Update International (SR-22DN) 22″ Double Hold Speed Rail Review

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  • The holding capacity is greater.
  • Constructed with sturdiness in mind
  • A little pricey

Update International (SR-22DN) 22″ Double Hold Speed Rail Product Description

With a double hold speed rail, it is possible to hold ten individual quart or liter bottles Made out of 18/8 stainless steel Material These speed rails enable the bartender to organize the bar’s well liquors and easily place them on the bar as the customers order them.

  • You can load up to ten individual quart or liter bottles on this double hold speed rail.
  • This product is made from stainless steel 18/8.
  • With these speed rails, it's easy to organize well liquors at the bar and put them within reach of the barkeep as customers order.
  • The length of the piece is 22 inches.

Questions & Answers

On each rack, (5) liter bottles will fit. You can also do (6) 750ml bottles per They work perfect in my bar, where I have two of them.

Selected User Reviews For Update International (SR-22DN) 22″ Double Hold Speed Rail

In less than two months, broken (2/5)

Welds on this piece had broken in just over two months, and the lower half separated. The item lasted only 57 days. I know wear can wear down products, but I very much doubt this one will last forever.

Max Lowery - 27/02/2021
It is ideal for use in coffee shops (4/5)

It's well made and in good condition for the.

Angelica Beasley - 17/04/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

Quality is good.

Grace Riggs - 17/04/2021
The two stars are worth two points (2/5)

I received a product that was not what I expected.

Abigail Riley - 26/01/2021
I'm happy with the result (5/5)

I needed some storage behind the bar. I love how easy it is to reach. I ordered another one! A great price for a great product. Easy to install and holds a lot.

Hadleigh Marshall - 13/07/2021
Purchases should not be made (1/5)

Afterwards, the device broke after a few weeks of.

Alvaro Ryan - 28/04/2021
It was just what the title said (5/5)


Rocky HOWELLS - 19/07/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

In my outdoor bar, I have arranged things quite well.

Azariah Ashley - 21/04/2021