Vacu Vin Wine Pourer Review

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  • Can fit most standard size bottles.
  • It's lightweight and easy to carry for outdoor use.
  • Doesn't spill.
  • Doesn't cost much.
  • It's a bit delicate.

Selected User Reviews For Vacu Vin Wine Pourer

We've got you covered when it comes to wine stains on your tablecloth (5/5)

There is no doubt that these wine pourers My wife always annoyed me by having to wipe the wine bottle after every pour to prevent the wine from dripping on The one approach I used to try to absorb stray wine was to wrap a piece of paper towel around the neck of the bottle, but it looked tacky and always came off. Thanks to this pourer, you won't have to worry about wine dripping down the label. There's nothing big about it, but it makes a While they are a bit pricey for what they are, they work well. I bought them and I am glad I did.

Margaret Flowers - 09/02/2021
Spills will not be an issue anymore (5/5)

It is impossible to pour wine from a bottle without getting a drip (or three) on the tablecloth or table and the table. It is impossible for this problem to occur with these pourers. The drips don't exist, the problems don't exist. With its functionality and low price, a wine accessory like this is a must.

Leroy Novak - 06/04/2021
The design is perfect and the construction is This was intended to replace a pourer that had come with a wine kit and had come apart as a result of High-quality materials seem to have been used to make these pourers Ideally, the rubber part should be attached to high-quality acrylic or hard plastic (5/5)

There should be a lip at the end to ensure the rubber component stays put. It is a double-sided coin The mouth is crafted in such a way that drips will be shown, and the bottle's curved shape will ensure that the wine filters straight back into the bottle from the upper side instead of sitting between the two parts. It is a lot of fun! Our bar has become very dependent on it!.

Samuel Perkins - 25/03/2021
The wine glasses are great for serving wine, even if the quality seems to be The servers were certainly of lesser quality than the stoppers, which was a surprise to me (4/5)

These servers are not as durable as the vacu vin wine stoppers that I have been using for a while. As a result of everyday use, I can understand if they wear down faster. Even after one month of everyday use, I think they shouldn't become so fragile so soon. It takes the stoppers about four months to start cracking after continuous everyday use. Due to the fact that they are made by the same company, I would assume the same quality workmanship will be provided. The reason Bev and More stopped selling them may have been due to this. The price on Amazon is a little bit cheaper than Bev or More was offering.

Emmalynn Wells - 05/06/2021
Do not let the drips continue! There aren't many of these around anymore, at least the clear ones, and they are great little pourers (5/5)

Double-lipped, they prevent wine from spilling and therefore keeping all surfaces clean and undiscolored, including table tops, tablecloths, etc. This is a great product and I highly recommend it. Most wine or champagne bottles will fit in them.

Maximiliano DODD - 01/07/2021
There is no doubt this is a nice pourer if all you want to do is pour (3/5)

This is certainly a great idea if you only intend to use it to pour wine, and then pop out the pourer before storing, but I was under the impression that it would also be used for storing wine. It appears that there is an internal flap that closes when it is tipped upright, but in reality it is just a funnel and stays open all the time. What a bummer.

Langston LORD - 22/03/2021
This is the best! I consider this purchase to be the best one I have I am so tired of drinking wine all over the place (5/5)

Pourers like these do not let a drop of water escape. It was an honor to have them in our lives. Buying more was a good idea.

Hayden Knight - 13/06/2021
It has been designed to be elegant and convenient (4/5)

This system works the same way as those mylar spouts, and will not be thrown away by mistake. It is important that you bear in mind the following Because of this, I gave the product four stars. It says they are crystal (gee, that's obvious), and that's the only reason for my rating. Nevertheless, they are some sort of plastic or polycarbonate. The program worked great and is used regularly by our team. I love how elegant it is.

Mathias Rios - 06/03/2021