TINANA Ice Sphere Maker Review

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Transparencia 4.5 
Durabilidad 4.4 
Fácil de usar 4.4 
Fácil de eliminar 4.3 
  • Consists of large balls.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Ice melts slowly.
  • Leak-free and easy to use.
  • Durable and stackable.
  • Overfilling can mess the shape of the sphere.

TINANA Ice Sphere Maker Product Description

With TINANA ice sphere maker, you will get a single ice sphere in your glass, as opposed to 3 or 4 small boxy ice cubes. It is so cheap and easy to use that you’ll never want to buy another sphere maker. Other ice ball molds often have a hollow bottom; this one has a solid bottom made of plastic; This make storage easy if you have an overstuffed freezer where you have to let the tray rest at an angle. It won’t flop around in the cupboard when you carry the tray to the freezer, and it doesn’t flop when carrying the tray to the freezer. Every silicone ball is covered in a skirt to prevent leakage outside the silicone lid. Since the skirts curve so much, they actually lift the ice ball away from the bottom, eliminates the need to pry the ice away from the bottom. It is designed so that there is a small hole at the top of the lid of each ball so that you won’t spill anything out of the tray if you place it at an angle.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • This is a large, two-sized ice ball. There are five cavities, each measuring two inches in diameter. Despite the size of the tray being 5 in, the overall size is 8 in. This is a five by six. Two zeros divided by two are equal to two twos. It is about 5 inches. A large ice sphere can be made with six of these each time. Having the right sized ice balls is super handy when making cocktails and other drinks. It is fantastic to serve ice spheres in these trays.
  • This ice ball will melt the ditch - Spherical ice trays are perfect for summertime treats like whiskey drinks, cocktails, wine, fruit juice, iced coffee, popsicles, pudding, and more. You can keep your drink cold for hours with large slow-melting ice spheres. You cannot go wrong with one of these for chilling drinks.
  • It is easy to fill and leak-proof If you use the small funnel to fill, the ice comes out of the shape very well and doesn't crack often. Water in the mold would seep out if the closure was too loose, but tighter closures would keep the water in the mold. Plastic trays are an older technology, but these trays are a more affordable alternative.
  • Stackable and durable Ice Ball Trays - This ice ball maker is made of PP plastic and silicone that is safe, durable, and dependable. The material is heat resistant from -104 °F to 428 °F, making it suitable for use in freezers, ovens, and dishwashers. Ice will not taste strange after using this product. Ice sphere trays that stack up and don't take up too much space are the perfect solution.
  • [Customer service] We are committed to providing customers with quality products and excellent customer service. Molds Tinana used for making ice balls. The 5in are well made and come with a guarantee of quality. If you've never used one before, you need to wash it in hot water first. We'd be more than happy to hear from you if you have a problem with our trays.

Selected User Reviews For TINANA Ice Sphere Maker

Thanks! It works like a charm! I have a tip in addition to what was advertised

I think it's about time we change the boring, boxy square ice. You will not be faced with 3-4 small boxy ice cubes in your glass, but one single ice sphere from this tray. This item worked perfectly for me and I was pleased with my purchase. I received it very quickly with Amazon Prime. It was a little worrisome that the top might leak, but the silicone has a little skirt on the bottom to prevent this. I want to point out that you don't want to You will see a small amount of water escaped and a slightly malformed sphere since water expands when it cools. As you can see from the second photo, there is escaped water on top. For my first attempt, I used straight tap water. It would appear that ice will be a lot more clear and transparent if you use boiled and cooled water. It will be great if I can try that next time. *br>*br>I'm going to make myself another drink now.

Aspen Hood - 17/01/2021
It's hard to believe how big these balls are

A couple of trays came in the mail. This is a VERY user-friendly product. There is a solid plastic bottom on this ice ball maker, unlike most of the others It is convenient because the tray won't move if you're trying to take it into the freezer, and if you have a full freezer and must let it rest at an angle, you can easily store it this way. It is fitted with silicone skirts so that any leakage will be prevented from escaping out of Because the skirts curve in, the ice ball actually easily lifts from the plastic bottom, which means there is no more having to pry the ice away from the In the freezer, the surface tension will keep spills at bay if you put the tray at a steep angle. The hole on the lid on each ball is small enough that spills will not occur. ) but the balls are hilariously bigger than I apologize for my mistake. Before I finally manage to stuff my thermos with the melted balls, I usually let them melt until they're about a half-inch smaller in diameter. There are about six of them The usual amount of time for 8 ice cubes is 4 minutes My thermos is able to melt three of the ice balls in five hours, but their size and shape combined will take an additional 8 hours. There needs to be 9 hours for this to fully melt. *br>*br>My only complaint is that I wish it was available in smaller pieces.

Giselle Rocha - 02/05/2021
A man's size is undoubtedly perfect, but his patience is more valuable! Here are some I found it to be exactly the right size for what I needed

There are a couple of Taking the time to fill these requires a great deal of patience! You are given an extremely small funnel when you get there & These are so difficult to fill that it takes forever. I took about five minutes to do it and it is a very There is a mess made by this. The only way to tell if they are close to full is to remove them from the list. There are two colors on the top grey and black This is an opaque picture. It would have made more sense if the colors were reversed Transformed the top part into a clear one. I don't think it's too big a deal, but #FirstWorldProblems.

Giavanna DALE - 06/06/2021
It does what it is advertised to do

For whiskey on the rocks, this is a must! The addition of this thing has made whiskey on the rocks so much better and more enjoyable in the summertime. When you are first using the molds, it can be a little tricky to get them removed, but it gets easier once you get used to it. It would be in your best interest to fill the first half of the mold with water before toppping it off with the funneled water, as others have suggested. The sooner I know this, the sooner I'll thank you.

Margaret Young - 16/01/2021
You won't find any instructions here, but you're good to go! It is true that some smartalec said you shouldn't need instructions, since regular ice trays do not come with instructions

I didn't think I knew that, but this isn't your regular ice tray. It is therefore critical for them to provide you with an exact number of gallons of water to enable head space, etc. Doing it blind means overflows or underfilling, and in spite of all efforts to seal tightly, leakage will still occur. In order to do the first attempt, I placed a tray under it, frozen it, then removed it, and melted down the most perfect ball. There are exactly 220ml in this bottle. As soon as I clipped the sides, I carefully inserted the studs into each hole, and then poured exactly 220 ml of water into each hole (filtered). In the next batch of papers, I expect a perfect outcome, as the binder clips and careful sealing prevented any leaks. That will be totally worth it because the ice cubes will last ten times longer than regular ones. *br>I left a 2 star review because I want it made easier for you, people. It works well with my experimenting, so I will change it to 3. Maybe they will take heed. I personally think that a 220ml syringe would be a better alternative than two tiny funnels. That's why I'm going to use it!.

Ashton Garner - 14/03/2021
There is no comparison between two and six - they are both faster and more effective! A product review is not normally something I do so soon after receiving it, but this product is so pure and simple that I cannot resist

It sounds simple, but making six ice balls rather than just two is far more efficient. I had owned a similar product which could make two at a time, but this operates on the same principle. I just thought I would mention the use of the two teeny funnels included in the kit will help release the ice balls easier because overfilling may cause the mold to be more difficult to remove. My favorite part is the way these ice balls keep my drinks cold and keep a drink from diluting. I will probably purchase again as a gift.

Adeline Welch - 20/07/2021
The product works great, and I use it almost every day! There doesn't seem to be much of a problem with these

The most convenient way for me to do this was to set them in the sink and just let the water run out of the tunnel as I worked on the next cube. You should then gently tilt the whole tray to remove any excess water that may have accumulated. I also read a review that said to run the white tray under hot water for a few seconds before removing it from the mold and it helps.

Barbara Werner - 17/03/2021
Excellent quality, but practice is required for just the right amount of filling

It's a pretty nice ice mold, but I don't quite know how to make perfect ice balls with it. It was not clear how much filling should be done. You may think, if it is ice, how can it be hard? Despite the fact that water expands when it freezes, I keep overfilling my. For that reason, I always check at the top every time I fill it. The lip of the container, however, is intended to catch any spills. I am confident that I will get it just right one day. Up until then, I'm going to get semi-regular Balls that are deformed. My intention had been to make bath bombs out of this. Though I haven't tried it yet, since the rubber in the lower half of the mold would make the mold useless for that purpose unless I cut it off.

Jaycee Gardner - 23/03/2021