VASAGLE Industrial Serving Cart Review

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Fácil de montar 4.7 
Maniobrabilidad 4.7 
Capacidad de almacenamiento 4.7 
Para espacios reducidos 4.7 
Robustez 4.6 
Excelente inversión 4.5 
  • Rustic style.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Variety of uses.
  • It doesn’t have a specific bar cart look or bar cart features.

VASAGLE Industrial Serving Cart Product Description

A cart like this can be used for a variety of things, from extra pantry storage to a kitchen island to even as a discreet end table. But it does not have the racks and guardrails many cocktail carts come with, so it is easier to maneuver. Featuring three shelves, this unit offers plenty of storage space, and it is smaller in size, so storing it takes up much less space. A rustic, vintage look is enhanced by the wood top with a lightly distressed finish and the industrial metal legs and shelf.

  • STABLE Made of tough E1 particleboard, with high strength and a wood-like texture. It is water and abrasion resistant, and its sturdy frame makes it strong enough to hold the weight of books, magazines, your laptop, and other items.
  • This trolley is characterized by its classic aesthetics and the straightforward structure coupled with its industrial design, which gives it a modern and attractive appearance it is ideal for your personal tastes or décor.
  • Three tiers of storage space in the 3-tier serving trolley offers plenty of room for storage while saving a lot of floor space. Ideal for storing food in a small kitchen or TV equipment in the living room.
  • Is it better to have or lack? You can easily roll this kitchen trolley throughout your house thanks to the wheels this trolley includes. Is there one specific place you'd like it to be placed? The leveling feet are used to adjust the ground level.
  • Do you still have questions? Please contact our friendly customer service team if this is the case and you would like to use any of our kitchen trolleys from our BRYCE collection.

Selected User Reviews For VASAGLE Industrial Serving Cart

My needs are not met by this

On the basis of the reviews that we read for stability, we bought this cart to use a freeze dryer in the home. There are two problems I found after assembling the cart. thing is that the little wrench that was included for the wheels doesn't fit the nuts well. It seems to work fine at first, but once you put pressure on it to screw down the wheels, it slips off. It's basically useless because it repeats itself every single time. Unless you use a crescent wrench to fit in this space between the nut and the bottom of the cart, a crescent wrench isn't going to fit. I was disappointed by that. The needle nose vice grips were needed to get into the ductwork. **I have a big concern about the second issue. I do not feel comfortable using an expensive freeze dryer on the cart after assembly since it has a slant after assembly. Despite the cart failing, I can see it just hitting the floor. As a result, it was a useless purchase for me. Overall, it's nice looking, but I don't think it will remain sturdy under heavy weight (60 lbs) for a long period of time.

Crew Wilkinson - 20/01/2021
There is no nonsense to this table

I'm not a fan of the wheels. It is a very solid piece of furniture. There was a lot of agreement that the wheels were horrible in the other reviews. Rolling the floor instead of dragging them feels better to them. Afterward, we went to Lowe's to get replacement wheels for the casters. It rolls like a dream now, no issues. As the shelves weren't the right height for what we needed it for (indoor grill and air fryer), we drilled different holes and it works perfectly now.

Lyla Johnston - 08/03/2021
The shelves may have fallen apart, there is missing wood, nuts haven't been put on all the bolts, and the shelves are missing parts

The unit holds a tower PC that I bought. It was not what I expected the top shelf to be made of I was surprised to find out that it is simply a laminated wood glued to a composite 5. The reason I chose this particular unit over the darker stained one was that this model is supposed to come with feet that can be screwed into the bottom instead of Neither the feet nor the unit came with it. When I called the company to inquire whether it came with feet, they said that it did. Lastly, 3. During the process of putting this unit together, I noticed that there are many bolts and nuts that do not have the same thread, so they would not fit There are eight bolts and nuts out of 24 that will not screw into one another. To make sure that the bolts work, I'll have to go to the hardware store and buy new ones. Item 4. The shelves are wire mesh so that extra items can be placed on them. It takes time to return, and I didn't want to go through the hassle of going through the hassle of returning. I did keep the shelves, however, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. My main concern was to get this unit to work, and I was really eager to do so, but unfortunately, I have just been disappointed after disappointment.

Jayda ALLAN - 26/01/2021
This is a really impressive cart

After just assembling this cart, I have to say I am actually pleasantly surprised with the quality and with how easy it was to put it together. In spite of being made of mostly metal, the cart is sturdy and not too heavy Despite not being solid wood, the top shelf feels and appears to be made of solid wood. My responsibility was to tighten the screws too much and that basically burned out the little tool, so in future orders I hope they make a more sturdy one. However, it did the job and I am happy with it. If you plan on using it for a second assembly, just don't expect to use it. Upon discovering this little gem on Amazon and reading all the positive comments, I felt compelled to purchase it. My first opinion was this If that thing can survive over a year in an elementary classroom as a portable desk, it will DEFINITELY survive standing still in our library or music My preference was to ride a It's a not so good deal based on other reviews that say the wheels are non-functional. Because we didn't need the cart to be portable, we did not require it to be portable. The portable cart I purchased from Amazon is much better however, if I need another cart again, I would buy this one. There are fewer). In order for the feet to be tightened to the desired height, they can be screwed into the four corners of the base. By doing this, I had no issue at all getting the cart exactly level. I highly recommend this cart to those who are considering purchasing.

Lennox Blake - 14/06/2021
It's quite good looking, but a few flaws exist as well

A purchase of two SONGMICS Vintage Serving Carts, 3 each Utility carts in three tiers for kitchens. It was very quick to assemble the first unit and when finished it looked amazing. Unlike the first unit, the second was nothing like the first. Once the unit was assembled, the unit was so skewed that I had to disassemble it and rearrange the shelves and legs before the shelving could be put back in place. In the end, we had to adjust the feet so that one of the four legs was perfectly vertical, but the other three In addition, the metal framework it's screwed to is not square with the shelf on top. Whatever, I have finally managed to get this unit to a satisfactory position. There are very few things fasteners on the casters, but they will do the job in most cases. I'm putting the two units end to end so their tops need to be aligned, since it's an end-to-end placement. Since I had the feet on hand, I chose to use them instead of The plan is still for me to purchase a few more Throughout the years I have noticed that all pieces like this 'from many manufacturers' have the same issues. *br>*br>My advice is to wait until all the screws have been installed before fully tightening any screws. In addition to the triangle and mitre square, I used a ruler to align the image. ****Edit for style With regards to the second unit, I decided to loosen all the screws and have an acquaintance twist the frame (by holding onto the top shelf and spinning) so that it was aligned. This position was held for me by the unit while I repositioned A tightening of all screws was conducted. Everything seems to be looking good now. When it comes to casters, you can purchase better caster wheels at any hardware store or on Amazon. I have now upgraded my four star rating to a five star one.

Monroe Allen - 12/05/2021