Under NY Sky Cross-Back Panther Black Apron Review

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Comodidad 4.4 
Durabilidad 4.4 
Ideal para regalar 4.0 
Calidad del material 3.5 
  • Offers you a great split leg feel.
  • Comes with loops and utility pockets on both sides.
  • Short-life.

Under NY Sky Cross-Back Panther Black Apron Product Description

A secret isn’t needed: As a result, we design, we manufacture, and we sell our products ourselves, so you do not pay a middleman or spend money advertising brick-and-mortar stores. Those savings are then passed on to you in the form of premium aprons for a wholesale-level price, all made by artisans in the most innovative designs.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT - Made from strong, lightweight 9-gauge denim, this apron will last for years to come. A white cotton canvas of 03 oz, coated with an additional protective coating against dust, hair, flour and liquids, reinforced with genuine leather patches, vintage brass metal hardware, grommets and zippers, along with an anti-allergy zamak coating. Strength and structure is provided by double stitched pockets and thick hems at the top and bottom.
  • Designed to prevent neck pain, our cross back strap is adjustable so that no discomfort is experienced. There are 26 panels on the apron, which cover the chest to the middle of the leg and span the length of the leg. There is no way to multiply 0 by The straps are adjustable by four inches and are long enough for a unisex size. This model has an 8-foot frame to fit small and large bodies, 64 to 60 inches. Approximately 2 inches wide at the waist.
  • Professional style This apron is a genuine work suit that fits almost any body type and activity, offering high levels of comfort and durability. You'll find lots of pocket space in its clean design a phone pocket and pencil pocket on the front of the chest, plus large pockets in the chest to hold all the tools and accessories you need. It comes in sleek black for a professional look and with functional, stylish barrel metal hardware.
  • In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your apron, just send it back and you'll get a full refund. In case you need new clasps, straps, or any other small fixings, just send us an email, we will help you as soon as we can.

Selected User Reviews For Under NY Sky Cross-Back Panther Black Apron

Great job, I love It has only been a week since I bought it, but I love it so far! My first impression was that it was very well made and would last a long time

For years I have been doing hair and I was so happy that I did not have to carry around my apron now! I am updating Since I started using these three years ago, I cannot imagine being without them. Just bought my third or fourth one, I can't remember. In addition to being durable, color and lighter resistant, and comfortable, these are also very affordable. I have only gone through so many due to washing my clothes every day as mandated by Corona. The products I've been buying will continue to be purchased as long as I do.

Logan Fry - 23/04/2021
It's time to put on your My favorite part of this apron is the pocket! Having spent years searching for a good durable apron that does not gather hair through the fabric and stab you, it has taken me a long time to find one

I love it because it's so comfortable and durable. Although it did take me a few attempts to figure out where the top should fall and how I like the tie at the back, I finally got it right after a few attempts. For me, when I have it adjusted (neckline not too high or too tight) the length falls below my knees, which is ideal. absolutely love all the pockets on this bag, and the metal buckle makes it look both rustic and cool. It was just what I needed.

Autumn Price - 19/04/2021
I like it, but I would not recommend it for real chefs

This apron is so lovely! DO NOT BUY if you are a cook who has to work with open flames. My grill and sauté station is a bit dangerous since the servers are on fire every time I work there. As heat passes through the fabric, it opens up and splits.

Mazikeen Huff - 04/06/2021
This purchase is well worth it

In my search for an upgrade over the one I currently have, I was looking for a barbers apron. Reading a few reviews, I was interested in it. As soon as I saw that it was thick enough to prevent hair from passing through, I was sold. The product I received was of the same caliber as I expected. Despite my efforts, I still haven't completely broken it in. There are plenty of pockets for combs in this bag. I have no complaints with this purchase at the moment!.

Kamiyah Richmond - 23/03/2021
This is the best I've ever seen! My apron, where have you been all my life? I've been doing hair for 20+ years and this is the best I've ever had

This apron makes life so much easier since I've always struggled with being "chesty", and having an apron that fits across and doesn't slide to one side. Quality and comfort go hand in hand. Don't miss out on this exciting event!.

Atlas Flores - 07/02/2021
Simple, affordable, and easy to use

It is very practical and safe for me to wear as a bartender. It is stylish, but protects my clothes from stains from citrus, wine, bitters, and all other types of liquid projectiles (such as when a shaker unseals). You can keep pens and other tools in your pockets for convenience (muddler, wine key, speed opener) as well as keep the tips of the pens Since the straps of the apron are removable, you won't have to worry about them getting muddled in the washing machine. Even if you do not feel like dealing with the washer, hot, lightly soapy water and a sponge will bring it back to life. It's a very nice product. I may order a custom one in the future! Thanks a lot!.

Emery Benjamin - 05/04/2021
This barber apron is comfortable and durable

As described, this item is in good condition. On the basis of the photos, I struggled to decide on which black to choose. It is slightly shiny black on the apron because I chose black/chrome for my apron. In any case, it is very effective at deflecting the hair. I'd like the straps to look better than the material they are made from. It's an apron that is comfortable to wear while.

Princess TURNBULL - 14/04/2021
This is a good price for a good product

It's a good looking product and comes with information about how to clean and tie it. My favorite thing about it is how it fits and feels as an apron, and it beats out many other styles that I was exploring. This is the kind of material that would hold up well under a work environment.

Major Glass - 07/06/2021