Tezzorio Steel Double Jiggers Review

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Easy to clean 4.8 
Accuracy 4.5 
Easy to read 4.5 
  • Practical and durable.
  • Rust-proof and easy to clean.
  • Comes in various sizes for precise measurements.
  • Feels too lightweight.

Tezzorio Steel Double Jiggers Product Description

Stainless steel is used in making the Tezzorio double jiggers, which are proven not to rust or leak. Furthermore, the paper comes in a variety of colors so that the various sizes of the jiggers can be differentiated. For those who are looking for a jigger that will allow them to measure with confidence, this is the perfect option. Having any cocktail left in your jigger that compromises the next ingredient is not a concern. Since they have etched markings, each of these jiggers is worth the cost.

  • Quality - Our jigger is not only made from high quality materials, but is also designed to last every time that it is used. This stainless steel bar ware is equipped with different shades of color to mark the capacity of each serving. With a lifetime warranty against rust or leaks, it will remain on your bar for many years to come.
  • IMMENSLY VERSATILE - The perfect bar kit to make a wide variety of drinks, including Margaritas, Cosmopolitans, Long Island Iced Teas, and Apple Martinis.
  • A GREAT VALUE - The Jigger Set of 3 is made of stainless steel 18/8 grade and is great value. Highest quality with a 2 oz. & 1 oz. One ounce, three quarters of an ounce, and two half ounces. Each ounce is divided into 1/2 and 1 ounces. It has capacity.
  • It is simple to use and easy to clean, making it suitable for both bartenders who are just starting out as well as seasoned professionals. Take advantage of this time and experiment with a variety of spirits like Martini, Gin, Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, Cognac, Port, Sake Tequila, Rum, Vodka, and Liqueurs like you have never done.
  • The perfect way to impress our friends - Are you thinking of making tasty cocktails to impress your friends? If so, then this bartender tool is right for you. By using this tool, you'll be able to make even the most complex drinks in a timely manner without making a mess or measuring ingredients incorrectly. This set is the one you must own if you want to amaze your friends with the cocktails you make.

Questions & Answers

They're listed as stainless steel, so imagine they will work in the upper rack or third level rack.

Selected User Reviews For Tezzorio Steel Double Jiggers

There is an apparent error in measuring (3/5)

There is not a lot of difference between these and the higher-end ones. There is a fill line that goes to the very top of the box, which I dislike. As another issue, you do have to fill these cups to the point of surface tension to get the correct amount as opposed to two different glass measuring cups. This, as you can imagine, makes it hard to move from the counter to the glass without spilling anything. It would have taken care of the problem if the measurement line had been below the lip. It would make more sense for me to spend a little extra and buy Despite the low price, I am still in love with it.

Zain Leblanc - 02/01/2021
I'm having a lot of fun (5/5)

In addition to being a bartender, I'm a bit of a chef. This is a good quality product that can take on the job at hand.

Rachel Horton - 21/01/2021
This set of three double measures covers virtually all of the most likely combinations of measurements possible for an aspiring mixologist (5/5)

Mixing drinks with just a single 4oz measuring glass is a big improvement from making them with just four ounces. There is a high level of quality in the materials and manufacture. The purchase I made is very satisfactory to me.

Creed Holt - 28/01/2021
Mixologist professionals and wannabes alike will love this set (5/5)

I appreciate the well-crafted design, the nicely balanced balance, and the ease of cleaning. Your favorite cocktail can be mixed up easily due to the different sizes. It would be possible to use a fine point permanent marker to fix the imprinted labeling which is difficult to see. Do not hesitate to add these tools to your barware arsenal.

Corey Hays - 08/04/2021
I found this to be very useful These were on a whim and could not be more perfect (4/5)

If your style of cocktail making entails mixing drinks, a jigger set like this is a great tool With a jigger, measuring is a lot quicker and easier than with There's just one thing I'd like would be a little more weight to these. The table and chairs are reasonably constructed, and I expect they will probably last for quite a while. But I think they would feel better in the hand if they were heavier.

Shepard FIELD - 03/06/2021
This is a really cheap material (1/5)

My search for a set of jiggers with different measurements amounts turned up only this set. Despite this, the materials used to make them are so cheap. When it comes to my jiggers, I like them to have some weight They're so light, I could almost crush them in my hand. If you're looking for something cheap - these are the best. These are available for sale (or I have them for sale).

Brittany Lucas - 04/02/2021
The product does the job, but at a high cost (3/5)

In terms of size marking, the size is too small and I think they could be a bit heavier for the price. Furthermore, as another reviewer pointed out, it would be nice if the measurement did not have to be at the very top for the accuracy to be accurate.

Murphy Dodson - 05/06/2021
It is necessary to have these for making drinks (5/5)

Priced at a reasonable level.

Valeria Wood - 06/02/2021