TenTen Labs Wine Aerator Review

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Giftable 5.0 
Leak proof 5.0 
Easy to clean 4.7 
Easy to use 4.7 
Durability 4.6 
Flavor 4.5 
  • Easy to clean.
  • Elegan.
  • Consistency when pouring.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Compact design and easy to store.
  • Pours very slowly.

TenTen Labs Wine Aerator Product Description

Getting a wine bottle aerator, uncorking a bottle of wine, and pouring a glass of wine out of it. Despite the sound being unpleasant, it is pleasant to hear. Pouring stops so that you can listen more carefully. After the sound disappears, the song ends. Oh, you think, let’s not talk about it. There it is! You pour once more. The TenTen Labs Wine Aerator is the perfect addition to your bar equipment. While you pour, you’ll become a legend and you may not notice it, but it’s consistent.

You’ll soon discover, think it’s painfully cute, and retain it in your memory. Let’s not forget that this TenTen Labs Wine Aerator does exactly what it’s supposed to. Its steady flow and dripless pour makes it great for your home or office. You can have your way through your entire wine collection with it, as it fits all standard wine bottles.

  • This wine stopper pourer is ideal for under $20 wines because it aerates the wine to the perfect degree. Pour yourself a glass of red or white wine and taste the aromas and nuances right away. Double the value of your wine instantly!
  • OPTIMAL oxygen intake is achieved with an elegant design A small air chamber infuses air into wine using the Bernoulli effect. With a durable plastic nozzle with silicon cap, it is easily washable and ready for immediate use. With this rubber stopper, all your favorite wines are sealed tight so they won't leak. The tapered spout of this wine glass prevents wine from spilling onto your tablecloth.
  • TenTen Labs is the only original and original product in the world Discover why over 100k users worldwide love the TenTen Labs TenTen Labs' seal of approval has an advantage over generic versions of our aerator, as no generic copy can compete with its quality and functionality.

Questions & Answers

In one box, you will find two aerators.
BPA is an acronym for Broad-based Public Administration.
The bottle can only be used as a stopper if it will be finished within a couple of days. In the long run, it won't be a good stopper if you try to save it for more than three days.
Several holes are present in the metal piece. While I'm not sure whether you should consider it a strainer, it is extremely affordable and works very well.

Selected User Reviews For TenTen Labs Wine Aerator

There is a noticeable difference in taste- a These are the ones I bought because I am a regular red wine drinker (5/5)

It is not my specialty to select wine, but I know what I like and I buy excellent wine at a very reasonable price. Despite the fact that I am very pleased with them, I have yet to receive these books. A nice piece at a fair price and a sturdy one. In order to determine if I could notice a difference in taste, I did a taste test. Having sipped some wine from the bottle, I let it sit for a few moments so that it can "breathe" I poured a few sips of wine through the aerator and sipped it right away. Even to a palate untrained in fine dining, there is a noticeable difference. I liked it more after it tasted fresher, smoother, less harsh, and decided to keep it! Since I started using these, I don't drink red wine without them As I have already said, I pour the wine back into the bottle and attach the aerator if I forget. Besides the nice feature, what else do you like? As you can see, there are no drops of wine coming down the aerator. This item prevents dripping onto a tablecloth or shirt since it has a lip on the top that prevents this. I plan on getting more for my friends!.

Oakley Shaffer - 02/04/2021
This is a quote from a professional I am in love with these wine aerators! When I do wine demonstrations for different wineries, I don't always have time to let a bottle of wine breath properly before it is time to start the tasting session (5/5)

The flavors are enhanced greatly so it makes a world of difference. It has been a great year for my sales numbers. The price is too good to be true!.

Zain SHARPE - 27/03/2021
There's nothing to worry about Actually, not really (2/5)

See below for an update. I really like the way the water flows but am a bit surprised by the volume of the spout. The following is an update as of 12 September 2018 In just a few months, the perforated stainless steel disk was found to have lost its connection. The package kept falling from the slot, so I put it back in but there was nothing to keep it from falling out again. All was well for a couple of weeks, until last week I realized it had disappeared. Under my kitchen sink, most likely in the drain trap. Do not enter!.

Bethany Juarez - 31/03/2021
It is a device used to aerate wine (3/5)

Many brands and types of aerators have been used at our facility. It is easy to use and to clean this aerator, and I like it because it is simple to use. You may spill a little when you pour with other kinds, since they're hard to clean or have leaks somewhere. This one is easy to clean, and has no leaks at all. There is one main problem, however, and that is that it soaks so slowly, I mean painfully slowly. terrible, and I have found that it has a lot of pros in comparison to other ones, but it is extremely.

Presley Russell - 10/03/2021
You will be glad you bought this item if you're a fan of red wine (5/5)

It is also a good choice if you are unable to commit to This Aerator is suitable for bottles up to 2000 It is for you to use the Pourer. The value of this sentence is $1,00 plus/minus A 2) bottle of red wine. Due to its reasonable price, I decided to buy that pack item for when I deliver wine to other people's As one of the Aerators, I took it with me Yesterday, I brought glasses of Malbec and a bottle of pourers to a party. My hostess, who had only ever drunk white wine, instantly became a red wine convert after using the Aerator, which greatly enhanced the taste of a medium priced bottle of Malbec. She left the Aerator with me, so I will have a spare when I take wine to a party next time. I highly recommend this book.

Hunter Shaw - 25/07/2021
This is garbage (1/5)

I consider these things to be complete trash. It is a good thing they come in a two pack since one will surely break after a month or two of light usage. This is a very cheaply made product. Two of the initial sets that I ordered were cracked, the packaging was filled with pieces of plastic. The second set had small chips, so it did not need to be returned again, but the metal piece in the center of one fell out after about 5 uses, and the rubber stopper on the second set cracked.

Lauren Miles - 17/07/2021
The device aerates the wine without the use of There's no denying that these little dudes are worth their weight in gold (5/5)

My wife and I purchased the item to fluff the wine that we served at our wedding. It more than did the (For me) using one of these aerators makes a world of difference between just pouring a glass and using just a regular one. This method of aerating your wine delivers a smooth, crisp taste that makes a significant difference, and these did an excellent job of it. It will be my pleasure to gift more of these.

Averi Walter - 15/07/2021
Thanks! It works like a charm! The Willamette Valley wine country in Oregon was just visited recently by my husband and me (5/5)

One tasting room had a wine pourer that was built with an aerator built right into it. The Rabbit Aerator has been a part of our operation for the past four years. I had it for five years, and although I loved it, it takes up a lot of room on the counter or cabinet. Pourer that is all in one and fits in a drawer in my kitchen. My home is easy to keep clean. BTW, the wine gets aerated pretty well using this device! You should definitely check it out.

Emerson Werner - 21/03/2021