Tojiro DP Paring Knife Review

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Excelente inversión 4.7 
Fácil de sostener 4.7 
Comodidad 4.5 
  • Corrosion and rust resitant.
  • High carbon steel material.
  • More expensive than other choices.
  • Dulls quickly.

Tojiro DP Paring Knife Product Description

Blades are constructed from three layers of metal, with stainless steel on the outside to prevent corrosion and rust. Although the blade and angle of the long 3.5-inch blade (a sheepsfoot blade) are not the same as those of typical paring knives, users found that it was easy to maneuver and was very comfortable to use. The knife is packaged in a box which can be used to store it.

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  • The sheet is 3 ply coated, with a VG-10 core encased between two layers of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • The rockwell hardness of the blade is 60 the blade angle is 9 to 12 degrees
  • The triple handle is riveted.
  • The product is made in Japan.

Selected User Reviews For Tojiro DP Paring Knife

A truly amazing knife, it will make you a knife snob forever (in all fairness)

Those of you who have bought standard domestic knives from the supermarket in the past will be in for a pleasant surprise if you buy this knife. When compared to the old knives I always thought were "good enough", this knife is super sharp and cuts through so many things like butter. Take the time to enjoy your It's impossible for you to go back to your old knife, and it's quite understandable that you would consider yourself a knife snob for this life. You can bring this baby and other similar quality Tojiro knives or Shun knives if you've ever been asked by a friend to cook together.

Kendrick Boyd - 29/06/2021
This is worth a lot It is made of a good steel with a very good design but with average fit and finish, as well as a problem with the This is a high-value item

It's incredible to find VG10 at this price! Who would buy a $15 junk paring knife at an average home store, when you can get VG10 for this price. The fit and finish are not good, but they're at par with junk knives you'd find at a big-box store. I'm used to more traditional (European) paring knives, so I wasn't sure if I would like the slant of this blade. It's not a perfect design, but it's As far as I know, the slant does not prevent you from using the paring knife in an ordinary way, but it does allow you to work more effectively with a cutting board. Having said that, I find that the sharpened bevel isn't even, which to me means the grind is not aligned properly If that were normal, I would give it a poor rating, but at the price I paid, there was no way I could refuse. Thanks to VG10 steel and a slant design, there is no complaint here. Now that I own two of them, it's a great feeling.

Allison Larsen - 08/07/2021
It seems like it's overpriced for what it provides

As a first matter of fact, this review may be unfair because I haven't used the knife. However, the handle is too small for my hand, (which may actually be an advantage if primarily used by a woman with smaller Furthermore, it looks like a regular steel rod at $50 and I think Damascus steel would be around that price. This is not an indication of poor quality on its own. Although the quality may be equivalent to those made by German manufacturers, its price is far lower. If I were to purchase similar knives, I'd choose ones that were not made in Japan, as I suspect they would be of equal quality.

Tru Gates - 31/01/2021
It is a very sharp paring knife, with a profiled blade that makes it extremely easy to par

My hands are average/above average in size, but the knife handle is small. A great knife with an awesome design that is both tough and agile. Tojiro's knives are generally quite sharp out of the box, but this knife is certainly not as sharp as those from my other collection.

Braelyn Washington - 08/01/2021
Stainless steel is used nicely on this piece

This knife is crafted from really sharp VG10 steel and nicely clad in stainless steel. When coring sweet peppers, the blade's flat shape was not the best choice Purchasing a paring knife with a curve towards the tip would have made much more sense My ignorance was the cause of that. On waterstones, it is a little challenging to sharpen.

Hope Conrad - 24/05/2021
You have a little brother, dear

By using this knife and its smaller brother, I am able to handle 99% of my kitchen cutting duties. This works great for all of my precision needs. Stays sharp, and never loses its edge.

Roy REES - 12/02/2021
Nice knife for the price, and Tojiro has a nice selection of western and Japanese style knives

Blade is almost straight, slight concave.

Paislee McDaniel - 08/07/2021
The product is high quality, and the price is very reasonable

This is my first high quality knife. I purposely chose stainless steel so that it won't rust when wet. In addition to learning how to sharpen it using dry stones (500, 1200, 6000 grit) and stropping (balsa wood and horse hide), I'm practicing on this relatively inexpensive knive to keep it dry. YouTube has a bunch of videos that explain various sharpening techniques, from which I am.

Indie Roman - 01/07/2021