TheBarsentials Cocktail Strainer Set Review

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Fácil de sostener 4.8 
Excelente inversión 4.8 
Egonómico 4.6 
Fácil de limpiar 4.6 
  • There's no need to buy separate strainers.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Free bar spoon to stir fruit punch mixed in pitchers.
  • Some of the components are not firmly welded together.

TheBarsentials Cocktail Strainer Set Product Description

The three strainers on this list are essential bar tools. Strainers and spoons for any favorite drink are stainless steel coated with 304 stainless steel to resist corrosion. They won’t bend or break and can be washed in the dishwasher, making them the perfect bar tools; Ideal for use at home or in the office. This is a very cheap strainer set but the quality was not compromised.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • This trio of strainers is one of the most essential accessories every bartender needs. If you prefer any other type of drink, filter ice, fruits, herbs and other pieces to make your Margarita, Manhattan, Mojito, Martini, Old Fashioned, Daiquiri, Whiskey Sour, Tonic or any other drink of your choose.
  • Besides a mixing spoon, the set is also accompanied by a cocktail stirrer spoon, whose long braided handle allows for easy handling while mixing and rotating, and its length of 11" ensures that it feels comfortable for your hand. Shakers, glasses and jugs can all be fitted with this 0 in length.
  • Scoop and strainers are made of durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion of the metal. Designed so they won't bend or break and are dishwasher safe, making them ideal for use at home or in a bar.
  • It is flexible for use in any size can or shaker, while the Julep Strainer is most appropriate for use in a mixing glass. Even the smallest ice chips, lime chunks, and mint bits are not able to go through the fine mesh of the strainer.
  • Whether you're giving as a gift or preserving this set, it will add a touch of class to any bar or restaurant, or make the perfect gift for any aspiring or seasoned bartender.

Selected User Reviews For TheBarsentials Cocktail Strainer Set

The bar set is very nice

I am much happier with this product compared with the one I discarded Compared to the old version, this one appears to be stronger.

Wyatt McGrath - 13/05/2021
This kit is awesome! I believe this is an excellent bar essential kit because it is useful in everyday cocktail preparation and has good quality

The price is great for what you're getting and I think the quality is great. Cleaning and caring for this item is a breeze.

Kelvin Wilkerson - 30/04/2021
The strainer set is very well made for the price

My shaker set is complete with the Hawthorne strainer, which is sturdy and the coils of the strainer keep out the smallest pieces of ice, and the mesh strainer and julep strainer, both of which look like they will be sturdy. This book is highly.

Roger Alvarez - 13/03/2021
The stainless strainer set is durable and easy to use

I am very pleased with this lovely set for my home bar. Just what I was looking for, excellent!.

Rodney HARTLEY - 28/01/2021
Cocktail Essentials That Can Be Served to a Couple, Two, or a House Party - The product I bought is exactly what I wanted

I used the bar essentials items to serve mint juleps for a fun, festive house party. The products are beautiful, functional, and beautiful. As a bartender, I looked like a professional and was well liked by my guests.

Alberto Moses - 15/05/2021
I like the product

It is very substantial.

Gia Reynolds - 01/01/2021
The quality is great, and the price is great as well

When I saw the quality of this set for the price, I was pleasantly surprised. Despite the relatively low price, the strainers and spoon are high-quality.

Gwendolyn Castaneda - 01/05/2021
Excellent service

I had an issue with a piece missing in my package, and they promptly followed up and corrected it. Thanks a lot. As expected, the tools are just what I wanted.

Cassidy Riggs - 03/03/2021