Taza Automatic Beer Bottle Opener Review

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Giftable 4.7 
Easy to use 4.6 
Value for money 4.5 
Durability 4.4 
  • Design wise.
  • Durable built.
  • Bottle cap can be stucked inside the opener.

Taza Automatic Beer Bottle Opener Product Description

The device needs to be positioned directly over the top of the bottle and squeezed. You can then pop the cap off without bending the bottle. It will make you happy to find out that this gadget keeps bottle caps in their original shape and is not prone to bending or marking. As the opener casing is made from aluminum and stainless steel, it is both elegant and durable, so it is one of the better options if you are looking for something that is low on maintenance.

  • PERFECT FOR GIFTS This automatic bottle opener will make a great gift for someone who loves beer, is an amateur bartender, an enthusiast of craft beer or who collects bottle caps. In addition to being a great stocking stuffer, the bottle top popper comes in a size small enough for a medium bottle!
  • There's no doubt this is the best bottle popper bottle opener you've ever seen First, it might look like a decapitator bottle opener from the future, but it's actually a spring loaded bottle opener that makes every bottle opening experience as exciting as it should be.
  • FASTEST TOOL TO OPEN BOTTLES WITH A PUSH-DOWN DESIGN, you can turn yourself into an automatic bartender in no time with this bottle opener.
  • AN AUTOMATIC BEER BOTTLE OPENER YOU CAN TRUST This automatic beer bottle opener is made from quality aluminum and stainless steel, so you can Pop The Top bottle after bottle without any hassle. Using a beer bottle or soda bottle on a table or hard surface will produce the best results.
  • The Pop the Top bottle opener consists of a plastic piece that is placed on top of the beer The top pops off easily with a downward push. This tool won't bend caps - an ideal tool for anyone who collects bottle caps.

Questions & Answers

In conclusion, yes, the device does not store them and no, it isn't easy to remove the caps therefore, I won't buy another one or recommend it to others.
A cork cannot be removed from a bottle of wine by this device.
Metal caps on various beverage bottles are the only ones that will work. Plastic water bottles will not work.

Selected User Reviews For Taza Automatic Beer Bottle Opener

It's a pretty cool thing (5/5)

This item was featured in one of the crazy Russian hacker videos, so I had to purchase There is a novelty factor to this, but it is actually useful. It was intended to be a present for my brother I kept it even though it was against the law.

Charleigh Coffey - 24/07/2021
An excellent footprint that is both reliable and compact! In a nutshell, A new cool product to add to your collection (5/5)

My conclusion is that it is smaller than expected, but I really appreciate it and it works well. There's a lot of flexibility with it. You probably could move it around if you had to!.

Kace Chapman - 11/04/2021

I cannot believe this thing exists. It is hands down one of his favorite gifts for fathers' day. I purchased it as one of the many gifts I gave to my husband. When I was a kid, my husband would open beer bottles with the edge of my coffee table, his teeth or anything else that would do. Powered by the press of your thumb, this little gadget opens the beer top for you when you push it down over the top. I am very pleased with this.

Marisol Salazar - 28/01/2021
Caps are damaged when they are washed in this way (2/5)

There was a claim that it would not damage not accurate. There appear to be two types of "auto bottle openers," and this one pops by mechanically prying off the cap, which leaves small dings on the top of the cap. It is also possible to remove the cap magnetically (not this one). It looks like I'm going to have to get one of those if I don't want to damage the caps. It is best to be cautious when purchasing.

Nola Brennan - 28/02/2021
Using bottle caps to collect is a great idea (4/5)

Mexican cokes, which come in glass bottles, require a new bottle opener since I drink more of them lately. As a matter of fact, I ordered it out of sheer whim. I can collect them without damaging the caps because it pops off the caps without damaging Moreover, I can smack the caps back on the bottle up to three times and the caps reseal, which is wonderful. Although it works most of the time, I need to push it down an extra time or two every now and then.

Rosalia HYDE - 25/03/2021
It is silver (5/5)

This is the kind of book that I read lots of reviews for and was on the fence about buying it. Thank you! I'm very happy with it. A stocking full of this will be waiting for my husband on Christmas morning. I hope we'll be able to have you on the boat soon. For what it is, I think it's a little pricey, but I tried it out a couple of times (had to-- Luckily, I gave it to him before it broke) and it worked like a charm! There are some people who say, "Why would you need this when you can just use a regular bottle opener?" It actually does make a little bit of sense, because we can, and because it's really.

Adriana Grimes - 25/02/2021
The program works great, provided the instructions are followed A pop-up window (4/5)

Here's the thing Opens any beer bottle with this bottle opener (stainless) If you center & center carefully, it works every time, according to the claims Then, place it directly on the cap and push down smoothly, as in the photo Respond promptly. The cap has a tendency to lodge inside the unit if it's simply dragged onto a bottle and pushed. There is a need to repeat the push or the cap will become stuck, but it's easily removed. There is almost no damage to the device, according to the "no damage" claim. There may be slight deformations on your caps. This is especially true when you have to remove them more than one time.

Amoura McDaniel - 22/07/2021
After the fourth, the machine broke (2/5)

A period of five months has passed. During the first 4 or 5 uses, this item was awesome. I was able to pop the cap off for the first 5 months, but it got more difficult from there. One of the metal parts inside has smashed through the plastic track and is now lodged in a crooked position, so the computer works not at all. If I had time, I would've returned for a replacement, but the window of time for doing so is past.

Ephraim Dean - 18/01/2021