TRIBELLA Wine Aerator, Review

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  • Has a beautiful design.
  • Great gift idea.
  • Good value for money.
  • Enhances the taste and flavor of wine.
  • Requires proper care when cleaning.

Selected User Reviews For TRIBELLA Wine Aerator,

We deliver better results and higher quality than purposes of assisting future buyers, this will serve as a comparison between the Vintorio and this Aerator (4/5)

As a start, let me say that I have purchased both the classic TriBella aerator as well as I was pleasantly surprised by how much better the TriBella was than the Vintorio. First and foremost, TriBella has a greater level of aeration and it is apparent when tasting side by side. In addition, TriBella offers a higher level of quality. This aerator is in better condition as well as the case. TriBella has a slight metallic look and feel, but without the metallic taste. The design is similar to a glasses case, with the name of the company on both the exterior and interior in a tasteful manner It has an acrylic make with plastic at the base, and plastic at the case In fact, the acrylic on the Vintorio had been scratched when it arrived. Furthermore, as far as cleaning goes, I will note that the Vintorio is easier due to the ability to take apart and clean quickly. However, as long as you clean the TriBella within a few hours of use, there should be no problems with a simple Allow your TriBella to soak in hot water and dish soap for a couple of hours if you left it out and the wine dried on the inside. I know this is a slight knock on TriBella, but I believe it is important considering how crucial clean aeration is. That alone results in my lowering its rating by one star. It's hard for me to imagine how they could make it easier to clean and keep the product as is, but if they do decide to release TriBella v2, I'll let them brainstorm. Overall, the Tribella has it all when it comes to quality, aeration, and taste, as well as show In any event, the Tribella is twice as expensive as the Vintorio, so naturally, it must be twice as good! Instead of a classic TriBella, choose the Airspeed version. ". There will be only a slight difference in case and metallic ascetic tips, but the same great quality, taste, and visual appeal will be maintained.

Deacon Wong - 14/07/2021
A great way to aerate with no mess and a lot This is just an initial review based on the first few trials, and I cannot comment on the longer-term effects (5/5)

While it may not have the longest lifespan of all wine aerators, it seems like it is pretty robust. *br>*br>Those three streams really do look pretty cool and make pouring wine quite enjoyable. I haven't gotten more bubbles with another device (since the streams have a much more targeted trajectory), and It is very easy and fun to do that (with this device), so you get really good air flow. Has no mess to clean up. I like it a lot. It's a (admittedly expensive) little device that is very useful to me.

Daniel Harmon - 08/05/2021
This is fantastic (5/5)

My experience with these types of things over the years has made me determined to find the right one for the right price. I've tried expensive, impractical ones (from the Rabbit brand to Vinturi) to $5 ones that fell apart (but were still not a bad buy). The one I like the most so far is this There is something elegant about this, it is fun to pour, it comes with a really nice case, its easy to clean, and it gets people's attention when the three streams start pouring the wine. I will definitely You do not have to aerate your wine if you don't believe in it, since it makes for a clean pour with no mess. In case you are in the market for a car, don't hesitate to purchase this one.

Lance Daugherty - 03/05/2021
Air is pumped into the pour from the front, so it's not congested - Compact design If rubber seal replacements were available, it would make things better (4/5)

It works very well, lots of air is sucked in when you pour a glass of wine. Make sure to keep the square air hole on the side facing upwards when pouring. *However, I have only used it twice and immediately rinsed it under the tap afterward, but there is some red wine trapped inside the acrylic at the base of the metal spouts as you can see in the attached pictures. * Please can you replace the rubber seal with a new one? It is advisable that at this price all products have replacement parts so they last as long as possible.

Ariel HUSSAIN - 27/03/2021
I like it a lot! As soon as I saw this advertised in an airline magazine, I went to Amazon to research and find reviews, and I found there wasn't one bad one, The sunglasses are well-packaged and have their own storage case just like eyeglasses, are very well constructed, are easy to clean, and come with an instructional guide (5/5)

As for the good parts, we tested it with different wines, and tribella worked better for every wine tested. It does not drip at all, and I can feel and see the aeration while pouring, so I will actually be ordering more of these for Christmas gifts.

Phoenix Burnett - 09/04/2021
A great way to bring out the best in red wine! We saw this TRIbella Wine Aerator over a year ago at the McMinnville "SIP" event, and I thought it was great! The mother of the bride and her husband loved it so much that she bought it for them for Christmas this year! At the SIP, we got to know each other better (we were all there The same thing happened to me this year too! They also gave me one this holiday season! With this aerator, we will be able to aerate our red wines regardless of where we are (5/5)

This is a great read!.

Allison Huff - 30/04/2021
The air was filled with the odor There was a diesel smell in the air (1/5)

It came in a box with an Though it seems like it would work very well, I absolutely refused to experiment with it due to the smell of diesel. I had to wash it four times before the smell went away. My wine bottle was not going to be filled with that. It was easy and free to return the item to Amazon. Thank you for making it so simple.

Kelvin Carroll - 19/07/2021
I really like this product (5/5)

Easy to use and clean, this wine aerator is ideal for setting up before a meal. The device is small and compact, but it In addition to the great case, it also comes with The structure is similar to that of a small eye Cases made of glass and hard plastics Using this technique, you can make wine and cheese parties easy to host and easy to store for friends and family. Whenever we use it, we get compliments about its design, which is sleek and compact.

Kaylee Porter - 19/03/2021