TenTen Labs Wine Pourer Review

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  • Versatile in that it pours wine easily and also aerates.
  • Elegant device and perfect for gifts.
  • It's made of high quality material.
  • It's a compact design.
  • Requires care when handling.

TenTen Labs Wine Pourer Product Description

TenTen has designed this pourer with an aeration chamber to allow more oxygen to come into contact with the wine as it travels through. Whether you pour by the glass or transfer the bottle to a decanter, you will be able to speed up the aeration process this way. With a rubber section that fits snugly into most wine bottles, and a heavy plastic spout with a lip that minimizes drips, this wine goblet is the perfect gift for any wine lover.

  • Make sure you enter the correct model number when entering your information.
  • Adding Flavor to Your $ 8 Wines This is the perfect aerator for Sub- $ 10 wines at the price of a $ 20 one. When you pour yourself a glass of red or white wine, you can enjoy the differences in flavor that instantly double the value of the wine.
  • With the Buy 1, Get 1 Free promotion, each aerator comes with an extra aerator to wear when out for parties or as a gift.
  • This air infusion wine glass features a small air chamber that infuses air into wine. Made of durable plastic with a rubber cap, this glass is easy to clean and ready for immediate use. If you wish to pour from your favorite bottle into a glass, tumbler, or pitcher.
  • The surface can be easily cleaned by running a hot water stream over it. Taking you anywhere you need to go.
  • With our 100% money back guarantee, you can make a purchase with confidence. Bringing us to our senses will rectify the situation.

Selected User Reviews For TenTen Labs Wine Pourer

I noticed a difference in taste - it is a great product

The reason I bought these is that I consume a lot of red wine. Although I am not a wine specialist, I have a good sense for what I like and I buy very good wine at modest This is what I received, and I am very pleased with it. It is a good item at a fair price and very sturdy. To check if I could detect a difference, I did a taste test. A few sips of wine from the bottle, then let it sit for a bit As soon as the wine was poured through the aerator, I began to enjoy it. There is an IMMENSE difference. Even my untrained palate is able to distinguish it. We are tasting a fresher, smoother, less harsh, and more flavorful wine today! Drinking reds without them is no longer an option for me. Then I attach the aerator to the bottle and pour the wine back into it if I forgot to do so. Can you think of anything else that would be nice? It looks like there are no drops of wine coming down the aerator. I won't have to worry about dripping onto a tablecloth or a shirt since the lip of the aerator prevents it from happening. Great item, I intend to buy more as gifts.

Kaylani Haas - 22/06/2021
This is the opinion of a professional It's awesome to have such a wine aerator

In my work as a wine presenter for some wineries, I don't always have time to allow a bottle of wine to breathe properly before I start. A great deal of flavor is added to the food and makes a big difference. There was a significant increase in my sales. It is a great price as well!.

Maren DICKINSON - 21/07/2021
I'm fine with it Well, not really

Scroll down to read the update. It works fine, but the spout is a bit larger than I thought it would be. The 12 Sept 2018 update is as follows There is a perforated stainless steel disk in the aerator which has fallen out just after a few months of use. When I tried to place it back in, it kept falling out since there was nothing to hold it in. My attention was caught one day last week by the fact that it was missing. The drain trap under my kitchen sink is most likely to be clogged. Don't do it!.

Hunter Edwards - 28/03/2021
You will need an aerator when aerating wine

A number of different brands and types of aerators have been used. This aerator is very easy to operate and to clean. I like that it is both simple to use and to maintain. There are other types that are hard to clean and leak a little bit when you pour, or are hard to clean. Unlike the previous model, this one is easy to clean and has no leaks. Despite the fact that the rain falls so slowly, I mean painfully slowly, it is still the biggest concern. Aerator isn't bad, and has some pros over others I have used, but it is just really really slow compared to others I have used.

Eli Chang - 10/05/2021
The item you just bought will definitely be a great purchase for you, if you enjoy red wine

Suppose you enjoy red wine, but do not have the funds to buy $50 worth. These Aerators are suitable for bottles with up to 00 + bottles It's time for you to get the Pourer. The number +/- is 000 One) bottle of red wine. The items in this pack were so reasonably priced that I decided to buy them for when I bring wine to other people's This is the Aerator that we took a picture of Earlier in the evening, our group of friends brought a bottle of Malbec to the party. I found the Aerator to be extremely useful for enhancing the taste of a medium priced bottle of Malbec. My hostess, who only drinks white wine, became an instant convert to red wine once she used the She left the Aerator with me, but I still have a spare in case I bring wine to a gathering again. I highly recommend it.

Kyler Colon - 11/05/2021
There's garbage everywhere

There is no use for these things. Due to their light usage, one of these will surely break in a month or two. Fortunately, the two pack comes with two. The quality of the product is low. Upon delivery, the first set I ordered had both been cracked with pieces of plastic still attached to It was not worth returning again since there were small chips in this second set. However, the metal portion in one of them tore after about 5 uses, and the rubber stopper in another one cracked.

Vincent Blackwell - 06/03/2021
It allows you to aerate your wine without having to use There's just no way around it - these little critters are awesome

These were bought to add a little extra-fluff to the wine I served at my wedding, and they did it quite well. It is astounding (for me) to taste the difference between drinking straight from a glass and using one of these aerators. You can notice the crispness and lightness of the wine after aerating it, and these are excellent examples. In the future, I will purchase more to give away.

Cooper Reese - 24/03/2021
I love it! The Willamette Valley wine country in Oregon is just a short distance away from where we live

We noticed a wine pourer that had an aerator integrated right into it at a couple of tasting rooms. A Rabbit Aerator has been providing water to our pastures for the last four years It's been nice for 5 years, but it takes up space on the counter or cabinet. I can keep this pourer in my kitchen gadget drawer because it is all-in-one. The messes I make are easily cleaned up. A great way to aerate wine, by the way! My recommendation is to check this out.

Lauryn Mahoney - 01/05/2021