Uncle Viner Electric Wine Opener Set Review

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Easy to remove 5.0 
Giftable 4.5 
Easy to use 4.5 
Value for money 4.3 
Durability 4.3 
Battery life 4.1 
  • Elegant and attractive.
  • Best option for gift.
  • User-friendly opener.
  • Time-consuming.

Uncle Viner Electric Wine Opener Set Product Description

A beautifully designed corkscrew with a foil cutter, wine pourer, and rechargeable batteries, Uncle Viner has everything you could need. It is a great solution for families and restaurants because you can open up to 80 bottles at a time. A powerful performance is ensured thanks to four AA batteries.

  • This Christmas gift package includes 4AA batteries (NiMH), an automatic rechargeable corkscrew, a foil cutter, a wine pourer, two vacuum wine stoppers, a USB Charger Type-C, and a manual wine opener.
  • In seven seconds, a cordless electric wine opener opens a wine bottle. It's easy to use and fast when you charge this must-have kitchen gadget. It's capable of opening up to 80 bottles at one full charge.
  • An exclusive gift set can be an excellent gift for any occasion, such as Father's Day, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, housewarmings, graduations, and bridal showers. The elegant and stylish design makes this an ideal gift for wine lovers who appreciate A perfect addition to your home, bar, party, celebration or ceremony) .
  • For people who like wine and admire new gadgets, this design is elegant and stylish. A great choice for both formal and casual occasions (at home, in bars, at meetings, parties, and special events).
  • For original Uncle Viner wine opener sets sold by KAN Trade, 1 year warranty is provided. Support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Questions & Answers

I'm here. The answer is yes. You can charge the batteries in the set and use it over and over again. Include a charger with the set it will be convenient for you.
I'm here! In the set you will find a charger, batteries, and a manual.
There is no problem with the pump.
I'm here! Our team is pleased to inform you that Uncle Viner electric wine opener works very fast. It opens a bottle within six seconds. The time span is eight Since it is capable of opening up to 80 bottles on a single charge, you must not charge it very often. It is important to realize that over time if you do not use the wine opener for a long period of time, the batteries will run out.

Selected User Reviews For Uncle Viner Electric Wine Opener Set

Wonderful present for people who love wine! In a nutshell, You can use this tool with any gadget - Drinker of wine who loves it! It was at first a little challenging to determine if it did indeed uncork the bottles, but after a couple weeks of heavy use, it looks like it does the job (5/5)

Here are a few tips One should continually aim the screw (not so easy when it's my 2nd or 3rd bottle, haha)*br>It's also a great gift (this was my second purchase from Uncle Viner), and it also acts as a cool conversation piece Build quality is very solid (although it's not of the high quality you'd expect for $100+) and will likely survive the holiday season. )*br>*br>We recommend it for the price, and with rechargeable batteries and a charger included, you can begin burning immediately once it's unpacked. In terms of looks, plastic cutters are neither fancy nor elegant, but they are quite functional in making your wine drinking experience more enjoyable.

Kamryn Scott - 15/02/2021
A lovely design and high quality can be found in this item (5/5)

The gift I received from my wife was made by her. The first time I used it, I was impressed! There is a beauty to this design and also a good quality to it! This is a great corkscrew that works This set comes with everything you need for opening a bottle of wine and storing it in the fridge - the best part I like about it is that it's awesome! You can even buy a rechargeable battery charger and a foil cutter with a wine pourer and a vacuum stopper.

Nova Vincent - 18/05/2021
The program appears to be working well (5/5)

In a nutshell, At work, we were doing white elephants, so I purchased this for the event. In addition to the fact that she just bought a house, another reason why she picked it was because she didn't So far, she told me she has used it quite a bit and she It seems to be working very well for her! As a result, I want to buy my own. I received a clip of her using it that she sent me.

Emely Peck - 19/05/2021
For A Great Price, this set is great (5/5)

In an attempt to keep up with the times, I broke my Manual bottle opener off in a "Not So Cheap" bottle of wine. I decided it's time to The set is in excellent condition and has a great price. It was easy to remove the foil with the cutter. It was easy to remove the cork with the opener. Thanks to the rechargeable feature, it is very convenient. As well as the aerator, it is nice. It was noticeable that I could taste a big improvement in wine I've had several other times before My favorite part of the wine saver tops is the flap. By removing the extra air from the bottle, you can make the bottle more compact. I normally lose most of the bubbly taste in my sparkling wine within a few hours of placing it in the fridge, but with this wine saver it stayed as bubbly as the first time A beautiful box is used to present the whole set. You can give this as a gift to someone special.

Jair Stone - 15/01/2021
I love this product! I bought this for me and for wine lovers as gifts! This is a really great product (5/5)

I waited a little while before reviewing it so that I can try it for a while to be sure that it is what it is claimed to be. I love how it works. My husband is no longer required to open the wine for me. I have learned to do it myself by now. These instructions are good. Presented in a manner that makes it suitable for giving as a gift without wrapping. I'll be buying a few gifts for friends and family.

Jonas DICKINSON - 09/01/2021
Exactly what you need to open bottles! It has been loved by my wife since I bought Her favorite part about this device is that she can open a bottle of wine very easily! And it has a very space age appearance The latest update of 20180811 is as follows I was unable to charge the device as it stopped working (5/5)

I saw the rechargeable batteries are removable and went from upset to pleased. She swapped them out with AA batteries, and now she's opening wine bottles faster than it takes to take off a prom dress. It's nice to be happy again.

Iliana Riggs - 15/05/2021
Buying the Oster would have been a better decision (2/5)

It has been reported that a relative is suffering from.

Karter Roach - 20/05/2021
You can't go wrong with this best friend of wine enthusiasts (5/5)

This gift was purchased as a present for my old man's fiancée for Christmas. As a devoted wine drinker in her fifties, her favorite part of this system is how easy it is to open a bottle. When it first started making plastic cracking noises, she was a bit worried, but we settled that it was probably just the plastic guard that acted as a barrier for stopping the opening from the mouth of the bottle. Moreover, she says it is the best wine opener she's owned so far. The blue light is very attractive when in use, and it is functionally very good.

Richard Armstrong - 14/06/2021