TGJOR Ice Sphere Makers Review

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  • Generously sized.
  • Easy to use, doesn't leak and fills quickly.
  • Durably made.
  • Ice melts slowly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can be difficult to remove the ice.

TGJOR Ice Sphere Makers Product Description

The ice cube tray from TGJOR can conjure up to six spheres of ice at once, which is perfect for entertaining, while also making it convenient to go out and have a drink. A mini funnel is included with each silicone mold for filling from the top of the mold. Flexible silicone trays snap together for easy assembly.

The upper tray has two tabs that make it easy to open the mold after it has been frozen. The unused ice cubes stay sealed in the mold so they will not absorb freezer odors. TGJOR’s trays can be stacked, so they take up a minimum amount of freezer room if you purchase more than one. Spheres of 2.5 inches are produced by each mold. It’s so much fun to use these trays! You can use them in your water bottle or whiskey, as they have a slow melting sphere shape! Your drink will not be watered down too quickly due to the slow melting shape. Additionally, the silicone molds are easy to fill, to release, and to clean.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • This product is bigger and easier to use - it can be obtained in less time for a total of six large ice balls of You will love their look in a glass size of 5 inches. In addition to being stable while full of water, the hard plastic tray makes it easy to move and consume it. An ice tray with smaller water inlets and unique gaskets ensures that your ice ball forms perfectly round and does not leak.
  • Easy Release and Fill - A mini funnel makes filling easier without leaking. The ice trays made of silicone do not crack or break after freezing like rigid plastic trays. A soft silicone cap allows for easy release, and a quick-release buckle makes it so six large ice balls can be obtained easily.
  • TGJOR silicone ice cube trays are made from the highest quality material, so you can rest assured you can use them without any worries. The product can be put in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. Ice will not taste strange after using this product. These ice sphere trays from TGJOR are stackable and don't take up too much space.
  • A sphere of ice will melt in the slot when you place it in it. These trays are perfect for summer treats such as whiskey drinks, cocktails, wine, fruit juice, iced coffee, popsicles, pudding, and more. You can keep your drink cold for hours with large slow-melting ice spheres. Drinks can be chilled in no time with this great device.
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Selected User Reviews For TGJOR Ice Sphere Makers

The ball is in my court

When I saw the LG refrigerator that made ice balls, my wife and I commented that we would want to be ballers as well. As a result, we ordered them. There are two funnels and six balls are made with this set. They are about the size of a golf ball. Water in a half cup. The filling process is easy and the finished product is.

Freyja Hogan - 14/06/2021
I love how convenient and easy it is to use

It's so much fun to use these trays! It's so cool to see a slow melting sphere! You can find these spheres in my water bottle and in my whiskey glass! I don't need to worry about my whiskey dripping down too fast because the slow melting shape keeps it from melting too fast. My favorite thing about the silicone molds is how easy they are to fill, release, Even two small funnels are included in the box for easy filling, but the holes in the boxes are large enough to work with instead, so they weren't necessary. The ice cube trays I use now are the only ones I will use! I got rid of my old traditional ice cube trays!.

Memphis Black - 14/04/2021
The size of these is enormous

This is one of my favorite products. I experimented with making ice balls from start to finish before freezing, but when i finally got the hang of it, i now make them all the time, and it's easy to fit them in my coffee cup so i can use one sphere each As a host, I am in love with these and I am delighted to see how my guests find them fun and unique. As long as you don't let them overpower children, they are great for kids since they won't choke on them. However, parents shouldn't let toddlers play with them since they are dense and can cause injuries if they're The product is ten out of ten and I would purchase.

Waylon Bender - 11/07/2021
This product is made in such a great way

Using this was a breeze once I figured out how to do it. I love this ice ball mold so much more than the last one. A smoother ball is produced. My soda stays cold for half a day (I sip all day long). The instructions should have been included, as I would have rated it 5 stars. The instructions were not sent to some other reviewers as well. It is possible that I will There's just something about this set that I like so much more than my previous She's picky! *br>*br>What a picky.

Brycen Warner - 14/06/2021
Although not perfect, it is a lot of fun to use It was not perfectly round with the first batch because it started leaking and could not add water to the top

They were definitely difficult to remove. Had to run a warm water bath in order for them to loosen. There will be a need to try again to get a better seal and to make these parts more round and without.

Mara WHITEHOUSE - 07/05/2021
Perfect for drinks! Makes perfect ice balls! Making ice balls this way is easy, and they are perfect

So glad I took time to write this review after being surprised at how well it works. The top is silicone, and it seals well. No real need for the (2) funnels enclosed your only need is to run water slowly into the top hoie from the When a pandemic strikes, one might be able to adjust the method to achieve completely smooth/clear ice if so inclined and have too much time on their hands. As an alternative, you can simply put water in and place in the freezer, and the water will be ready in the normal freeze time.

Dominic John - 29/01/2021
I'm really impressed with the molds

They come in different sizes, and I use as many as I want I use the coffee in these molds and then put the coffee "ball" in my iced coffees, which keep the coffee cold for a long time and contain no water like ice. You will have to maneuver a little to fill them at first. I wish the funnels were bigger at first. However, they do get easier after a while.

Paris Daniels - 05/05/2021
The trays are a little awkward at first to know how full to fill them, but after getting used to it, it is great! It's going to be a bit of a mess the first few times you try this

As soon as that happened, I started using the product continuously. I kept filling them up and placing them into an ice maker of another These do not melt fast at all and keep my drinks cool all day long. In this year's holiday gifts I'm going to give some.

Messiah Atkinson - 15/03/2021