Top Shelf Bar Silicone Bar Service Mat Review

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Easy to use 5.0 
Durability 4.9 
Sturdiness 4.9 
Easy to clean 4.8 
Value for money 4.5 
  • Food safe silicon material
  • Durable and flexible.
  • Top of the class quality.
  • Limited color option.

Top Shelf Bar Silicone Bar Service Mat Product Description

With the Top Shelf Bar Supply Service Mat (around $33), you’ll never have to worry about your food getting contaminated, as the silicone construction makes this product superior to rubber, which will curl and warp. This wine glass features elliptical prongs that hold the glass steady, as well as deep borders that provide good spill and liquid capacity.

  • It is NOT made of rubber or rubber-like material, and the mats are made from food-safe silicone, making them completely safe for interacting with food like garnishes or items that come in contact with food like knives.
  • A thick, durable silicone is used to make these mats, which are perfect for high-volume bars. No warping, curling, cracking, or bubbling will occur, and they can be put in commercial dishwashers without damage.
  • Created by a career bartender, these mats provide an extra-stable work surface at your bar. They are completely flat and have thick tines and a white border to prevent slips and falls.
  • This cabinet boasts the strength and durability to handle the busiest bar, but is also durable and flexible enough for use at home. Home bar mats and dish drying trays - these mats make wonderful home bar mats and are also useful.
  • This heavy-duty, food-safe mat is backed by a money-back guarantee that will last decades. Shipping is always from the United States!

Questions & Answers

The silicone material used in silicone hot pads and trivets is also used to make hot pots and pans. But we have not tested it directly with hot pots and pans. If you were to put a hot pan on it, you should expect it to be fine.
The rack is used to dry dishes I have washed by hand. A vitamix is on my to-do list, and I'll try it in a few days and get back to you.
It is made to hold high proof alcohol, not high temperature metal so it cannot be used as a hot pad. Ideally, it should be used in a bar setting.
Ideally, a mat with an 8" diameter and a 12-inch width would be nice The length of the strip is 24".

Selected User Reviews For Top Shelf Bar Silicone Bar Service Mat

Bar mats that do more than just serve drinks! We purchased a glass stop electric stove and I was searching for a protective silicone mat for it (5/5)

There was no easy method to go about this search as most of the materials I found were quilted. One of the parts that works great for my stove when I am not using it is an adapter I found from another supplier. I agree, but. This mat was the only solution I saw in my search, so I had to have them! I know, I know - There is no doubt that these babies will do the trick! I've never seen anything like this before! Now that I'm not in the kitchen to protect it, I'm no longer afraid for something to accidentally slam into my stove. I love it when people laugh. One of my favorite features of the mat is that I can keep it on the stove while only using a few So you can put your hot pot on it without fear of burning My plan is to purchase several more to give as gifts to my family. Till they have one, they won't fully appreciate how much they need it.

Zyaire Bennet - 26/04/2021
Description of a product that is of high quality is inaccurate (4/5)

product shipped flat and creates a seamless edge as described. I converted my dry sink into a bar and the work surface measures 36 inches, so two 18 inch pieces should fit perfectly. However, I looked further and noticed that the dimensions were listed at 17 inches. "7" in height. The only thing left would be At either end of the mat, there is a 3" gap to the edge, which I could have dealt with, but the mats total 17". It now appears there should be a gap of approximately 25" which is more than double what it should be. However, it is not a big deal and the mats are a great product. I am a little disappointed that, for the price I paid, I did not receive what was advertised and it is not exactly what I wanted.

Raelynn McLean - 20/05/2021
Protect your kitchen work surfaces with this excellent product (5/5)

My intent is not to use this as a bar mat, but to protect my kitchen countertops in the same way I would a large

I primarily use it to steady and dampen impacts of cutting boards to keep air flowing underneath, instead of putting an ad-hoc sheet beneath them An easy way for wood cutting boards to warp is to use a wet towel. Also, it's nice to keep my grip on mixing bowls, putting down hot lids, and utensils, as well as basic items that wouldn't be suitable for my bare counter. In addition, replacing a damaged phone is far cheaper than buying a new one. In a pinch, the flat back side can be used for you to knead (a small) loaf of bread, and other things that need a smooth surface (I would have preferred that the logo was positioned on the corner, but that's not the intended use). I find this thing so heavy and grippy that as long as it's placed on a clean and sturdy surface, any movement of it requires quite a bit of effort. My method of cleaning dirty dishes is to scrub them lightly with a brush and wash them in the dishwasher - I don't need to baby thing thing that much, and I don't need to care for it much. Planning on getting a few more so I can have a larger padded prep area, but I need to clear some kitchen space first.

Esperanza Ochoa - 15/06/2021
I found exactly what I needed! I am very impressed with this mat (5/5)

Despite the fact that it is advertised as durable, this mat proves to be so. My teammates and I use this when we serve food at football games and we save a lot of napkins by not having to use so many. My mat did not slip from side to side while I was playing. I was able to go the duration of a game without having to empty it. If you are looking for a way to keep your workplace dry, I highly recommend this product!.

Braylee McCarty - 05/02/2021
Mat for a bar that is extremely high quality (5/5)

This bar mat has been in my possession for a little over a year now This is a great result, and I could not be happier. In the time I was shopping, I found several alternatives to rubber, some at half the price, so I was unsure whether this mat would be worth the higher price. A quality product will usually last longer for me - I tend to pay more for it It is definitely worth the investment to own this mat. This item is heavy and durable, and it had no odor when With a quick rinse in the sink, it still looks as new as the day I got it after a year of heavy use.

Skyler Patel - 13/04/2021
The only complaint I have about this mat is that it's a little pricey (5/5)

However, it looks very stylish and classy in a bar and even if you spill wine or juice on it, it stays on the mat and can be rinsed off or even put into the dishwasher. In addition to being used for other similar tasks in the kitchen, it can very well also be used in this area. My home bar looks high end when it has the best wine holder. I purchased some of the cheaper ones, although they were usable, they never maintained their shape, had wrinkles and took away from the high end look of my bar.

Marleigh McGee - 19/03/2021
The mats are much better than the others (5/5)

We have a few local restaurants and bars, but I didn't like the thin, flimsy mats they had, so I took a chance and bought them online. These are heavy and sturdy. have not had it for very long, but so far, it hasn't left any kind of glossy film on the bar, unlike a different one I tried. I think it would be unfair to mention how easy it is to clean, so I don't plan on doing that, since it is not any easier to clean Water will quickly remove it from a spill if you do so immediately. In the event that the soda, mixed drink, or whatever gets all sticky, it needs to be soaked in warm, soapy water for a few minutes, just like you would for any other drink. As a result, I believe it is superior to the others, and I would definitely buy it.

Malcolm Clements - 05/08/2021
I found that the size did not match the description (2/5)

My bar space will hold two of these 12 x 18" bar mats, so I carefully measured what I needed. I agree with others that the quality of the sheets seems very good, and the sheets do indeed lie Although they are not as large as 12 x 18" as they were claimed to be. There are three sizes listed in the listing. There is one listed in centimeters, one around 12 x 18, and one around 11 x 18. This is an 8 x 17 inch piece of work. This is not one of those things (well, I don't have a tape measure with The pages measure 11 5/8 by 17 3/8 inches. I do not consider that to be a rough estimate. As much as I'd like to return them, they are too much bother. With almost $34 each, I expected more from them.

Selene Park - 31/01/2021