Traditional Absinthe Glass Review

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  • Traditional French design.
  • This item is made of beautiful glass.
  • Microwave-friendly.
  • Constructed of strong glass.
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Traditional Absinthe Glass Product Description

This classic reservoir style absinthe glass features the shape and size of the classic absinthe pot still in its original shape, perfectly enhancing the flavors and aromas of the absinthe. Using the dosed stem is easy because it offers a precise amount of Absinthe, and it also allows you to easily pour and swirl it. ABSINTHE TRADITION – For a classic Belle Epoque absinthe ritual, use the absinthe spoon along with the glass. To create proper absinthe with the little flute, add approximately 30ml of absinthe to the glass. Once you have placed little sugar cubes in the glass, place the spoon across the glass and place the spoon over the sugar cube. Decorative glass that can be washed in a dishwasher and placed in a microwave oven. Approximate capacity 25 ml / 250 ml. Height of approximately 16 cm / 6.25 inches.

  • With its rectangular shape and unique size, this classic reservoir style absinthe glass enhances the delicate aromas and flavors of the elixir without overfilling it. Because the stem has a dosed part, it's easy to pour the right amount of Absinthe into the glass.
  • ABSINTHE TRADITIONAL - To serve absinthe in the traditional Belle Epoque style, use the absinthe spoon with a glass. The amount of absinthe to be poured into the glass depends on how deep the ridge at the top of the stem is. After that, carefully place a single sugar cube on top of the spoon and place it across the top of the glass.
  • The decorative glass is made of rugged decorative glass which can be put in the dishwasher and microwave.
  • This vase is approximately 25cl / 250ml in capacity and is approximately 16 cm / 6 inches tall. 25" in length.

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There are three thirds of an inch on the end.

Selected User Reviews For Traditional Absinthe Glass

This is the perfect serving of Absinthe (5/5)

My absinthe set is complete with a glass like this.

Yousef ROBSON - 11/04/2021
This glass was not blown by hand (4/5)

A gift for a dear friend. We regret to inform you that this glassware was not hand blown, but rather was machine blown. Therefore, the place where the two pieces were joined has a fine "joint" line going all the way around.

Jase Ewing - 18/06/2021