Uspacific Plastic Martini Glasses Review

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Sturdiness 1.3 
Durability 1.3 
  • Affordable.
  • Disposable.
  • 30 pcs set.
  • Not biodegradable.

Uspacific Plastic Martini Glasses Product Description

Polystyrene is the material of this disposable cocktail cup; it is strong and safe. It is possible to see the color of the wine in the cup and to taste the atmosphere more clearly with this transparent color. This cocktail cup consists of two parts, the bottom of which can be disassembled, so it is easy to put in another cup, convenient, and space-saving.

  • The cocktail cup has a diameter of 9 inches. A side length of 5 cm is 3 inches. Upper side of the cup has a diameter of 7 inches, and the bottom has a diameter of 12 inches. 4.5 cm in diameter / 5 cm in height The height of the bottle is 9 inches and has an internal capacity of 7oz. The diameter of its bottom is 6 inches. The diameter of a 4 cm/ 2 inch object is Glasses are easily placed with this glass holder due to its 5 inch size.
  • We use PS / Polystyrene, a safe and durable material for our disposable cocktail cups. By using the transparent color, we can clearly see the color of the wine in the cup and consume it at a more opulent level!
  • This cocktail cup has been designed with two sections, the bottom can be removed easily, so you can put in another cup, it is convenient and space-saving. There are many patterns that can be used to decorate the transparent cup to make it even.
  • Suitable for holding wine, whisky, champagne and other drinks, the Pacific cocktail glass provides a sleek design. The quality of life is improved by using it at parties, cocktail parties, picnics, weddings, banquets, family gatherings, holiday dinners, dessert shops, and other functions!
  • There are 30 disposable cocktail cups in this package, so there is more than enough for any big party or celebration, and also enough to enjoy a tasty cocktail often.

Questions & Answers

Liquid is contained in the stem.

Selected User Reviews For Uspacific Plastic Martini Glasses

Glue is required to attach the base because the piece is fragile (1/5)

Despite its two-part design, this glass doesn't have a snug fit on the drink portion. You keep the base of a beverage when you pick it up! We will need to glue the two pieces together before we can use them What a disappointment this is. A large number of vertical cracks can be seen on the drink portion. It is a waste of time and.

Lilly Hayden - 01/01/2021
The package was delivered quickly (5/5)

The service was excellent.

Ronan Osborne - 01/06/2021
It is broken (1/5)

Upon arrival, they were broken. The quality of the products These never came in handy for me.

Kelsey Rose - 19/04/2021
The material is very thin (3/5)

The purpose of ordering these online was to save time and effort by avoiding the trip to the store where I usually buy plasticware. I had trouble holding my drinks since I couldn't hold the bottoms without tearing them. The use of this product will not be repeated.

Katelyn Floyd - 22/06/2021
This is junk (2/5)

You will not find anything useful in these. We tried to return them, but there was no response from the retailer half of the glasses were broken. Don't waste your money on this.

Hayes Shea - 02/01/2021