Utopia Kitchen Flour Sack Dish Towels Review

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Easy to clean 4.6 
Durability 4.4 
Absorbency 4.4 
Versatility 4.4 
Giftable 4.2 
Quality of material 4.1 
  • Highly absorbent.
  • Bleach washable.
  • Can be a substitute for cloth diapers.
  • Fiber/thread fall out.

Utopia Kitchen Flour Sack Dish Towels Product Description

It does not seem that much of a difference with the towels. Their softness and capacity to absorb water make them well suited to outdoor use. It makes no difference how many times you wash the towels, because they look brand new every single time.

  • - a 100% cotton fabric.
  • We have included a 12-pack to purchase in order to provide you with enough flour sack towels to address your needs today, tomorrow, and in the future. Featuring a size of 28 inches x 28 inches, these towels are easily handling for any customer!
  • Because they are highly absorbent, these towels are great to use as dust cloths, for drying hands, wiping stains, cleaning windows, as cheese strainers, salad spinners, dish rags, cloth diapers, sweating out vegetables and even for embroidery work The feeling is as though you have a magic wand in your hand! Take a stand against paper towels and show your love for the environment by using these products.
  • The soft, absorbent, and quick drying fabric is manufactured from 100% Pure Ring Spun Cotton. Knit in a diagonal pattern, the fabric offers an exceptionally long life span as well as high quality in the performance department.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND LINT-FREE - The professionally hemmed edges of the towels have been carefully graded for quality control, durability, and to ensure they will last for years to come.
  • - Highly durable even after several washings, the towels maintain an excellent quality even after numerous The fabric will not shrink and will Keep these towels around for a long time! Also, this is a great way to reduce paper towel usage! If you wash your towels before using them for the first time, you can ensure that the color will last and that they will be more absorbent.

Questions & Answers

The white towels I received are slightly thicker and less transparent than some of the other brand flour sack towels that I tested. They allow you to see through, but they don't allow as much light through as sheer curtains.
Instead of bleach, I use smelly shout stain remover and tide, and my towels are clean and healthy after they are cleaned The mother I have is white. When I got married, 46 years ago, my mother-in-law had me start using flour sack dish towels. The best, so I bought 2 sets, and will eventually buy more in case they stop making them in the future. Thanks and happy dishwashing.
I have these for almost two years now. Their drying time is very good and they do not get linty.
Although there is no thread count displayed on the vendor's site, the following quote might provide some guidance Embroideries are made of ring-spun cotton. It is made with long and short staple yarns. Fibers in ring spun yarn are twisted together tightly to create a finer, stronger, and smoother A combed cotton yarn created in this way has a more refined feel than regular.

Selected User Reviews For Utopia Kitchen Flour Sack Dish Towels

A lack of consistency and an uneven distribution (1/5)

It was 3 of these packages that I ordered. In the future, I plan to sell them at craft shows printed with my own designs. As a result of the quality and inconsistency, I am extremely disappointed. Everything was fine with the package I opened for the first time. I have no I opened the next two packages, but they were extremely thin. They were thick and straight, and were bright white. According to your instructions, I washed them all. The delicate cycle should be run with cold water. After they had been washed with delicate (low low setting), they were dried as well. When I folded the first batch of them, I noticed that they held up very well. Meanwhile, the other two batches are so uneven that they can't be folded at all! Printing on them is definitely not possible! As well, the first batch has a dingy white color and is less bright than the second It is possible that they are so thin because they are so thin. The size of them is also significantly It might be that I got a couple of Nevertheless, I cannot use these for the purpose I purchased them for, which is frustrating when you consider the amount of money I invested in.

Autumn Fritz - 21/04/2021
Products that can be used for crafts are good (5/5)

A few custom towels will be made for my kitchen with this purchase. This fabric is thin (simply a flour sack towel), but the heat transfer vinyls worked perfectly.

Kaiden Larsen - 03/06/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

The dyes appear to be very vibrant!.

Denver Bowen - 17/01/2021
There are some cotton items in this category (1/5)

It is incorrect to claim these are 100% cotton, as I believe the actual tags (as shown in the photo) claim those are 65% cotton and 35% rayon. There are 35% polyester materials in the composition. As well as being paper thin, they are also light. Returning to you!.

Madeleine Hickman - 20/03/2021
I recommend using it for food preparation like making yogurt or The last time I used cheese cloth was many years ago (5/5)

Used these cloths immediately to strain my yogurt and cheese from a crock pot after they were washed and dried. Excellent work was done by both of them. This cloth was easy to handle and stayed firm and did not break easily while handling food content. The range of projects they cover is so broad that it is impossible to think of something they don't cover. Reusing and washing clothes is a very simple process. To date, there has not been any staining. I could not smell anything weird coming from the cloth. There was no strange taste in the food due to the clothing. Furthermore, they work very well as everything in the kitchen. I actually get my dishes cleaned up and mopped up when I messes! This shirt does not get odory or repel liquid. Other clothes tend to do so. I've never had a better experience!.

Johnathan Andersen - 30/06/2021
It's a pretty big disappointment and I will continue to look for something that appeals to me (1/5)

When I read the reviews, I saw so many fantastic ones that I Sadly, I found them to be very unabsorbent. They have even been washed first as I thought that might be the problem, but they remain water resistant. In any case, I am fairly disappointed and will continue my search for a product to dry my cookware.

Myla Jarvis - 04/01/2021
It is not a good idea to use these towels for crafts (1/5)

My daughter makes cute kitchen towels out of these Most of the time, I have to throw out at least four of every dozen towels due to flaws. These blankets are full of bright, colorful threads. There are big blobs of stitching that cannot be removed without making a hole, and lately I've been finding pulled threads that have run all the way through as well as holes, especially where the seams meet. plan on embroidering or decorating them, you will be very disappointed! These mops work great for mopping up a floor, but if you want to decorate them, you will not be pleased!.

Titan Patterson - 05/03/2021
My order for 2 more sets is in! As I cut flour, I noticed it was lumpy The sack is divided into quarters or sixths and stacked It is edge-on The raw edges should be stitched so that the items can be reused and bleached There are a number of washable alternatives for many tasks that would otherwise require My goal this year is to make a few of these as Christmas presents for my friends It is a good idea to present Utopia Kitchen towels as gifts as they are of great quality and come in thoughtful, quaint packaging (5/5)

The flour is in excellent condition and is of modern quality I've never used anything like this in any store, and it's far better than anything I've purchased from it Moreover, you get a better price! There are no problems with the edges The hem is double-sided (14" a fold) & a While the towels shrank minimally after being washed in HOT water, the size remained the same, 28" x 28". As a bonus Upon arrival, they brought a beautifully crafted, attractive and durable bag I use this button a lot - They are packaged in a heavy plastic reusable package with a closure strap (the same material) to keep them all together when folded. buttons on the strap would actually make a cute 'housework headband' for women with small You could use any of these flour types Those aren't as good as most I've come across in the 21st century (you have to buy cotton fabric off the bolt to get those weaves), but they're better than most. You did a great job!.

Averie Espinoza - 29/04/2021