Tebery Black Spill Mat Review

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Score By Feature Based on 26 ratings

Sturdiness 4.8 
Durability 4.8 
Value for money 4.7 
Easy to clean 4.6 
  • Non toxic material
  • Durable and sturdy built
  • More expensive than other choices
  • Hard to clean at times

Tebery Black Spill Mat Product Description

Bar mats like this one from Tebery are made of Non-toxic durable rubber, so they are safe for everyday use. It has rubberized non-slip material that helps to prevent glass damage and spills. As part of the package, a 2 pairs of bar mats is included.

  • An edge-mounted bar service mat is designed to be located at the bar edge the patent is pending & the copyright is protected.
  • It is made from durable, non-toxic
  • A non-slip rubber grip prevents spills from reaching your glasses and damaging them.
  • The black color is a nice complement to any decor ( 2 pack).
  • 17-3/4 inches by 11-4/5 inches in size.

Questions & Answers

Thank you very much. It's easy to roll and stay rolled with the mats, but they may not be large enough to roll completely by themselves. It fitted perfectly in the service area of my restaurant and was of great quality
A mat with no indication of origin does not exist.
The size of my wallet is 12"
An inch and a quarter

Selected User Reviews For Tebery Black Spill Mat

We love our Keurig under the counter! I moved in to a new place with tile counters (UGH) and a Keurig that spills everywhere (5/5)

These are perfect. Our mats arrived after a couple weeks of wiping up coffee drops on our carpet. It is wonderful that they tuck the drips away and provide a seamless finish It is the perfect size for under the Keurig and for our mugs. It has a non-skid surface.

Kyle Briggs - 19/02/2021
These mats are enormous, ugly, floppy, and of low quality (1/5)

For a few years, I was a server/bartender, so I had to deal with a lot There is no packaging when they ship it, just a flimsy plastic bag, so you can expect the mats to be damaged. The second issue is that these mats are made from very soft, low quality The result is that they won't last and that they can easily be deformed. Do not even think of hand washing these or it will probably come out looking like a piece It would be better to choose something with a more rigid rubber if you plan to use these frequently. These low-quality mats were not meant for frequent use and are extremely low in quality.

Paityn Quinn - 20/07/2021
In the bar, the look is not elegant but it does its job (2/5)

The shape does not keep its shape, neither is it neat looking. You may be able to use it under a coffee maker or something similar. Although it serves the purpose of a bar mat, it doesn't have much appeal when placed on a bar stool. I'll keep it for a few days to see if it flatters up, and then I'll return it.

Morgan HODGSON - 05/02/2021
The Litter Box Is Not The Only Place To Think (5/5)

The mats I bought were intended for use as litter mats. They do a great job at catching Due to their size [12 x 18], they can be configured in a variety of ways. No matter how wild a cat's hair is, the mats will not slide around on the floor. Plus, they are relatively cheap in comparison to similar items sold/made for the same All five of my fur children have approved so far!.

Quinn Weber - 10/04/2021
I like this product very much (5/5)

I got these mats for my cat to use as litter box mats, since he keeps bringing litter from the litter box to the floor all the time. Okay, this might not be why most people buy these mats, but I bought them for that purpose. These litter box mats do the job reasonably well at a quarter of the cost of fancy The litter is kept contained by them as they are sturdy and stay in place.

Martin Travis - 24/01/2021
I find that it fits my needs perfectly (5/5)

To stop scratches on my stainless steel sink, I use a mat under my dish rack to drain excess water after washing and on my sink to place dishes so they do not scratch it. It is an excellent product at an affordable price. I am happy with it. I find that it fits my needs perfectly.

Emily Roberson - 01/04/2021
I think those mats leak water, though they seem thick? It was nice to find mats with this much strength and are a perfect match for my sink configuration (4/5)

In spite of this, whenever I clean a mat I usually have trouble No matter how dirty or even if it's dry from top to bottom, it's still too dirty to use. There is a lot of water underneath the mat when I lift it up. It looks as if there is perhaps a micro fracture or some sort of damage here. Due to the fact that both mats do this, I believe it's an issue with the design of the mat, not a defect in the manufacturer. The mats are also very difficult to maintain. would like to see the company include a brush made specifically for cleaning these mats with this product.

Daisy Frank - 19/03/2021
Local bars sell these at a reasonable price at our local watering hole (5/5)

Commercial quality at an affordable price. Cleaning glasswear and allowing it to drain after washing is made possible with these devices. The foam mats we use for our kitchen have been around for a while. The problem with wall hangings is that they look pretty, but they become stained, dirty, and moldy if not cleaned often. As a result, we decided to get some bar mats, following the lead of a nearby bar. The nubs are thick, rimmed, and rounded. They are commercial They pay half as much as they should. Viruses and mold are not present. Dispose of the utensils, glasses, and plates that have been wet. This is black rubber for utilitarian purposes. There is no way they match the kitchen decor (in fact, they do, we just installed a black sink, but didn't match. It is a function, not decoration, that you want if you are sacrificing countertop space. What are the reasons that bars and restaurants use them? They work due to the fact they work. Don't let it pass you by. There is a spare so when one is being cleaned the spare is on call. All year round. It will save your sink a lot of time and energy. It's better that you have a spouse to support you, which is much.

Hadlee Nash - 28/03/2021