Totally Bamboo 3-Piece Cutting Board Set Review

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Ideal para regalar 4.3 
Fácil de limpiar 4.2 
Versatilidad 4.1 
Durabilidad 4.0 
Robustez 3.8 
Artesanía 3.6 
  • Better Cutting Surface.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Good Bamboo Quality.
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Can get oily easily.

Totally Bamboo 3-Piece Cutting Board Set Product Description

A set of three bamboo cutting & serving boards of the Totally Bamboo brand will find a place in every kitchen. These three cutting boards will meet a wide array of food prep and cutting needs at an exceptionally low price. If you are cutting raw or cooked meat, the included 13-inch cutting board is great. With the 11-inch board, you can cut your favorite fruits and vegetables easily. The lightweight 8-inch bar board works well for cutting salad garnishes, or for serving cheeses and meats to guests. As a surface as well as a durable product, bamboo boards are constructed out of flat-grain bamboo.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • All three tables in this set tackle to do this - The three tables come with a variety of functions to handle cutting, cutting, and serving food sure to add value to any kitchen.
  • During the preparation and serving the larger boards will be useful for cutting meats, fruits and vegetables, while the lighter 8 board is ideal for serving cold dishes. The 0 in size is perfect for cutting garnishes and serving small snacks.
  • Medium and large boards are easy to handle - Medium and large boards feature a hanging handle for easy storage and transportation.
  • A better cutting surface - These boards are made from flat-grained moso bamboo that is both durable and light, while being gentle on knives so that they are kept sharp for continuous use.
  • Easy to care for simply hand wash or wipe with a damp cloth. Do not soak in water or wash in the dishwasher.

Selected User Reviews For Totally Bamboo 3-Piece Cutting Board Set

As a matter of fact, I purchased hear because it was listed as a best seller, but I am unsure why

In most cases, I don't write reviews, but these cutting boards have frustrated me. As of today, the last one I own has broken in half after being owned for six months. The reason I bought these was because they were described as the best sellers, and I cannot figure out why since they warped, broke, and.

Corbin Gregory - 14/07/2021
Good product to have Control of quality is poor This is very poor customer service

I bought a replacement set to replace a set that I had received good service from During sanding of one of the boards, a groove was created across it. One of the boards arrived with a manufacturing defect. I found the customer service at Totally Bamboo to be terrible. I could not believe the quality of their claims. An e never got a response from them. This is a review of the replacement of an item that I bought after I sent them a letter on their website three weeks ago. If this were a review of my original set, it would be a 5 star rating. However, this is an extremely generous rating, as the one star was given for the quality control that allowed a clearly defective item to be sent to a customer. In a matter of weeks, I went from someone who had bought their product several times to someone who will not buy from them in the future.

Finnegan Morris - 01/01/2021
If you handle it right, you can get excellent results from this product

I had been looking for a smaller alternative to my massive polyboard cutting board that is just too big for the majority of cooking I do. These boards are really great for the price. When I looked in several stores and researched online reviews, I decided they wouldn't be awful for the price even if they didn't last long the way people said they would. As long as they are cared for properly, I can see these boards lasting for years to come. Like any wooden product (although bamboo is a grass), you must seal it, maintain it and seal it every two If you want to prevent these from cracking, you must immediately wash and DRY the board by hand. Bamboo can absorb moisture quickly, but expel it just as quickly, which is why, if it is left alone, it will warp or crack. Poly boards are a great substitute for PVC boards that can be easily maintained and do not break easily. If you like the look of these and don't mind doing a little more work to keep them pristine, then these are well worth the money.

Sariyah Foley - 27/01/2021
After using it for the first time, the equipment splinters

We received this board set a few hours ago, and I immediately handwashed, dried, and began using the largest board. But after quartering about 2 lbs of Brussels sprouts, I discovered splinters throughout the product. I'm bitterly disappointed in the.

Camryn Parker - 11/05/2021
Within a couple months, the branch split and splintered

The last time I saw these was a few months ago. A large section of the big picture has been split down the middle just like the ones on some other customers' photographs. As well, it didn't come with instructions on how to apply oil to it, so I had to find out by myself that it splintered in my food for a month before I figured that out. Their size is also a plus. Sadly, now that it has past the return window, I cannot return. However, the apartment is still in a very trashy state despite I would recommend finding something else instead of this product.

Liam Carver - 15/03/2021
It's great to have so many sizes to choose from

My initial impression was that these boards were not of a high quality, bamboo hair was sticking out of them, and the boards were not well made. My board is smooth now and I don't have to worry about the material getting into my food from those bamboo "hairs. " I applied a few coats of mineral oil and then used it to discover that it no longer had "wooden hair" on it. Even so, I always use mineral oil to take care of them and I never soak them in water or place A variety of sizes is also a plus for me! A mini board gives me the convenience of cutting lemons for my water even if I do not need a knife. In my opinion, if you know how to properly clean bamboo (or other boards made out of wood) and treat them with mineral oil, I would recommend those boards, and the price is as high as it gets.

Colten Martin - 16/07/2021
I find these cutting boards to be awful

Once the large board has been washed, it will become I find these cutting boards to be awful. The large board, after being washed once, became very dry and a split developed directly down the center. After using the board a few times, the crack has worsened and the board is now almost in half ( No There are only a few years left for this one). It is an absolute disgrace that the group split after less than a week. These boards are not something I would consider buying It is evident that these items are not quality, despite being inexpensive. They should have been clearly stated when purchasing the boards whether they needed to be treated with mineral oil before use.

Victor Salinas - 14/01/2021
Not as big as I thought it would be My boards have been in storage for about a year and a half

I only have the medium one left of the three. A small size is not a good choice This is too small to be used to cut anything comfortably, and I lost it a long time The largest warped badly within he first year, and I eventually got rid of it because it was no longer usable. I keep it around as a dedicated cutting board for meats as the medium size has held up admirably well. This unit is a little smaller than I'd like, but it does the job. I would say overall this is one of those "you get what you pay for" experiences. We are selling them for While my experience with them has been less than stellar, I can still give them a 99. Cooking tends to require some extra money, so if all you are doing is cooking, then you should look for something else. When it comes to light tasks, it is a good free product for those who plan on using it just occasionally.

Karsyn Cummings - 19/03/2021