TaZa Unbreakable Plastic Wine Glasses stemless Review

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Easy to hold 4.6 
Durability 4.6 
Easy to clean 4.5 
Versatility 4.5 
Giftable 4.3 
Sturdiness 4.3 
  • Multi-purpose glass.
  • Built up of USA Tritan plastic.
  • Seams are visible.

TaZa Unbreakable Plastic Wine Glasses stemless Product Description

stemless wine glass by TaZa is one of the best stemless wine glasses in terms of durability and aesthetics. The plastic versions are still as sparkly and beautiful as usual despite being made of plastic. Using these stemless wine glasses in a patio, pool or yard is perfect for use on a regular basis outdoors. Despite the fact that they are shatterproof, it is likely that the glass will bounce back without breaking if your hands slip. In addition, the glassware is made from Tritan plastic, free of BPA and phthalates. For those who are not convinced that it’s worth it to invest in plastic wine glasses, you may want to look at other glass types. Whether you have children at home or you simply want the best quality stemless wine glasses, TaZa Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses are the best choice. Also, if you tend to be clumsy, these will be a must-have.

  • You should enjoy the moment no matter where you are - at the beach, at the pool, or wherever you want to avoid With these unbreakable wine glasses, you don't have to worry about them breaking when dropped. They're also portable and reusable, so you can take the party wherever you are! No matter what you enjoy - camping, sailing, or just chilling on the patio - these durable shatterproof stemless wine glasses will not let you down.
  • This practical and elegant set of plastic stemless wine glasses will make your party the talk of the neighborhood impress guests at your next gathering with plastic stemless wine glasses that are both stylish and crystal clear. Plastic stemless wine glasses are often referred to as plastic wine glasses, but they could be used for pretty much anything from juice to red wine to white wine to rosé to whiskey to just plain When the party is over, clean up is quick and simple with the plastic stemless wine glass in the dishwasher.
  • The only BPA-free stemless wine glasses on the market are made from Tritan plastic, which is better and more dense than some cheap plastics or acrylic stemless wine glasses that may contain harmful substances. You will only be able to taste your red wine from TaZa Tritan plastic unbreakable wine glasses, since they are BPA- and EA-free.
  • These plastic wine glasses aren't just for tipping adults they serve as a great glassware choice for families with pets and kids. They'll love the smoothies you serve them in this glass, and you won't have to worry about broken glasses.
  • The plastic wine tumbler can be used for any beverage you want be it beer, coffee, lemonade, white wine, or even dessert! Plus, they are tough enough to be used by the pool, while camping, or even on a road trip -

Questions & Answers

There is a Glasses can be washed in the dishwasher if they are placed on the top rack and preferably not covered with a sponge There is a temperature fluctuation during the hot cycle of the dishwasher (due to the temperatures fluctuating). Even real glass has occasionally been known to etch when some dishwashers, dependent on the type of detergent and the hardness of the water, are To keep your sparkly clothes sparkling, It's essential to wash these glasses every once in awhile, since they shouldn't shatter! Although, we only manufacture with Tritan plastic, which is safe to use.
you'll notice a slight seam if you hold the glass up to the light. The glasses look perfectly smooth sitting on a table and holding them in your hand. Due to the shape of the glass and the way it is made, this is the case. In manufacturing, we cannot avoid this slight seam as the glass is wider at the top than it is at the bottom. Whenever the top of a plastic glass is narrower than the bottom, a seam will appear (some more heavily all of our glasses are quality inspected in order to make sure they are aligned in the best way possible, ensuring as SEAMLESS OF A SEAM as possible in order to keep the glass in excellent condition.
These glasses can be used with hot liquids up to 99 degrees Celsius (210 degrees Fahrenheit).
It is not possible As you can see, these glasses are not stackable.

Selected User Reviews For TaZa Unbreakable Plastic Wine Glasses stemless

It is not practical skin can easily be damaged by hand lotion and sun screen (1/5)

I found these things to be very interesting. In fact, they are not. Our sunglasses came in handy while we were out in the Our glasses were stained by the remnants of sunscreen left on our hands. That's not a biggie, is it? It's not right. Depending on how the sunscreen reacts with the plastic or vice versa, it leaves a film on the glass that will not be removed unless you scratch it with a fingernail If it were supposed to rub off, one would think that it would. In the same way, lotions for hands have also been recalled. My opinion is that it is not worth it. If you want your glasses to stay looking good right out of the box, these are not the glasses for you.

Augustus Chung - 03/07/2021
This is best for picnics in the open air (4/5)

An equivalent replacement for glass is not available. There's something about these that appeals to me Drinks can remain colder for longer with them as they are more insulating than glass. Perfect for casual outdoor use or for use on a hot day. I was concerned about the thinness of the plastic Almost as thin as good glass It's like a piece of plastic that feels like you're holding it, but it's sturdy. I find that because plastic insulates better than glass, and also because the mouth of the jar is narrower than a glass jar of comparable size, these tend to spot and not dry as well in my dishwasher. There is no problem, it was just an observation. They dry just fine in the air after I give them a shake after emptying the dishwasher. These are definitely not equivelent to good quality glass or crystal. They are definitely not comparable to the feel of them in your hand. As long as the intention is not to provide that, there is no.

Judith Good - 19/06/2021
I recommend this book for its intended purpose, but it is not "weighted (4/5)

" The TaZa Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses have been an essential component of my boat and camping gear for years. The plastic is thin and sturdy, so they look elegant and are not bulky to hold. They're comfortable to hold and a useful size - not too big for a glass of wine or a healthy portion of juice for breakfast. In addition to being polished on the outside, the drink rims feel good when you hold them. Unlike the outside edge of the rim, the inside edge is not polished as much - it doesn't have burrs, but it is not soft either but it is comfortable to drink out of. Despite being advertised as "weighted," which I thought would be a plus when using them on the boat, my only beef with the online description is that they are not listed as being "seaworthy. " It seems they would be more stable if they were placed on a table or a seat while gently rocking The bottoms of their cups aren't heavy in any way, and while they are comfortable on steady surfaces just like any other plastic cup, they do not have any extra thickening at the base (like a glass cup does) to provide a firm base. A heavy load. This is why I don't know what is meant by that claim. Compared to the plastic stemware I was using, these are inherently more stable because there is no stem on them The same would be true if the stemless glasses were made from plastic. As for the weighted bases, I wouldn't buy them again because of the price, but only because of the price. As far as I'm concerned, they are just serviceable, good-looking devices Wine glasses made of plastic that look good. You can probably get the same results with other options.

Maddox Hendrix - 08/03/2021
We bought Stemless & Unbreakable because we didn't want it to break (5/5)

As soon as we found the two things we were after, we checked them off. As they would be used outdoors, they were required to be unbreakable and stemless since we often experience very windy conditions. Furthermore, they have the added advantage of being somewhat weighted at the very base to help keep them stable, and they are made from plastic that is heavy enough for them to look good and to function well. I don't see anything cheap looking about this. Hopefully we'll get a lot of use out of them!.

Jamie Levine - 12/05/2021
What a wonderful pair of Because its light weight enables it to be easily moved, it's durable, and it's I was more than satisfied with these glasses in every way (5/5)

I knocked my drink off the counter the last time we used them, and we used them on our last trip out. It was an unfortunate accident that my wine spilled all over the floor of the camper, but thankfully the glass did not get damaged. When we go camping, we use these for wine, water, or cocktails. They are easily cleaned with soap and water. Each glass was wrapped in its own paper and placed in its own segmented box. The shipping was quick, and the packaging was fantastic. I will buy more of these if I can find more room in my camper to store them!.

Caden Shaffer - 09/02/2021
As a result, I feel a product that is different from those who have given positive reviews (1/5)

It feels like I am getting a brand new product versus the ones that are positive reviews. Having owned a variety of acrylic glassware, I've seen how the quality can vary wildly. In the hopes that these would be on the higher end of the spectrum, I was willing to pay more for these. This is not the case. You can feel the seam on the side of the glass because they are so cheaply made. There is a flat lip, rather than a rounded one found on better products. Sorry to hear that.

Shepherd Haas - 21/01/2021
The first few days have been great! The glasses were originally purchased for use outdoors and as kid glasses for daily usage, but I have ended up using them for so It would have been nice to have a heavier weight to the glasses, though the size is good (3/5)

My kids can fit easily into their hands with the light weight (it's perfect for little hands) and they are able to use the straw with ease. They came in handy for a beer and bbq dinner we had recently, and it made me feel more at ease knowing that I didn't have to worry about my guests breaking them. It has been mentioned in a few reviews that the rim is small and sharp, but I like the narrow rim and I didn't find the rim to be at all sharp. My preference is actually for a more narrow rim, which I appreciate. I am only concerned about the durability, which can only be determined in time. If I were to replace each one often, I would be able to at least replace the glasses for $8. So far they have been great glasses, and so far they have served well with cocktails, kids drinks, and snacks. I will follow up after they have been run through the dishwasher 100 times to see how they have held up.

Eden McCormick - 26/01/2021
Hot tubs, pools, and travel are great uses for this product! These glasses were purchased for a trip to Aruba I took with my husband (5/5)

Our trip was our first return from Two of the glasses are engraved with the word "Recap" using an engraver that I purchased on Amazon. The first night, I brought him a "Nightcap" and presented it to him. It was love at first sight! We always had them on hand As we headed back to our room, I poured a glass to one of our glasses. The plaques traveled well in both directions, had no problems with engraving, and were not made of thin material. I find that they scratch easily, but I do understand that The shiny surfaces do not exactly resemble glass, but they resemble it pretty closely. As of yet, I have not run them through the dishwasher So far, I have only washed by hand. My husband and I just bought a hot tub, and I'm happy to have some nice "glasses" instead of Solo cups so we can take a nice bath! I highly recommend these shoes without taking into account the scuff/scratch marks that are already present (which do not take away from the beautiful look of the shoes).

Kimberly Cruz - 01/05/2021