Travel Bartender Kit Bag Review

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Giftable 4.8 
Easy to clean 4.7 
Value for money 4.6 
Sturdiness 4.2 
  • Easy to carry.
  • Scratch safe.
  • Stainless steel tools.
  • Some tools are not dishwasher safe.

Travel Bartender Kit Bag Product Description

A complete bar tool set for the traveling bartender, this 17-piece set features everything a traveling bartender needs for all types of drinks. A great combination of functionality and durability is created by every item in this set. In this canvas bag, each item has its own pocket and there is more than enough room.

  • Everything you need (except the alcohol) » 17-piece bartending kit that includes all the top-shelf accessories as well as a stylish carryall case. Your guests will be amazed by the cocktails you make for them. We have a range of portable cocktail mixer sets perfect for all levels of bartender - whether you're a beginner or an expert, whether you're setting up bar at home or at the office - our mixers offer a brilliant way to get started right away.
  • A rustic-style tote bag designed with extra inner straps and compartments to keep your Boston shaker and other barware tools organized and at your fingertips -> With 27 different pockets and fixed straps, this bag can fit any tools combination as well as Carry your bag with style and comfort. Use the handle or shoulder strap and wear it on your shoulder or over your head.
  • This first-class cocktail kit and a stylish bar bag are packaged together inside a classy gift box and make an impressive gift for cocktail lovers. The recipients of your gift will be overjoyed like a child in a candy store, whether it is for an anniversary, wedding, Christmas, Father's day, etc. Surely one of the best gifts they could ask for. And to make things even more delicious, we'll include a Lewis ice bag to make things even icier.
  • A serious assortment of tough and durable bar accessories tucked inside a box reinforced with a canvas bag and complete with solid Each of the cocktail shakers included in this set has been meticulously tested by our top mixologists and is made of the best materials. With this bar kit bag, don't worry about wear and tear since all the bar tools are dishwasher safe, and the bag is laundry friendly, so you don't need to worry about scuffs.
  • We want you to be happy, so our main goal is to make you happy. Did the bar kit cause you any trouble? Would you like to know more about mixing? You can count on our 24/7 customer support team to answer all your questions. We also offer a 3-year quality guarantee, so you won't have to worry about whether your cocktails are mixed! Put the items in your cart that speak to your heart!

Questions & Answers

The way you use the shakers will eventually wear down the copper or gold finish. I always buy stainless shakers. Copper may seem appealing at first, but it never stands the test of time. According to my experience, all brands behave in the same way You might try reaching out to the company to see if it can be replaced.
Except for the Boston shaker 2, this kit does not come with any other cups. In this larger version, you also get a zip-up pouch where you can store glasses. What you need for making drinks is in the kit. It is still necessary to supply the cups.
I have only hand washed the pieces that I had, since they are metal. That's why I assume they are dishwasher-safe, but if you want to use a dishwasher, I'd suggest it. In this set you'll find a wooden piece for crushing ice and muddle herbs . Wooden items should never be washed in a dishwasher.
I have never verified whether most of the items in this set are TSA-friendly, but I would assume that most of them are. If the corkscrew and wooden muddler are present, you may want to remove them to make sure the items cannot be construed as weapons.

Selected User Reviews For Travel Bartender Kit Bag

This is the best bar set I have ever purchased in my 6 years as a mixologist (4/5)

The pandemic happened during which I lost a lot of my bar pieces, and I bought this set in order to replace my broken shaker and bar pieces. I am now able to take up my passion of bartending again now that work is starting to pick up again. My goal was to have a complete professional kit with a case where everything stays The complete bar kit with a carrying case kept popping up on my screen as I searched a lot of online sources, including Amazon. Reviewing both the good and the bad reviews ahead of purchasing this kit, I found that despite the few bad reviews I found (statement of the items not arriving in the correct order or not fitting into the designated slots as intended), I decided to purchase the kit. The set was to be delivered on a Saturday, but it arrived on a Friday afternoon. I purchased it on a Tuesday and it was scheduled for delivery on a Saturday. Despite being properly stored in the bag, all 17 pieces were in mint condition. It is taking me too long to organize each piece in its designated area, since I am so excited about the overall product that I have yet As soon as I have updates, I will post them. The real kicker is that this set comes with a 3 year warranty, so if anything should happen between 3 and 7 years from the purchase date, you are covered for any lost or broken pieces, as well as any items that dull or tarnish. (See the copper set).

Cain McConnell - 29/05/2021
I was given a bag that was - We received this item and I was dissatisfied with the bag for it was discolored / damaged, AND they sent us a new one as a gift (5/5)

I think this was kind of a blowout on their part. In view of the price and color of the items, I considered them to be unsuitable. I keep the bag until my husband gets married, but other than that the items within it are good and he would appreciate his As a result, they have sent us a second bag, which we didn't expect. I had written a review and included a picture stating that we were disappointed with The Mixology & Audio Mixing System I would like to give Craft 5 stars for caring about its customers. We are very grateful for our new bag and will rate the product and the company highly.

Braylen Goodman - 26/01/2021
The details are well taken care of (5/5)

It's rolled up in a canvas bag. It is very satisfying to handle an up bag. I admire the attention to details you've shown here. In comparison with other cocktail shakers, the shaker is not fancy but possesses everything you need to mix and shake your cocktail easily and quickly. There are a couple of other tools in the set that are decent as well for example, the squeezer feels very sturdy, but some, such as the jigger, are too useless for the American All in all, I found the bag to be worth the price, and I thought many of the tools justified the price as extra tools, which at least satisfied me.

Coen Krause - 01/05/2021
The quality is good and the design is I consider it to be a great purchase (5/5)

The canvas and letter straps are exquisite and I look forward to using them while learning some bartending techniques while in quarantine. The color and quality of the canvas is perfect, too. This layout is very well laid out with plenty of places to put The portable nature of this system allows us to take it out to the backyard and prepare drinks when we The stainless steel items are of excellent quality, they each have a nice weight to them. I really like the 3 year warranty as well. From Amazon, this item was packaged well and shipped quickly. A recent update During the process of washing the products, I noticed that my zester had a small dent. As a result, I emailed the company to see if they could package future items differently. CUSTOMER SERVICES OF THE HIGHEST LEVEL. I would like to thank Kate at Mixology and Craft for her help. It's a great company and the products are great. I will definitely recommend both to others. You will feel you are getting the high quality and attention to detail you expect when you purchase a great product from him.

Jaycee Cooper - 02/04/2021
The best portable bar set you can find! I ordered this portable bar set because it is the most complete set I've seen (5/5)

It is a pleasure to have done so. It is a heavy set of quality tools that are of excellent weight and You will find everything that you need in it (unless perhaps you are looking for All the tools are extremely useful and there is sufficient space to add other tools of your choice. The juice press can hold enough lemons and all the accessories are well suited for citrus. I think it's a really good My family and I have travelled often for family gatherings, so I am always trying to make cocktails with whatever I can find at the time. There is no longer a need. Having everything in one very portable package has been a great help to me. This will even be taken camping with me. This is something that I see lasting for a very long time. In addition, it comes with three years of My question to the seller was answered immediately and well by the customer service team. A complete and immediate response to all my questions was given to me almost immediately. The seller of this kit and this kit is highly recommended.

Ashton Forbes - 05/06/2021
I love the product and the price is great! (5/5)

The cocktail set contains most of what you'll need to start making delicious cocktails right away. There is an issue with the muddler, so I said almost. Thanks to cheap prices and easy availability in supermarkets, they are not hard to find. It is difficult to describe how impressed I am with the quality of all the equipment, as well as the bag that makes storing and transporting it so easy. A gift like this would be perfect for anyone who loves.

Meilani Terry - 01/02/2021
It's a very nice kit and very comprehensive! We gave this to our 19-year-old son for his birthday She is a chemistry student and just got her bartender license for Massachusetts and New Hampshire (5/5)

All the tools are (mostly) higher quality than what she was trained on and she is very familiar with them all. It was rolled in heavy canvas. It's brilliant that you make your own up bag! A friend asked her to serve drinks for her party last week, and she is looking forward to doing more this summer for extra money.

Emerie Waters - 10/03/2021
All in all, a very nice set, all wrapped up in a very nice The set is a perfect graduation present for me as I just graduated from bartender school (5/5)

Even though there are much cheaper sets available on Amazon without the carrying case and so forth, how much nicer and more professional will you look when you arrive with everything tucked away in that Some of my teachers even commented on my performance. You will find everything you need to set up your own mixology business in this book. What a great idea!.

Phillip Freeman - 15/03/2021