The Draft Top Original Beer Can Opener Review

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Giftable 3.3 
Flavor 3.0 
Value for money 3.0 
Easy to use 2.6 
  • Unique look.
  • Best gift option.
  • Great opener.
  • Doesn't work properly.

The Draft Top Original Beer Can Opener Product Description

Developed as the ultimate easy-to-use topless can opener, the Draft Top is fully patented and crafted to be the ultimate tool for easy access to cans. The one and only Draft Top can top remover can be used as a beer can opener or a soda can opener. With the latest Draft Top design, we have replaced the splitters with wear-resistant ones. This original topless can opener has a softened handle and prevents over-squeezing of the handles, so you can rely on it to perform smoothly like your favorite can opener bar.

  • ORIGINAL DRAFT TOP Since the Draft Top is all-new, patented, and designed to be the ultimate, easy to use can opener, it is incredibly simple to use. This can top remover is from the one and only Draft Top! Use it to open beer or soda can tops!
  • The top of the Drift Top 2 is shown. The Draft Top 0 features modified splitting mechanisms made from tough materials, and a softened handle that prevents over-squeezing. Now you can use your favorite can opener bar tool anytime with my new topless version!
  • The Draft Top is a versatile bar tool that can be used with domestic, imported, and craft beers, soda, energy drinks, canned wine and cocktails, iced coffee, and This top-removing system quickly and easily removes the top from aluminum cans between 8 and 16 oz thanks to its patented 4-blade design.
  • FIRST AND FOREMOST The Draft Top opens cans cleanly and quickly, leaving a smooth edge so you can enjoy your beverage without worry of sharp edges or slivers of aluminum. The use of this app is a breeze, and even better, enjoying it is!
  • Compact and portable, with Draft Top you can easily open any type of can, no matter where you are! Whether at a party, camping, or in a business setting, open your friends' and family's beverages to ensure they enjoy the full taste of their canned drinks.

Questions & Answers

A can with an inner diameter (diameter on the inside of the rim) between 50mm and 80mm is compatible with the device.
I do not do recycling, but in my area, they don't have any rules. I can pretty much put anything in there!
Only the standard 12-ounce can will fit into this. There isn't much room for slim cans like White Claw either.
Produced in the United States.

Selected User Reviews For The Draft Top Original Beer Can Opener

We are not satisfied with the product (1/5)

It is not worth another star - wish I could do that Buy nothing! - Don't waste your money! We returned it as soon as possible As directed, it breaks normal beer cans / makes a mess when used as directed. As advertised, it does not open the cap of the can. The following is also true Clearly, it doesn't explain that you are supposed to push the top of the can into the can (even if it already did so / which it doesn't). Let me be honest with you Does anyone else think it's cool to cut the top off a can &amp have a beer Would you then drink out of the beer while you put that in? Be ashamed to claim that the product was made in the U. S.

Rowan Kerr - 17/04/2021
This is Kinda Gross, then (1/5)

In spite of the fact that you should wash the top of all your cans before opening them, this seems kind of I didn't want to bring a second dish to camp, so the lid of the can goes into the beverage, making this useless for camping. You can pour it into an Yeti pint glass. It is inevitable to get a little bit of nature in your drink when you are in the wilderness but that is what you are doing about it.

Maisie Kramer - 27/03/2021
I like the idea, but the functionality is terrible (1/5)

There is no point in wasting time with this it sounds great in theory but it doesn't The top will eventually come off but only after the can has been mutilated to the point that just pouring it into a glass is the best move.

Madilyn Walls - 18/04/2021
Your money is too valuable to waste (1/5)

There is no point in wasting your money on any of these items. We had friends over last night to see if we could get it done without crushing the van or saving the top. Not only does it not cut the top, it also crushes the can, making a mess at the same time. There was no one who I have money around my waist.

Melvin LORD - 27/01/2021
It is perfection (5/5)

The target market for 100% of my products is me. My sense of humor is easy to maintain and I enjoy this aspect of it immensely. Whenever I have a party, it's my go-to bottle for cheap beer, celtzers, and decent beers. As well as bartenders, it has been well received. As of now, I have 4 pats when I leave my house A cellphone, wallet, keys, and an The purchase of the book was on the fence for me, and I'm glad I made the decision to purchase it. Thank you! 'MERIKUH!.

Malakai Schwartz - 28/02/2021
The purchase of this made me feel embarrassed! When I make a purchasing decision I normally go through as many reviews as possible, both good and bad (1/5)

The negative ratings are right on target this time. You have to do a lot of work to use it. It is unbearable how much pressure there is to turn it around. Rotate 90 degrees Not at all. As you turn and turn, you seem to never stop. There is a thin and cheap feeling to it. The drink is bound to spill at some point. The pros are that it might be worth it if you go camping or drink beer out of a can or have parties a lot. You will become better at turning it as you use it more. The use of canned drinks and beer at the campsite means fewer cups and a less clean environment Additionally, the foam will be eliminated, which is an advantage.

Nataly Bonner - 28/06/2021
It works well for what it does, beer tastes better as a result (5/5)

It is great, it works perfectly - I love it The design is not overly complicated. Foaming is reduced in the beer, and I think it tastes better. Sharp edges are not present. There is only one complaint I have, which is that once you cut into the can, it loses its pressurization, making it difficult to hold the can and slice the top of it. In light of this, I don't see any way around it. The only thing that takes a little while is getting used to it. I see a major complaint from other reviews which is that the top does not snap in place. In my opinion, you are going to be touching the top of the can either way The top of every beer can needs to be wiped down if you're concerned about hygiene. If you wish, you may grab the top of the boat and grab it out.

Hudson Frank - 06/03/2021
A great product, I find this item really useful for different kinds of drinks I make (5/5)

Is easy to use, works with both standard and slim cans, and is very simple to install. This item could still be improved by getting rid of the plastic part except for the cutting blades which makes the product a little hard to use since you may be afraid of breaking the item if you squeeze to hard on the handle, but the harder you squeeze the faster the blades will cut. The can may need to be twisted around 10 times to cut the top off if you squeeze it a little. When you squeeze medium, you may have to twist 5 times to get the desired result. You may be able to cut the top in as little as two turns if you squeeze hard.

Oakleigh Sherman - 02/04/2021