Toyuugo Electric Wine Opener Review

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  • Sturdy look.
  • Low-volume while operating.
  • Comfortable holding experience.
  • Battery lacks life.

Toyuugo Electric Wine Opener Product Description

Using the Toyuugo corkscrew, you can open 80 bottles simultaneously. It is easy to remove the cork using the precise screw mechanism. There is a wine stopper included so that the wine bottle can be recapped after opening. There is also a wine aerator pourer and foil cutter to remove the seal from the wine.

  • The Toyota Electric Wine Opener has a stainless steel auger surrounded by a transparent shell that gives the design a sleek appearance. The surfaces have a smooth feel and are good to hold. When the cork is being drawn out of the bottle, there is a blue LED indicator light that illuminates.
  • Easy & Quick Since it is easy to open a bottle in just 6-8 seconds, it is safe. The corkscrew is housed in a hollow, transparent tube that protects users from accidental contact with the tool, as well as protecting the tool from damage in the event of a fall. makes it easy for the user to identify if the wine opener is working or not.
  • With its powerful and fast cork removal function, the Electric Corkscrew is a durable kitchen tool. If you use 4 AA batteries at their full capacity, you can open up to 80 bottles of wine (depending on the battery's performance and usage conditions).
  • Compact & Easy to Use1. With the foil cutter, cut the foil and place it on the top of the bottle, turn it over and remove it. In order to remove the cork from the bottle, you press the lower part and to release the cork from the opener, you press the upper button. Its small size also makes it convenient to take it out of the house and save space at the same time.
  • An all-in-one set of automatic corkscrews, foil cutters, vacuum stoppers, and wine pourers make for a fabulous gift set. It is a nice gift to give to anyone who likes wine because of its elegant design. Besides that, it is a good gift to give for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, and a graduation.

Questions & Answers

Unlike the seller, I am not involved in the transaction. What are the chances that you will
Although I did not think it could be used to open that amount of bottles, I tried it on a dozen bottles, and it worked well and was stable.
The question is what does it mean? It appears from your statements that you are wondering why the feature does not work. The foil cap was removed, right? Is there anything you are doing to alleviate your stress? I've never had a problem with mine.
With the other button pressed, the machine reverses and pushes the cork out from inside.

Selected User Reviews For Toyuugo Electric Wine Opener

It's a great product for basic needs, is very easy to use and clean, and is suitable for home essentials (5/5)


Aniyah Noble - 25/05/2021
Worked for a few days, but then stopped (1/5)

We received this product as a gift and after 2 bottles, it's no longer working. There will be a start, but it will not last. A warranty cannot be applied if it does not exist.

Nehemiah Clark - 06/05/2021
Hello stranger (5/5)

Thanks for your kind words. Thank you for gifting my mom a truly special item that she will never discard. I don't know who sent this to her without being aware that she doesn't drink wine, but I truly appreciate it. That's what I love and I want to see more Your kind words mean a lot to me.

Monica Lawrence - 03/04/2021
This is exactly what I was looking for (5/5)

I was looking for this, and it worked perfectly!.

Ruben Garrison - 12/06/2021