Tecktoo Champagne Flute Plastic Mimosa Champagne Flutes Review

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  • Provides great stability.
  • Classy design.
  • Lacks durability.

Tecktoo Champagne Flute Plastic Mimosa Champagne Flutes Product Description

With an 18pcs Tecktoo Plastic Glitter Flute, the cup holder and the body of the cup are closely matched, and there is no need to worry about them coming apart. The weight is 5 ounces. Its durability and flexibility are due to its 0.7MM thickness. You Can Add Style to Any Event Without The Mess of Glass Shards.

  • This disposable Champagne flute comes with 18 pieces of plastic flute, the holder and the cup body are closely fitting, and it is easy for you.
  • This product has a 5 ounce capacity. The 7MM thickness, durability and flexibility make this product a good choice. You can add a touch of class to any event without the worry of glass shards.
  • The products are very easy to clean, reusable, disposable, and hand washable.
  • Please note The dishwashing machine or microwave oven are not suitably suited for boiling pots of liquid. BPA is not present in these cups.

Selected User Reviews For Tecktoo Champagne Flute Plastic Mimosa Champagne Flutes

I love it (3/5)

There are some flutes broken in my possession.

Reed Terrell - 21/03/2021