Top Shelf Cobbler Shaker Review

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Leak proof 4.9 
Easy to clean 4.9 
Durability 4.8 
Giftable 4.8 
Easy to use 4.8 
  • It's made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Keeps your drinks cold.
  • Doesn't leak or spill.
  • perfect pair of weighted and unweighted tins.
  • It's very small.

Top Shelf Cobbler Shaker Product Description

This cocktail shaker set from Top Shelf Bar Supply is a must have if you’re increasingly spending time at home. The shaker sets can be used at home as well as in a bar. The stainless steel throughout is food-grade 304. This ensures a high level of quality. With the combination of the weighted and unweighted shakers, you can mix multiple cocktails, or you can even stir in some egg whites, if a particular recipe calls for it. The last time you mixed and matched cocktail shakers, you probably made quite a mess if they didn’t fit together properly.

You can use these shakers to play bartender without having to worry about spills since they fit snugly together with a super-tight seal. You’ll be able to earn something extra when you shop at this brand, as it allocates some of its profits to support the hospitality sector. It is one of the best options you have at your disposal if you want a cocktail shaker set that’s convenient to use at home, but can also be used in a bar.

  • This Boston shaker has been hand-selected and tested by professional bartenders to be the best shaker available. Tough enough for high volume bars and home bars alike, this shaker is perfect for high volume bars, home bars, and restaurants alike.
  • Stainless Steel 304 is a professional grade that is dishwasher safe and can be used for both commercial and residential It has no rubber seal to crack and warp with age, as does a glass shaker, and will not break like glass shakers do.
  • This set has not been tested for leakage, so you can be sure it offers the perfect seal. DO NOT RISK BUYING SEPARATE SHIPER TINS This set includes shaker tins that have been selected and tested. With this Boston shaker set, you will never have to worry about your drink freezing shut, dripping or spilling in the middle.
  • The shaker can be used for shaken drinks such as Margaritas, Daiquiris and Mojitos, or the bottom tin can be used for stirred drinks such as Martinis, Manhattans and Old Fashioneds. Moreover, the tins nest inside each other when not in use to save space.
  • The best of both worlds is provided by pairing a weighted shaker with an unweighted cheater tin. For shaking multiple cocktails or egg whites, this is a strong, leak-proof seal to keep your drinks intact. The screw-on lid is easy to open and close when poured.

Questions & Answers

The larger half fits both the smaller and you can also use it to make a cheater shake with a regular pint glass.
It is not listed on the item itself which country it is from. Although China is mentioned on the box, the manufacturer's country of origin cannot be determined. Throughout the exterior surfaces of both cups, there is a high level of polish. Only a small amount of polish has been applied to the interior surfaces of both cups. Microgrooves are visible on the interior surfaces of the mirror, which are probably the result of trying to polish the mirror's surface as coarsely as possible. Depending on the exact surface finish and the hand-hold measurements, I estimate 32 microns for the interior of the cups You could even go as small as 64 micron One inch. Micro-computer with 64 kB of RAM With an inch surface finish, a deviation of the surface from the mean value is equal to a root mean square deviation. The width of an inch is 000064 inches. As a result of this, the surface ridges are visible but difficult to perceive. A mechanical engineer with over thirteen years of professional experience in both a machine shop and evaluating mechanical components, I am versed in mechanical engineering.
It is definitely possible to run these through shift after shift without concern for wear and tear. The selection and testing was done by a professional bartender with many years The K***ko brand is as durable as these, if not more.
At the base of the large cup, the interior measures approximately 65mm in diameter.

Selected User Reviews For Top Shelf Cobbler Shaker

An account of the bartender's work (3/5)

The bar will have a high volume of customers. This shaker is meant to fit three cocktails, and it has the same overall look and feel as the Koriko shaker. Unless it is sealed with Korikos, if it gets mixed up at the bar you'll know very quickly what the issue is. As well as being loud, they do not produce the same type of shaker sound you get from other metal shakers. Definitely good for home bars, they don't have to be bad for serving high volumes of customers, but they are not my favorite. We'll have to see how they hold up over time.

Dominick Chase - 24/06/2021
I get it (3/5)

Koriko, however, is not present. This shaker set will no doubt be a five-star discovery if it's your first decent shaker set. If you're used to Koriko shakers, it may not sound the same. It's all right. There is no Koriko in this. It is the surface of the interior that has been lapped that is the main problem. Unlike many shakers, the Koriko shakers have a smooth surface, making it easy to separate them after shaking. You will notice that when you use a Koriko for the first time, the preconfigured It seems that the sealing and separation processes after a shake are so smooth that you are worried that there may not be a strong enough seal and that liquid may leak The problem never goes away. One of the things that make the Koriko shakers so magical is their magic. In these, the inside is wider and rougher, with a raised circular pattern cascading down the metal's inside, and the post-shake separation is a bit tougher and both it and the pre-shake separation are rough It appears that the shake seals are girded with metallic edges that are uncomfortably close thicker (counteracting A friend of mine bought two of these and returned one of them unused after using one. If you want to save nine bucks instead of buying a cheap knockoff, Immediately after buying the first Koriko, I went out and bought a second.

Cillian Lin - 02/07/2021
Drinks are very cold, weighs well, and is a great size (5/5)

In summary, this set makes great cold Mai Tais, Margaritas, Cosmos and keeps its seal fairly well and is easy to open. I am especially happy that it can mix three, and with care, maybe even four, cocktails simultaneously thanks to the volume. I have been using a tiny plastic one piece for years, so I was very glad to find this. Last year I had a Boston style shaker with a glass top piece attached to a rubber rim. The rubber rim eventually cracked. It is extremely unlikely that that will happen with this set, and the weight is great, not too heavy, but heavy enough. The home mixology set I received was excellent, at least for amateur home mixologists like me.

Elsa Townsend - 18/04/2021
You won't be disappointed with this Cocktail Shaker! The best shaker I have found is perfect for any bartender who needs a handy, reliable device to work their magic! Yes, you can buy Cobbler shakers (the three piece things with the built in strainer) for a dime a dozen, but I don't think they're worth the money (5/5)

They are almost always junk, never break at the most inconvenient times, and can be a pain Boston Shaker (or weighted tin) is simply two metal cups with different sizes that fit together, and if you give them a firm tap on where they meet, you can always get them to separate, no matter how cold the contents are. My Shaker is the perfect tool for both professionals and amateurs. I use this at home, at work, as well as when I'm playing at private events. You can pair it with your favorite Hawthorne strainer and you're good.

Adele THOMSON - 08/03/2021
It lasted about 8 months on light home use before it cracked (2/5)

The item has been in my possession for 8 months, and I bought it from Amazon. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. My wife and I used it approximately three times a week at home, and we cleaned it mostly by hand. Three times, we washed it in the dishwasher. The crack appeared over the It says specifically that it will not do this in the description thus leaving me disappointed. In addition, I was disappointed that it only lasted for 8 months, considering how light I used it.

Kabir Montoya - 06/05/2021
Leaks have not been detected (5/5)

The most important thing to me is that it does not leak or fall apart. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing good liquor on the counter instead of in my glass. Set the smaller cup on the bottom of the larger one. Make sure one side of the cup is parallel to the top cup, and pin the top down to stop it from moving. Afterward, squeeze or hit the other side of the product to loosen it up. I think that trial and error with some ice water in order to figure out how to open it if it freezes up at times because it's metal will work if it occurs. I am pleased with the results overall. If I had bought a cheaper set, I don't know if I would have been as happy, but I guess I was a bit hesitant because of all the positive reviews and I didn't regret it. I find that the way these work will give me a better return on investment.

Steven Galloway - 13/01/2021
An economical way to shake your body (5/5)

In my opinion, this is a higher quality shaker than my Cobbler Any shake of The Cobbler caused it to constantly freeze shut, making anything other than a gentle shake a nuisance. A Boston shaker like this one works really well. The seal around the large tin is tight, which prevents leaks, and a quick squeeze of the larger tin releases the smaller tin for easy pouring. There is only one complaint I would have, since it is larger than a cobbler, and I have a Hawthorne strainer that is a bit The next thing I have to do is upgrade that.

Rhea Matthews - 16/01/2021
The product is easy to use, simple, and of good quality (5/5)

Despite its simplicity, the shaker is quite effective. The method is easy to use and easy to clean even for an amateur photographer. As we don't make cocktails very often, we wanted our supplies to be as concise as possible. We will be able to use this for storing our small collection of bar accessories at home. It's also nice that the cups nest without sticking to each other. The inside of the travel cases can even be used to store other utensils. This saves space.

Zane Carney - 31/07/2021