TROLIR Cocktail Napkins Review

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Durability 4.8 
Sturdiness 4.7 
Value for money 4.7 
Absorbency 4.6 
  • Cheap price.
  • Design wise.
  • Well abosrbent.
  • Material is not recycled.

TROLIR Cocktail Napkins Product Description

A metallic gold dot on this napkin’s surface that does not dull very quickly and is very reflective and true to the image of the product will particularly appeal to many people. It has three layers, is thick and sturdy, and has a good absorption rate.

  • Some companies sell you thin, easily torn and cheap-feeling napkins that have gold foil dots painted on them by scraped dye, but our TROLIR Napkins are sturdy and well absorbing, made of 100% virgin wood pulp, and If you order this product, you will receive A HIGH CLASS NAPKINS adorned with GOLDEN, GLUSTERY and CREATIVE FOIL DOTS that make the napkins appear so stunning that your guests will avoid.
  • THESE TOP QUALITY NAPKINS ARE MADE OF 100% VIRGIN WOOD PULP WITH FOOD GRADE INK AND ARE SOFT AND FLAWLESS Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the soft and fresh feel that they provide.
  • This is a 3-ply (3 layers), disposable, beverage napkin that's thick and highly absorbent for heavy duty wiping and cleaning. You'll be able to use fewer and use more napkins with this product.
  • What You Get One box of 50 white 3-ply paper napkins, each folded twice and hot stamped in gold ink dots in a randomly placed pattern on the front side.
  • The following are the details of each. The dimensions are 9 inches by 4 inches. A 9 inch square when folded a 9 inch square when unfolded. The size of the sheet is 8 inches by 9 inches. The gold dots, measured in 1/5 of an inch, are 8 inches in diameter when unfolded.

Questions & Answers

There are 50 packs in a 3 ply package.
There's really no way I can tell you without asking. Despite the fact that they're made of gold paint, they're well made! They may not be, but I think they are.
The color pink for a baby.

Selected User Reviews For TROLIR Cocktail Napkins


I really like, really like, really like this one - I was a hit with everyone. YES, I AM 93, BUT IF I QUALIFY, MY TASTE WILL RUN TO THE CONTEMPORARY, SO I WAS GLAD TO HAVE THE NAPKINS, PLATES, AND SO ON I am so very impressed with this cup design. It is so different and attractive than those normally available! I will look forward to seeing what ideas you devise for my 94th birthday. I wish you the best of luck and much success in the future!.

Emir Villarreal - 01/08/2021
The materials are of good quality, and the look is festive (5/5)

The pictures from the website made me hesitant to order because I was concerned that the gold dots would feel rough against the napkin, which looked like sequins. Nevertheless, I'm glad I ordered them because they looked amazing, exactly like the picture. As a bonus, they were really pretty and were a nice weight. While the gold had a very reflective shine, the dots did not seem to be stuck to I thought they were beautiful and they complemented the decor of the silver, white, and gold backyard engagement party well.

Avah Salas - 22/04/2021
These napkins are very pretty and festive (5/5)

Later this month, my daughter will be having her engagement party at the bar, so I bought these. My order from a different Amazon seller arrived quickly and coordinated well with the dishes/cups I ordered from the same vendor. There are a lot of gold dots that look very pretty. In addition to the meal size napkins, I am ordering the meal size napkins to go with the buffet.

Dylan Love - 19/06/2021
There were some problems with the price change (5/5)

They increased the price and decreased the quantity, which was annoying. I really liked the color, since it is soft pink and the pink combined with gold looks good, but I wish they came in larger sizes, maybe 8x8 each side, for 16x16, there is another manufacturer that makes it in the same size but the color is different. Because they are small, I would suggest that they would be better for drink glasses than for diners - I think a larger size is needed by the manufacturer. This shade is similar to the soft pink. I had to get 100 x 10 for a lower price, not because the products are that different, the prices were the same, just the quantity was reduced. 100 to 15 x 9 size raised to 99 4x5 and 5x5. This seller's seller behavior is unacceptable, because he was selling more at 99, and now he's charging more. I was left with the package unsatisfied, as some of them came with a break, but when I tried to replace them, they no longer had only white, so I remained with that. Even though I paid more for them, I still keep the other 100. My only option was to do what I had to do.

Valentin Goodwin - 29/06/2021
The navy is not quite navy (5/5)

Although the navy blue napkins are more of a cobalt blue, I found that they worked great with the rest of the table scheme and worked with the rest of the table setting. In light of the quantity and the price, the price was reasonable.

Titan BULL - 26/07/2021
These Napkins are beautiful and are a good price (5/5)

They are of good quality with bright golden This is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to a.

Victor Holt - 09/04/2021
It was a delight to see Very nice napkins that have a sparkle to them (5/5)

You can have a lot of fun even at a guy's graduation.

Frederick Gentry - 14/05/2021
It has an elegant look (5/5)

During a cocktail reception, you can use this to pass hors d'oeuvres. do not fall apart and have a nice feel to them, matching well with my gold and white themes. It is a good.

Sergio Valencia - 20/02/2021