TOSSWARE POP, Recyclable, Unbreakable & Crystal Clear Plastic Champagne Glasses Review

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  • It's BPA free.
  • Have 9 oz. of liquid hold ability.
  • Stability creates a problem.

Selected User Reviews For TOSSWARE POP, Recyclable, Unbreakable & Crystal Clear Plastic Champagne Glasses

They are actually too small over all, but I will keep them anyway

I made the mistake of not checking exactly the sizes before purchasing. To show how big they are, I took a photo of them next to a regular bottle of water so that one who isn't familiar with ounces can see how much they are.

Gianna Richard - 31/03/2021
It has to be bought! This pair of glasses was perfect in every way! You can look at them as if they are made of glass without worrying about breaking them

The photos I painted were for a bridal shower, and they turned out beautifully! It's just what I was looking for! I'll buy again when the need arises! It's hard to beat the price and the value you get!.

Harley LORD - 02/06/2021
I have made my best purchase on Amazon to date! I must say, this was the best purchase I made on Amazon to date! My first review was for my latest purchase

I have bought many things but I have never considered writing one like this before. of all, I was hired for an event yesterday (12/29/18) and I needed bulk drinkware to cater to the clients. As a result, I was looking for affordable drinkware that was attractive and could be used again. As I was about to close my eyes and order glassware after viewing tons of plastic drinkware with terrible reviews and photos of damaged or broken products, I was about to pull out a plastic cup. I LOVED THESE! BUT THEY WERE EXACTLY RIGHT! I am - This is a great look - classy yet perfect This is truly a shatter-proof product. I am - It is a great size*br> This feature makes it easy to store items in stacks - This is an easy to clean product. Whenever I think of ordering tons of them, I'm glad to know that. The beauty of having a helping hand though is that you can use it whenever you need it. These are such an amazing product! I can't wait to get more! I'm so happy with this product! Classy drinkware is what you need if you need it!.

Whitney Gamble - 24/01/2021
I really love this product because it is inexpensive and could be used While my wife was expecting a new baby, she wanted to get her wife some sophisticated wine glasses, but didn't want to deal with cleaning and storing them afterwards

Her finds were these inexpensive plastic tumblers that are shatterproof and were a great price In response to several articles online about baby showers and a review posted by an Amazon reviewer, she decided to add a little glitter to them. Fortunately, that was also in the same color scheme as her baby shower and that was pretty much the end of the matter for my wife. I purchased two boxes of these glasses from my wife, 24 in total, and they all arrived in excellent condition. A few pieces had lines and scratches which did not completely make them clear, but luckily they were near the bottom of the work and could be covered As of now, we have not experimented with condensation or glitter, but for now, they seem to work fine. I don't have a photo of the pink glitter, but we layered it an inch above the gold glitter. In the end, my wife was pleased with the result.

Genesis Baldwin - 22/01/2021
This item is not recyclable

Therefore, it says that these can be recycled- BUT that does not hold true. Recycling symbol is NOT present There is no specific pattern) The US is no longer able to send China our plastics for recycling, so they are all being dumped straight into the huge sea of plastic waste circling the Pacific Ocean. My only motive for buying them was to recycle them. Therefore, I am returning them.

Kelsey Campbell - 07/07/2021
The best thing to do is to use rather What an amazing collection of pictures! It was because they are recyclable and I didn't want to add a bunch of plastic to the landfill that I purchased them originally

The expected was that they would be acceptable, but that I would toss them out at the end of the night. This is not the case. It seemed to me that they should be washed and reused. Having just hosted a party for 40 friends and having done all the cooking, etc. , this is the last thing I expected, but I did it by hand anyway. That's how nice they were. I had guests asking me where I got them from because of the high quality. I thought it was a complete waste to throw them away since they are crystal clear and really nice-feeling in hand. The stack together for easy storage makes them well worth keeping. The blocks stack securely inside the boxes, and the boxes are made of quality cardboard, so they will store well for long periods. It took me a few hours to hand-dry them, but They were terrific value, at only just over $1 per piece. Can you really wrong with such a deal? A couple of more boxes of the glassware would be good, as I bought four boxes of the flutes and four boxes of wine glasses. For parties involving a large number of guests or as a result of the weather, I will be using these glasses exclusively.

Kynlee Wilson - 07/04/2021
Parties are a breeze with these! Beautiful! I'm in love with them! Mimosas were bought to use for a The plastic is thick and sturdy, so it won't Actually, you can wash them by hand and reuse them (if you put them in the dishwasher, they might melt)

This is the perfect option for those who want the look of glass without the risk of breaking it.

Avayah Manning - 27/01/2021
Make sure to order more than you thought you would A bridal brunch was hosted by me during which I ordered these

As part of my party decor I set up a mimosa bar, which is the trend at the moment, and I also The number of guests who were delighted with these silly little glasses is incalculable. Those who were drinking no alcohol did not stop going to the mimosa bar to pour a little juice into I recommend that, if you plan on setting up a mimosa bar with more than one type of juice, you order more than you think you will need because your guests will choose a new juice every time they visit. The best thing about these is that you can recycle them once you have finished using them. You can definitely count on me ordering these again!.

Lukas Hansen - 14/05/2021