Tovolo Cube Ice Mold Trays Review

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Portion size 4.6 
Durability 4.3 
Easy to use 4.0 
Easy to clean 4.0 
Quality of material 3.8 
Easy to remove 3.6 
  • Color variants.
  • Affordable.
  • No lid attached.

Tovolo Cube Ice Mold Trays Product Description

Its food-grade silicone construction lets it bend in any direction so multiple cubes can be released at once, without affecting the taste of your ice cubes. And unlike similar plastic molds, it won’t crack or warp in the freezer, unlike similar plastic molds.

  • ICE IN A TRUCK Trays make 1 of a kind. The cubes are 25 inches in diameter. This food-grade silicone ice cube tray will allow you remove one or two cubes at a time, so you can enjoy your drink without worrying about overfilling it.
  • This user-friendly silicone is durable and has a fade-resistant finish that lasts through many freezing cycles without fracture or tarnishing. The silicone material allows you to remove as many or as few cubes as you like. Your ice will not lose its flavor thanks to the food-grade silicone.
  • FREEZE JUICE, COFFEE, SAUCE, SOOTH, OR OTHER LEFTOVERS TO CREATE SINGLE SERVES Refreeze juice, coffee, sauce, soup, or other leftovers to create single servings. This makes an excellent iced coffee maker, smoothie maker, or blender for Adding herbs, citrus slices, or berries to the ice will infuse the meal with extra flavor. You can add it to drinks, pitchers, punches, or other beverages to keep them cold for a long time.
  • TRAYS ARE SIMPLE TO CLEAN Dishwashers are compatible with trays. The best results will be obtained by periodically rinsing with water and vinegar.
  • 7 inches in length, 17 inches in width, and 6 inches in height. The frame measures 25" in length by 4" in width. It measures 5 inches wide by 1 inch high. Adds 15 new items to the list. The cubes are 25" in size. Designed for safe freezing with no BPA and no food-safety concerns.

Questions & Answers

honest, I bought these over a year ago and do not remember what it said on the packaging, but I am extremely cautious about what I purchase when it comes to food-grade silicones. There are several reasons why I have to assume the US. As early as 2000, three friends, a chef, a baker and a prep cook, founded a company in an apartment in San Francisco. A step above what is mandated by the FDA, their silicone products are made from high quality silicone. According to Lisa McManus, Senior Editor of equipment testing & evaluation at the National Bureau of Standards " & " Cook's Illustrated and America's Test Kitchen test kitchens provide tasting features. In addition to that, many Professional Bartenders highly recommend these bars, particularly Brian Van Flendern, who was the head mixologist at Thomas Keller's Per Se, one of the world's best restaurants formerly known as Per Se. Despite the large size of the cubes, these pros were particularly pleased with their performance because the cubes melted the slowest out of any tested so your drink would not become Also noted was the quality of the silicon and construction, as well as the fact that the company is based in Seattle, Washington, and that they will ship their products internationally. They are officially known as Tovolo by ICI USA. A member of the International Housewares Association, an organization providing full service goods and services, they are also featured on their front page. If you wish to double check, you can usually reach It is 633 Despite the fact that they are made in the United States, I would be very surprised if they were being manufactured somewhere else. This information is provided in the hope that it will be.
The contents of the packaging are not clear to me (didn't read the packaging), but since they are silicon products, In conventional plastic products, BPA, PVC, and phthalates are usually present.
While I have not attempted to break apart hard ice, I struggle to get it out of the squares, so something softer might increase the chances of breaking apart the squares.
Since my daughter is 18, I cannot compare these trays to the ones you are wondering about, but we recently made freezer jam with apricots, peaches, and strawberries using these trays. The trays did quite well with each of them, since each of them resembled baby food. It was so much easier to put them in their final containers since they just popped out without a hitch.

Selected User Reviews For Tovolo Cube Ice Mold Trays

I kindly request you to read this (1/5)

These ice cube trays look great and are not likely to break a bit, they might be the next big thing. Initially, I used them for mixed drinks and didn't notice the disgusting smell that was coming out of them until I threw them in my thermos to drink A strange taste came over it, as if something had died inside. In the beginning, I thought it must have been my thermos, so I bought a new one, thinking surely it cannot be the ice. Despite the fact that the new one was made of pure glass, it tasted the same, and was disgusting. I figured it must be the ice, so I experimented seriously, and it turns out that one cup of water made with these molds for two hours had an unpleasant smell and taste, so one cup of water without those molds was completely undrinkable. At the end of the day, it wasn't the smell or taste that was upsetting me, but all the chemicals that had polluted and leaked for those two things to happen, along with the fact that I had This is not something you should buy! It is important that you save.

Kace Li - 21/01/2021
Trays like these should be avoided! I had a very difficult time getting rid of the No good will come of it (1/5)

How is it that finding good ice cube trays is so difficult? In the past, I have put together the Cook's Illustrated top rated trays made by Oxo that had a plastic flap that could not be removed. Next, I purchased trays that came with lids that were easy to place, but I purchased tiny cubes instead. Since I got the larger size, I decided to order Tovolo in the hope that he could provide the solution. Not at all. It is quite difficult to remove the cubes from them, which makes them extremely dangerous. The only way I got them out was by letting them melt a bit. I thought twisting them would have done the trick, but it didn't. Their only plus is that they stack up. However, even that ends up being a problem due to their tendency to It was once again necessary to wait for the ice to melt to separate the two. In any case, they were returned to Amazon rather than thrown in the trash this time. As I continue my search, I am also experiencing difficulty finding ice cube trays that produce easy to remove.

Megan Bautista - 12/03/2021
I thought it was great at first (1/5)

It became strongly aromatic and unpleasant at that point. This would have been a four-star review if I had given it at the beginning. It was hard to remove the ice cubes at first, and that was the only complaint I had. In the past couple years, I have been pleased with the size and shape of the ice. Since I almost never use ice, I am not aware of the increase in smell and taste. Additionally, I use ice only for mixed drinks, so maybe the drinks countered the bad taste. A bit of a funny taste comes from this product. The ice seems to taste odd sometimes, but after cleaning the tray the flavors become undetectable afterwards, every time this happens. As a Tovolo owner, I absolutely LOVE the Sphere Ice Molds. There is no off-putting feeling in my body It's a pleasure to use them, and I enjoy the flavor. There has never been a time when I gave a product a one-star rating. I have never done that Most of this has to do with the fact that I have been searching for months and months for the reason behind a horrible smell in my freezer. As a result, I never took the time to focus on what I thought would be the last thing I would The fact that I rarely made ice didn't take me longer to realize it. They have finally been taken out today for heavy scrubbing, and now I'm sitting in the living room typing this review, I can smell the cleanliness from the kitchen drying rack. They soaked in soapy water for hours, washed in bleach, vinegar, pine-sol, boiling water, and let them soak in boiling water. Not one of them worked. There is more to it than that. This is just a simple matter of getting rid of the My heart aches at the thought of It's a positive that the trays feel sturdy, and the ice cubes do look nice, but overall, it doesn't seem to be worth the investment. There could be a small amount of silicone left, it's hard to say. If you have a strong sensitivity to plasticy flavors and smells, please keep away.

Madilynn Taylor - 17/03/2021
A perfect ice cube can be made by following these three steps (5/5)

When I was young, I spent a lot of time in bars drinking fancy cocktails, due to my love of the perfect ice cubes that came with them. Despite its expense, my hobby was very time consuming and involved many investments. After more research, I realized ice cube replication relies on three key factors I. *br>1. The density of human habitation The ice must have transparency for it to be usable. The shape of the object This will prevent the melting from happening too fast*3. The following dimensions are given in mm Years later, I stopped going to bars since I could make delicious ice cubes at home without buying ice cubes from the bar, as well as saved tons of money by making my own bottom shelf vodkas and ice cube drinks, and I could not Furthermore, the ice cubes can be put in a plastic bag and applied to my stomach to ease the pain of my late stage cirrhosis with advantage.

Dylan Leach - 06/06/2021
The ice cubes are great, but they are hard to remove (2/5)

As a child, I also had ice cubes that you would freeze in hard, rigid You would twist a tray back and forth, with the rigidity of the tray allowing the cubes to come loose. There is no change in me It is soft and flexible silicon, so they are not scare off by people who may be averse to it Inevitably, with the addition of twisting, the cubes will pop out because of the lack of rigidity. Rather, you grab the bottom of the tray and pull them out from there, while ripping the fragile structure of the tray apart. It just doesn't feel as though they're meant to last. *br>*br>If you can remove the cubes, they're perfectly square and look adorable, and they work just as well as bagged ice or rectangular home ice cubes. In any case, I'd look elsewhere for a more rigid, harder mold first. You don't need to fix it if it isn't broken. (Has this review been of any By clicking "Helpful", you can tell me if this is so. I salute you in the spirit of the season.

Margo Barnes - 22/06/2021
It wouldn't work for me, but I tried anyway (1/5)

In years past, I had a pair of these in the freezer and found that the ice tasted increasingly foul. That's when I realized the problem and I ordered a new pair of trays. There was no problem with The TRAYS are what I'm talking about. Our bottles of vinegar and water didn't work on them right out of the box, which was on the package as well. I guess vinegar AND water were both wasted. They were sent back to me. This is simply because I do not want my scotch to taste chemically when I consume it and these trays are imparting that flavor. It's not good.

London Stanley - 26/01/2021