Tovolo Sphere Ice Makers Review

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Easy to clean 4.9 
Easy to use 4.8 
Quality of material 4.7 
Durability 4.7 
Portion size 4.7 
Easy to remove 4.6 
  • Chills your drinks for a long period.
  • Creates a tight seal.
  • Makes classy cocktails.
  • The ice doesn't melt quickly.
  • Requires reading through the instructions for a first time user.

Tovolo Sphere Ice Makers Product Description

The spirits you prefer and the fresh ingredients you like are selected: Make your cocktails a hit with the right ice you deserve. We’ve compiled a list of the best ice sphere makers for every situation. We didn’t just scratch the surface (of) ice sphere makers when it came to the best ice makers. There is a lot to think about. It can affect the melting process of the ball when it is in your drink based on its shape and density.

A piece of ice shouldn’t melt too quickly, otherwise your drink will be watery and not as good as it could be. It shouldn’t chip or melt along the way because it is too thin. You ruin the taste too when that happens. The good news is, there are many inexpensive ice sphere makers that can be used for both whiskey and cocktails, as well as non-alcoholic drinks. Below are a few of our favorites.

  • All drinks need to be chilled, starting with the large order. The sphere size of 5" will fit perfectly with your favorite low- or highball glass. Using snow globes, drinks are quickly cooled without melting for a long-lasting, refreshing effect.
  • USE THESE SLOW-MELTING CUBES TO KEEP DRINK COLD LONGER Stay away from watery drinks by using these large, slow-melting cubes.
  • SECURE LOCK A secure lock frees the dish of odors while allowing for easy Stack multiple ice trays one on top of the other with the lid of the lid attached to the silicone lip and the base of the base attached to the stable base so they fit perfectly in view.
  • FILL YOUR SOPHISTICATED COCKTAILS WITH SPHERICAL ICE To add a distinctive, unique touch to your favorite cocktail, create spherical ice. Ideal for serving iced tea, cold brew coffee, soda, lemonade, punch, and many more drinks.
  • Thanks to the sturdy plastic construction, leak proof design, and water fill line, anyone can use this ice tray in no time. This food-grade mold features a durable construction and is dishwasher-safe to make sure the best possible user experience.

Questions & Answers

You're probably not going to like it if you like volume. It has a 20% smaller surface area than the spheres more slowly than the smaller It's also worth mentioning that they are super easy to use, and you don't have to worry about getting them bumped in the freezer like a tray would. As the spheres rotate around in your drink, they also add a certain cool factor.
There are plenty of alternatives that hold 8 to 10 ounces at a lower price. Any cheap plastic container will work as long as there is enough room left for expansion during the freezing process. If you let your soup cool before filling, you can use any cheap plastic container.
Running the water over the mold, then peeling it off, worked to loosen it up and make it easier to lift I also let the mold sit on the counter for a while, say 5 minutes or so, so the mold is given time to warm up. I now use cold tap water, which has helped most of the time. The ice ball has not split or cracked as a result of this. If you have time to do this, it is fine. far as splitting inside the freezer is concerned, there is no solution. It might help if you read this.
It has now been found that the silicone tops have picked up the freezer smell to such a degree that they are now producing ice that has a terrible odor and cannot be used. It is true that silicone products used in this manner are likely to cause irritation A knock on Tovolo is not intended. As a whole, the molds are still in excellent shape. Based on various articles, I found out the silicone tops could be baked to remove the odor. I am presently trying this. They are awesome if they are smell-free, but even if they aren't, I will order two more without hesitation.

Selected User Reviews For Tovolo Sphere Ice Makers

The quality is amazing (5/5)

The quality is amazing. These changed the way I knock back crazy expensive liquors. Doing it upside down will cause it to become cloudy, crack, and melt faster. THE FOLLOWING IS A PRO TIP FOR THE Put it to use by putting in pre-written text You'll need to boil, filter, or distill the water, then place the thermoses upside down in a small cooler and cover with water for about 1/2" after boiling. It would be fine to use a cooler like this.

Seth TOMLINSON - 19/07/2021
I have a soft spot for whiskey lovers (5/5)

Getting it would be a good idea if you like whiskey on the rocks. If I bust out the spheres, you'd be surprised at how many guests comment on them. In general, there is a lot of fun to be had making round ice cubes. It would have been nice to have purchased them a few years ago as they are very inexpensive. A tip When ice spheres are made with boiled tap water before freezing, they will appear much clearer. Thank you for taking the time to read this review. Please let me know if it was helpful or not.

Greyson Flynn - 25/03/2021
You have done it perfectly! Is exactly what I expected it to be! It works perfectly and is a fantastic product! Although I was skeptical due to the low price, You must follow the steps exactly as outlined in the instructions (5/5)

The lower section of the mold should be filled up only to the line, no more or After I overfilled, the first time, the ball was out of shape also, although the instructions specifically say to freeze for no longer than four hours. Using distilled water and boiling it was the only thing I did differently, let the water cool to room temperature, then filled the mold and froze for the required amount of time. I included a few photographs in this post. It is an excellent product and I plan to buy more from this seller in the future.

Emmanuel Dalton - 14/05/2021
When you follow a YouTube link left by another customer, it works perfectly (5/5)

While the box came without instructions, I went to the website of the company and found that another customer had posted a YouTube video. I filled the water with the little hole at the top of my first batch, which looked ugly because I was an idiot. People working on expansion are supposed to use that hole. I love it. Placing the water up to the water line in the freezer is the best method. There's no other way to put it. It will just pop right out if you let it sit on the counter for a few minutes. The water will cause cracks if you run it over with water. It's amazing how well this gadget works. Definitely recommend you use it to get it right on the first try.

Kamryn Albert - 07/04/2021
I am disappointed with the Does anyone know if there are any We've updated the rating to 4 (4/5)

The trick must be in the name. It was not successful with hot distilled water or room temperature distilled water. I bought 2 sets of 2 and tried both. 2 salvaged ice spheres resulted from our hot water test, one of which was cloudy, while the other had cracks (and fell apart in 2 cases). Three of the four salvaged cubes (and one that split in two) are cloudy, show lots of cracks, and are shown at room temperature. In hopes of getting more clear ice cubes, I ordered a small cooler to put the filled molds inside. I hope that placing the filled molds inside the cooler will slow freezing. With other brands, yield has been relatively good (both squares and rounds of various sizes), but I have yet to get cubes and spheres that are "clear". To be fair, the molds are well made, but I expected a lot more from them. I am updating A small update is needed now that my spheres are getting better after a bit of trial and error. The trick is to know where to look. The water has been distilled! In fact, using the bags inside an insulated lunch bag seems to be an excellent way to slow down the freezing process and lead to more transparent Furthermore, rinsing them before placing them in a cocktail will get rid of their frostiness, making the glass marbles look bigger. Though still not entirely clear, it has improved. Distilled water does not need to be boiled all the time. (Without the insulated lunch bag, which keeps food warm and not cold) this method resulted in very cracked spheres that broke into pieces in a drink. It would be great if they provided the option to add & If there was a description or explanation for the use of the insulated container, 5 stars would be awesome. A set of these sphere molds and an insulated container to freeze them in amounts to about 35% of the cost of the Wintersmiths sphere mold and.

Lewis Mora - 17/01/2021
It's just a click away! It's all about following instructions (and keeping up with the schedule) (5/5)

It is hard to understand why some people are saying they are filling it through that tiny hole. There are instructions in the box. Take the gray lid off, fill up to the line, put the gray cover back on, the excess water will flow out of the hole, but not anymore. The ice does not melt very quickly in my yeti keeps my drink cold and I only use two or three at a time and the first day I used it I had whole block of ice in six hours. Definitely the best thing I've bought on People complain about the ice being clear? I do see some people complaining about it being clear? You clearly need to change the water you are using, regardless of what ice is. I can't find anything wrong with my.

Julia Atkinson - 10/01/2021
This works just like it was advertised (5/5)

The price was great and the fun was great, too! A lot of fun is had with these spherical ice cube makers. It would have been great if I'd bought them sooner considering they are so inexpensive! The spheres of ice that I made had a much clearer appearance when I boiled the tap water before freezing (I poured it into the mold while it was still warm). Take it for a test drive The A/B test I did above was with and without boiling. (I have attached a picture of the A/B test).

Kyleigh BUTCHER - 17/04/2021