Totally Bamboo Model Alabama Cutting and Serving Board Review

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  • Made with high-quality bamboo.
  • Smooth surface can be used as a chopping board and a platter.
  • Small in size.

Selected User Reviews For Totally Bamboo Model Alabama Cutting and Serving Board

The cracking and breaking of things This product is not recommended if you live in a dry climate (2/5)

Located within the Southern Idaho high desert plains, I reside in an area considered to be a high desert. Approximately three weeks ago, I purchased a dozen of these items as corporate gifts and stored them in my closet. I found several of the boards in multiple places were beginning to crack when I took them out to be engraved. Does the change in humidity have anything to do with it? The products I am presenting as VIP gifts are now considered unfit for VIP consumption due to their low quality. In the meantime, I'm scrambling to find something similar to replace them.

Aydin Berger - 10/03/2021
I think the most fun is - It is the only state in America with a heart shape! Since I live in Idaho, I cherish my Idaho cutting board, which I keep in my kitchen window (5/5)

I don't use it for cutting, but instead for displaying. Those of us who love Idaho are struck by the nooks and crannies and curvy lines that characterize her, making it into a beautiful piece. We bought this not for myself, but for a daughter who is longing to move to Idaho but is living in California. Every day as she looks at it, she should be filled with hope.

Xander Hess - 10/07/2021
It's a wonderful cutting board (5/5)

I've only used it as a decorative piece so far, but it's so nice and sturdy that I've used it more than I expected.

Remington CONNOR - 10/02/2021
Quay of genuine construction (5/5)

Despite its beauty and durability, it's My counter is always covered with them. I also have a copy of Massachusetts and a copy of California!.

Edward MELLOR - 23/06/2021
This is perfect (5/5)

I love it!.

Lachlan HOWELLS - 03/05/2021
I simply love the shape of this Idaho shaped cutting board (5/5)

This board is the perfect size for cutting and serving on, and is absolutely lovely. A medium/large cutting board is listed in the description. It is pointed out in the photo. At our conference, we will give them away as gifts. I would give them as a gift because they are beautiful. This is an Idaho cutting board at a lower price, so I cannot imagine why you would purchase I think you should buy it! You're right - I love.

Weston Moody - 09/02/2021
The decor in this room is very beautiful and unique (5/5)

The gift idea is fantastic.

Tyler Daniel - 11/03/2021
It was purchased as a I bought this board as a It's a great design and a great quality (5/5)


Ainsley Dixon - 01/05/2021