazon Prime allows you to get your items quickly.

King Shaffer - 27/01/2021
It is decent but not great, and the edges are unpolished (3/5)

Nice straws with a good brush to clean them. There are several of these now, and the price here is fair. Put some silicone tips on your fingers. The silicone straw tips are required in order to be usable. In our experience, the straws have a sharp feeling in your mouth, but we've also tried silicone tips, and they are great. I would sand or polish the straws smoother if they weren't so rough. As far as you can tell, the straws don't feel comfortable in your mouth at all. It turned out to be a great bonus piece in the form of a cleaning brush. Constructed with strong materials.

Jeremias Blair - 30/01/2021
I highly recommend this product (5/5)

I decided to give this set a test after purchasing it on a whim (lightening deal). They are great for parties and I've heard fantastic things about them from my friends. These were listed at a very reasonable price and I took the opportunity to purchase them. Several sizes are present, with the two largest (shown) fitting inside a 16 perfectly. Water bottle with a capacity of 9 oz. All other straws are for regular containers and the smallest ones are for small containers of various sizes. Maybe I should order another pack of straws or look for a variety of straws of more content per package. When using the bottle brushes to clean the straws, they fit perfectly inside.

Lauren Hodges - 23/01/2021
The straw is great (5/5)

My favorite part about these straws is the color. You can maintain the temperature of your liquid by placing them in the freezer. I am sure they would feel the same warmth or similar heat as well. A good mix of bent, straight, short and long straws are included in the set, as well as two cleaning brushes and a drawstring fabric pouch. I love them. However, they do require a few hours of air air to completely dry inside the straws before you can pack them up and not worry about storing moisture.

Victoria Bonner - 01/01/2021
Built to Last (5/5)

Comes with a brush to clean them perfectly. Simple to Clean, Built to Last. Additionally, I occasionally wash my in the dishwasher as well They are great in hot or cold beverages, and they do not taste metallic at all. The hose has been washed several times and has not bent or rusted, so they appear to last a lifetime! *br>*br>Say goodbye to single-use products! Plastisol is great for the environment! You've got some great ideas here.

Josue Price - 30/07/2021
It's the perfect treat for coffee lovers! He uses these every day for his coffee, and I ordered them for him! Clean up is a breeze with these and we love that they are available in so many different shapes and sizes (5/5)

My initial concern was that they would taste too metallic, but that has never been the case! These are incredible. I'm extremely happy with them.

Gregory Winter - 22/04/2021
Metal straws that are really great! I use these to carry food when we go out to eat, and I really like them (5/5)

As the ends are not sharp, their silicone sleeves are unnecessary, as you would find on a lot of Having different size straws is also nice, so if you get a particularly large drink, it's nice to have a bigger straw.

Keegan Bennett - 22/04/2021
The straws are easy to clean and come in a variety of lengths (5/5)

The sweet and sticky stuff will have to be rinsed prior to storing in your bag, making it suitable for both home and travel. The length options and easy cleaning make these glasses suitable for any occasion. My only wish is that there were larger straws available, but I am satisfied.

Hakeem O’CONNOR - 14/07/2021