Upper Midland 12 Tom Collins Highball Glasses Review

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  • Heavy from bottom.
  • Shiny glass.
  • Easy to wash and clean.
  • May break if slipped.

Upper Midland 12 Tom Collins Highball Glasses Product Description

The best slim glasses are traditional for cocktails such as mojitos and mint juleps. They are also ideal for bloody marys and other mixed drinks to make a classy statement on the dining table. Besides being made from excellent-quality glass, these Collins glasses have a long and heavy base, which prevents the glass from tipping and protects it. With these slim glasses, you can grip the frame with a smaller hand. These fluid-based glasses are easy to store due to their thinness and height, as well as holding just enough water or cocktails for just enough drinking.

  • This group of 12 exquisite Collins glasses will make a classy statement at your dining table or bar with their classy looks. The glasses are perfect for cocktails like mojitos, mint juleps, bloody marys, and all kinds of mixed drinks.
  • This Collins glass is made from excellent quality glass and is significantly thinner than a highball glass. The glasses also have a heavier base to prevent tipping and protect the glass.
  • A MOJITO GLASS IS EASY TO WEAR - These slim glasses are very comfortable for smaller hands, because the grip is smaller.
  • The tall, slender Tom Collins Glass has a unique shape and style that's great for drinking water or even a special cocktail.
  • This size of zombie glass is considered the perfect size - easy to store due to its thinness and tallness, and allows you to easily drink just the right amount of water or cocktail beverage.