Upper Midland Margarita Glasses Review

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Fácil de montar 4.0 
Excelente inversión 3.3 
Robustez 2.5 
  • Versatile.
  • Has lovely colors.
  • Durable.
  • Great value for money.
  • requires assembly.

Upper Midland Margarita Glasses Product Description

When it comes to using colors to entice your guests, this margarita glass from Upper Midland Margarita does it to the maximum. That’s because they incorporated the color into the stem as a whole. 36 Margarita glasses,12 oz each, come as part of a party set. In addition to its sophisticated appearance and classic silhouette, the glass is also very appealing to those planning to use it for margaritas as well as other drinks. Any bar would benefit from this addition. In addition, they’re entertaining and the drinks don’t get warm, and your guests can drink when they want. They require an assembly which is amazingly easy.

  • A Durable Margarita Glass made of the Highest Quality BPA Free Plastic that is Disposable or Reusable, Food Safe.
  • It is easy to assemble - the ice cream cups come in two pieces to prevent them from breaking in transit, but the ice cream cups are really easy to put together.
  • With the help of a black light, these cocktail cups will glow in the dark, making them perfect for those who like to party in the 80s style.
  • It's perfect to add to a Cinco de Mayo theme party, a summer party, a graduation party, a Mexican barbecue or a birthday party.
  • Served up in a 12-ounce capacity, this pitcher is ideal for serving cocktails, beverages, mixes, sodas, or even candy, so it's a perfect addition to any bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Selected User Reviews For Upper Midland Margarita Glasses

I really like it, but it is easy to break

They came in very colorful packaging and made our margarita party look really great. They were a big hit among the guests. I found them to be of good size. It was only a down side that the base pieces for about six of them were broken upon arrival and that a few more broke while assembling them. As a result, we were unable to use all 36 The plastic cups ran out after a while, so we had to switch to regular plastic cups.

Kamryn Gutierrez - 14/04/2021
Glue is no longer necessary

In all the reviews, it was mentioned to use a drop of glue when putting the two pieces My first attempts to do this failed, and I could not get the stem to go in at all. I also put some of them together without any glue at all, and they fit together very At the party, they did not break up. I am pleased with how things turned out.

Oscar Franco - 09/04/2021
They are awesome! Neon Margaritas are awesome! I can't say enough good things about these margarita cups

The colours and size are far above our expectations. At first, they were on back-order, so I was afraid that I was not going to receive them on time. To my relief, they were shipped within two days. Compared to the cost, the value is immense.

Miriam Holt - 28/05/2021
It has a very reasonable price for a very attractive glassset

What's not to like? They come in a great array of colors, and you can either put one color on the stem and another color on the bowl when you mix It is durable enough that you can wash it and reuse it The use of. We served them at a margarita party and they were very popular.

Angelo French - 17/05/2021
The cups were great for my tiki party

My guests enjoyed frozen drinks in them and there were no leaks or damages. They arrived in good condition. The colors used in the listing were similar to my event and fit.

Valerie Blackburn - 02/05/2021
Fiesta parties are the perfect occasion for this collection

The colors are bright and fun. There will be a margarita bar at our fiesta reception, and I hope to use these items.

Dulce Nelson - 03/02/2021
It went better than I had For my fiesta-themed engagement party, I purchased these and they were a big hit


Carmen Good - 29/01/2021
This is not a sturdy object

I was too light and was easily knocked over.

Tanner Pearce - 06/07/2021