Top Shelf Long Cocktail Muddler Review

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Fácil de sostener 5.0 
Calidad del material 5.0 
Durabilidad 4.9 
Fácil de limpiar 4.9 
Fácil de usar 4.9 
Robustez 4.8 
  • Does not have sharp points.
  • Made from food-safe and durable Polypropylene.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Steep price point.

Top Shelf Long Cocktail Muddler Product Description

The longer the muddler, the better, so if an 8″ or 11″ don’t satisfy you, get one that’s 12″. The ergonomic handle fits your hand and wrist perfectly, allowing you to relax your hands and wrist. Even with a 24-oz cocktail shaker, you won’t have to worry about bruised knuckles with the long muddler. The Top Shelf muddler will make it unnecessary for you to wash your hands. No worries about tall glasses and shakers, as you can use them right now.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • LARGE SIZE - Our plastic mortar is 12 inches long, providing enough space to keep your hands clutter-free. The long length also helps keep your knuckles free of sharp edges. Citrus isn't the best thing to put on a wound. You can trust us. We've seen it firsthand.
  • Enhanced Flavor and Aroma - Our black mortars are built with flat ends to increase flavor and decrease bitterness in herbs and fruits. The general rule of thumb is to press gently on an herb rather than punish it to release its oils. There was no harm done to you by them.
  • Designed for ergonomics, comfort, and quality, this mojito mortar was created in order to reduce hand strain and provide the most comfortable experience. Your wrists do not have to hold the large handle because the large handle does most of the work.
  • This beverage mortar is made of a durable, food-safe polypropylene that can withstand years of use. It is dishwasher safe when not in use. If you put it through a quick rinse between cocktails, you will speed up service and spend more time telling dad jokes.
  • We're not talking about your ordinary herb mortar here at Waiters First Pick. It provides an easy way to spray fruit (sea) because it is larger than most competing mortars. The Cocktail Maker will help you create delicious cocktail.s for years to come, whether you're a home bartender or a professional bartender.

Selected User Reviews For Top Shelf Long Cocktail Muddler

It is sturdy and easy to maintain

A muddler? What can you say about him? In the end, it turns out not every one of them is Having bought 2 wooden muddlers on Amazon, I used them after the very first use (the same night) and they had developed serious cracks. As well as being bad for cosmetics, this is bad for your health because wooden ones aren't supposed to be washed. As for the black plastic muddler, it works well and has enough length to mix tall grasses while keeping the area clean and adding no unwanted substances This is a more expensive beer than many others, but it is worth it because of its taste. There is a cardboard tube shipping box included with the kit that is ok to store. To work on my mint plants, I have to go now.

Bentlee Frank - 24/04/2021
It matters how big a space is

Product is of great quality and is very easy to use. However, it is very large. The dimensions are confusing to me so I'm sorry. In a pitcher or drink dispenser, it could be used to muddle ingredients. The cap does the trick, but if you intend to use it for single-serve muddling, it is Although I did get some odd looks at a party, because someone thought it was weird. The adult version of a.

Alexa Rodgers - 28/06/2021
This is an ideal muddler for large glass water bottles

Whenever I make ginger lemon water, I muddle ginger in this. As I'm getting ready in the morning, I pour it into a 32oz glass water bottle so that I can easily transport it. I completely disregarded the fact that I would lose any of the nutritious juices in a separate container if I muddled the ginger in a separate container, then poured the results into my bottle as I would do if I used a muddler in my bottle mouth. There is less time and effort required for me to make my fancy water since I don't have to wash dishes!.

Misael Rubio - 27/03/2021
Cocktail bar addition that is great for your business

The fruit infused vodka that I began creating a while back finally saw the light of day during covid. I found a shaker was not enough to break up any of the fruit, so I read all the reviews and bought this muddler (didn't like all the reviews that showed wood ones cracking) to help make my cocktails better. My boys and I have both enjoyed it when creating fruit-flavored lemonade using it. I've used it for cocktails and for lemonade. This mixer is very sturdy, easy to clean, and the height allows you not to jam your hands too low into it.

Bexley Copeland - 22/03/2021
This is muddled to the best of my ability

I must have a long enough handle so I don't hit my knuckles when Since it has no teeth on the bottom, it actually muddles up rather than pulverizing and tearing. The strongest of all. The handle that comes with my Lewis bag is actually used to break up ice. This is a very strong product.

Sterling Sosa - 10/01/2021
This muddler is phenomenal! This muddler is something that my husband loves to use and he used to be a bartender

Despite being lightweight and compact, the handle provides comfort and easy handling. Using one with a tall glass (as I do for my tall old fashioned) is a good fit for it. Muddling is made easier by the size of the base. Cleaning it up is easy, and we don't have to worry about any stains, cracks, or breaks. I am extremely satisfied with this item.

Chana Austin - 18/02/2021
This is an excellent muddler! It is a great pairing for mojitos, caparihnas, and self-defense

Stylish, easy to handle, and capable of severing the knuckles of impatient drinkers too impatient to wait in line to get a designer drink, this sturdy little baby is the perfect gift for any party host. Oh, whack! You'll enjoy it!.

Justice Pruitt - 14/03/2021
I am pleased with my purchase

A great muddler that won't scrape your knuckles against the glass rim, and is long enough to keep them from hitting the The surface is easily cleanable. It would be better if one of the ways it could be improved were to clean up the mold line running along I know that's being nit-picky, but I don't agree with that. With a razor blade, you can easily clean them up.

Henrik Lawson - 04/04/2021