The Original Nick & Nora Crystal Martini Glasses Review

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Giftable 5.0 
Easy to hold 5.0 
Value for money 4.3 
Sturdiness 4.3 
Durability 3.7 
  • Can be kept in a freezer.
  • Robust and sturdy look.
  • Not a good option for whiskey cocktail.

The Original Nick & Nora Crystal Martini Glasses Product Description

“I love a nice Nick and Nora cocktail glass-it’s a lot more classy than your traditional [Martini] glass,” Kong says. In addition to cocktail glasses that don’t require ice (think Manhattans, Martinis, shaken Daiquiris, etc. ), you can also use Nick and Nora glasses. The style is easy to remember and it makes drinking cocktails more fun. This classic glass comes in a 6-ounce capacity and is made from lead-free crystal. It’s inspired by the “Thin Man” films of the 1920s. The dishwasher-safe and chip-resistant material makes them extra convenient. If you plan to use these right away, stick them in the freezer for a few minutes.

  • Glass from film releases of the "Thin Man" movies, a symbol of late-Prohibition cocktail culture.
  • Crystals of pure, high-quality, non-lead ensure high levels of clarity and brilliance.
  • The rim has a tempered finish for durability and chip resistance it can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • This is the ideal gift for the craft cocktail fan or movie fan.
  • Size top 2 3/4 in. bottom 2 1/2" height 5 7/8 in. capacity 6 oz.

Selected User Reviews For The Original Nick & Nora Crystal Martini Glasses

Difficult to understand You can find cocktail glasses at any liquor store (5/5)

The glasses he likes are an uncommon size/shape and the size/shape of the glasses he likes make it difficult to locate. searching for quite some time. We found it on Amazon and are sure we will enjoy it The packaging is lovely and the packaging is very good. The quality is good considering the price. I was pleased to see that the merchant was located in Ithaca NY, where I went to college!.

Sarai RAHMAN - 16/03/2021
The glasses are fantastic but the glass is I love these Nick and Nora cocktail glasses, but they are incredibly delicate and either I am clumsy (which I am not) or they are incredibly fragile (3/5)

There is no doubt that it is At $10 a piece, these glasses do not last. Well, I understand that they are exact replicas of the glasses in the Thin Man movies, but have fun with them while you have them, because they most likely will.

Yareli Suarez - 29/04/2021
Despite being extremely fragile, I chose to order four of these glasses as I loved the size and style best (3/5)

The frames are SO thin and fragile that I broke two of them literally within the first week of ownership. In both cases, I bought replacements, but the problem persisted. The glass can shatter even if it is bumped against another piece of glass. Despite the fact that I bought six glasses, only 2 of them are still standing after two.

Nathalie Hardy - 02/02/2021
in all, a pretty good day (5/5)

Whiskey is one of my favorite drinks. In an old fashioned glass with a glencairn or on the rocks, I prefer it neat. The last few months, as a result of finding out how to pass the time alone at home during a global pandemic, I've started making cocktails, like the Paper Plane cocktail. The new glassware I needed was perfect for the cocktails I was serving. My preference is not for a classic martini glass I do not like how they look particularly much. My first thought was to buy a couple of Coupe glasses, but then I saw the Nick &amp Nora and decided to get 2 of them Icing on the cake. I was intrigued by the shape of this glass, did it feel a little more masculine to you? Then again, maybe holding something is just easier. Fun is also had in learning about the history of the glass. Anyhow, I have just purchased this set and I am pleased with My favorite classic cocktail recipe (I love a good Manhattan as well) fits perfectly into this glass. My favorite glass to drink wine is a fine crystal glass, however, I prefer something a bit sturdier when I'm sipping on a cocktail, and this is right up my alley. There is not a cheap feeling to this, but equally there is no feeling that one wrong move is going to break it. A decent gift box is included with the glass, as well as a little history of it. The Nick and Nora glasses are probably going to be my next purchase, but I am sure that I will get a couple of nice Coupe glasses some day Those that I use the most will be Nora's.

Whitney Joyce - 11/01/2021
Glasses that have a great look, great quality, and are delicate (5/5)

As you can see, Nick &amp Co It's so chic to have Nora glasses! My contact with History Company led me to learn all of their glassware is made in the United States, The crystals are made of quartz. There are no seams visible and it is clear as day. I was struck by how thin the walls of the glasses are and how delicate they seem If they were a bit thicker and heavier, I would prefer them. This is a great pair of socks and is perfect for cocktail time with Nick &amp Nick. A pair of glasses for Nora. Glassware with these elements adds a great deal of character to any collection. *br>*br>I was very pleased with the way the glasses arrived. Two boxes were included, each glass was wrapped in bubble wrap, and biodegradable foam peanuts surrounded each box.

Rosie Mack - 18/01/2021
The cocktail glassware I have added to my collection is great (5/5)

It is amazingly light for the size of the glass. When I opened up the box, I was surprised at how easy they were to use. Nonetheless, I adore them now that I have used them several times. You don't have to limit the portions as much as you would with other meats on the market, because they are larger. As they are rated at 6 ounces, they are able to hold up to 5 ounces of liquid without.

Maximiliano Hendrix - 21/04/2021
An old man I went to school and I liked it! In order to prevent Manhattan spills, the cocktail glasses were purchased as a precaution (5/5)

It was not ideal to use the vee shaped martini glass because the depth to surface area ratio was not good. The new style of glass was taught to me during the recent re-education about the kind of glasses that are allowed. I saw an updated version of "Good Eats" and decided to give it a shot. You hit the ball out of the park!
*br>Besides being more functional, the glasses come nicely packaged in a box that includes a bit of trivia about the movie "Thin Man" for those who are fans. The last line was nice. Yet they appear rugged, despite their lack of bulk. I also agree. In my freezer, they do not take up as much space. Thanks for reading!.

Aryan Anthony - 25/03/2021
Product is defective (1/5)

I bought a two glass set ("classic" version) of about three pieces about three months ago The last time I talked to you was four My second pair of glasses was also perfect. I liked them so much I ordered a third. The Trocadero version was what was brought in A glass that has been etched with a design Unfortunately, I wasn't pleased with what I got. They were sent back to me. My order for the "classic" version was the third time I placed it after waiting a few weeks. Glasses that had come in were the right glasses however, they arrived defective instead of being round, the cup was elongated and there were unslightly reflections inside My original order was sent back, and I immediately ordered them for the third time (fourth if you count my return). Having given up, I will not try again. I received them again defective, slightly elongated with a trace of refraction The disappointment is huge. It is clear that these people are not in control. In order to get a comparable glass, I will need to find another manufacturer.

Deandre GREENWOOD - 10/04/2021