Taylor D Bourbon Glasses Review

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Easy to hold 4.8 
Durability 4.8 
Giftable 4.7 
  • Great capacity.
  • Traditional in design.
  • Costlier.

Taylor D Bourbon Glasses Product Description

These spacious whiskey glasses are designed in a classic style and boast a generous capacity. As well as large ice spheres, ice cubes, and chilled stones, they are large enough to hold as many as 20 pounds of ice. People who are more concerned with function over design will find this is the best whiskey glass for them. Amazon customers love the weight of these bourbon glasses while also finding them easy to hold. Another buyer also appreciated that the glasses had enough dimensions to accommodate his overly large ice cubes; however, if they could stack, that would have been ideal.

  • ADVANTAGEOUS PERFORMANCE IS OUR GUARANTEE! We make whiskey glasses made in the USA, which are made from high quality glass. It can be used to hold Scotch or Bourbon. There are no lead or other heavy metals in Taylor'd Milestones bar glasses, they are dishwasher safe, resistant to breakage, chipping, and Thanks a lot!
  • This is exactly what you need! Set of 4 crystal clear whiskey glasses that you can use for whisky, scotch, bourbon, vodka and almost any other cocktail you can imagine. The bourbon glass you will choose every time you pour a drink is sure to become your favorite. Having a pair of cocktail glasses that you love is so much fun!
  • THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT GIFT FOR A WHISKEY LOVER! A Father's Day card is perfect for any occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. Easily transform any drink into an Old Fashioned Rocks by wrapping it by hand and packaging it with Save time and money by skipping Set of four cool whiskey glasses made up of two of our many styles choose two for your gift. We like to make things as easy as possible for you!
  • PROOF OF COMPLIANCE FROM CUSTOMER! These Whiskey Glasses have been a favorite of our customers for years. The No. 1 priority is our customers. There are many cocktail choices that can be made with the 1 Classic Whiskey Glass Set, including both casual and formal choices. There is a bar accessory to fit all occasions with us. DON'T REGRET YOUR FAVORITE SPIRIT, NOW YOU CAN ENJOY IT.
  • STEP UP TO THE BOTTOM. Love is to be loved. I am holding this glass. A set of bar glasses you love is fun to have at home! In the "PRODUCT DESCRIPTION" section of our website, you will find more information about our commitment to offering the best glassware and customer service. The CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE & BROKEN GLASS REPLACEMENT POLICY is included in all purchases.

Questions & Answers

The glasses have not been tested for lead by an outside third party.
Thank you for reaching out to me, There is no handmade component to them. We make them here in the United States using a machine. Their quality is of the highest level and they meet hotel and service industry standards as well.
I'm here. A white box with the Taylor'd Milestones label on the front of the glasses is the packaging for the glasses. Gifts that are perfect for any occasion.
Dear John, welcome to the site. This is a great question. Thank you for posing it. You may be misled by the glass capacity if you are not familiar with the manufacturer's method of calculating capacity. Using the brim of the glass, 10 oz of fluid will fill it completely.

Selected User Reviews For Taylor D Bourbon Glasses

These are my 3rd pair of these glasses, which I am very disappointed in (3/5)

The following pictures can be seen below. My 2nd and 3rd pair of these glasses and I'm quite dissatisfied. The following pictures can be seen below. As you can see, I have included one of the original ones I bought last year and you can see that not only is the bottom of the glass uneven, but it is HALF the thickness of It was one of the primary selling points and reasons for me to buy my original four. When I purchased these the last time, I gave them 5 stars. Also, the diamond that is etched into the bottom is not in the middle. The only complaint I have is that it is very small. What effect did Taylor's Milestones have on the way their glasses were manufactured? Rather than a poor run, were these just bad luck? At this time, there are no replacements. I plan to return and request them. At the time of receiving the new ones, I will update the review.

Andrew Adkins - 28/05/2021
The glasses are perfect for using with ice spheres, but they are quite pricey in comparison with the competitors (4/5)

The whisk(e)y glasses are not bad either. There is a small diamond logo on the bottom center, which you can see as you look through it My main reason for getting these was so that I could use them with some drinks.

Rudy Ramos - 06/01/2021
This is a great product and I will purchase it again if it ever It was a present I got for my boyfriend for Christmas (5/5)

There was something wrong with the glasses he wore before. I find this to be both expensive and of great quality, but the lip chips In any case, he threw them away and went searching for new glasses to use with the gin and tonic An antitonic. In my research, I came across these, and the details looked beautiful and I read that the piece had a great weight to it. I loved seeing my boyfriend's eyes light up when we received them! It was a pleasure to have them around! The little details on the bottom, such as diamonds, appealed to him. was struck by the imperfections on the lip, but found it admirable that it was not a mass-produced, manufactured pair! His saying was that the little imperfections were what characterized them as special 1) The weight of the glass was great and the extra piece on the lip made drinking it a pleasure!.

Zahra Booth - 24/03/2021
They save a lot of space (5/5)

The best part about these whiskey glasses is that even if you aren't a whiskey aficionado you can still enjoy them! Water glasses that match a shelf that is already overstuffed with bottles and easy to hold, as long as you don't fill them up too high they have a height that is just right for a thick layer of liquid In addition, the glass was very high-quality I found the diamond logo to be subtle, yet cute, and the gift box itself was strong for delivery, but clean &amp tidy. Final verdict All in all, I found the gift box to be of good quality and thick yet not bulky. It would make a good gift. Rare to find a set like this that gives you two for one!.

Angel Bennett - 16/06/2021
Take the time to indulge yourself! The enjoyment of an Old Fashioned cocktail is greatly enhanced when it is consumed from a quality glass (5/5)

The feel of the glass in your hand certainly becomes a significant part of the experience. I don't know why. They are very high-quality glasses (made in the U. S. ), made in the USA. We love the weight and balance of this watch. It feels luxurious in the hand. The quality of the product is excellent. I've been so happy with my first purchase of two that I came back to order more so that we can also share this discovery with This is what you should buy. Having the chance to see it will not disappoint.

Amari Stephenson - 30/06/2021
A pair of glasses is required (4/5)

The answer is yes. The glasses are plain and nice. When the package arrived, I wasn't too impressed. We learned the following lessons To get the best value for the money, I should have gone with a fancier styled glass. The products were also dirty/dusty when they were taken out of the It has been a long time since I washed them, but come on, everyone Does anyone know where the wow factor is? 2) The diamond etched at the bottom is okay. I was pleased to find that they are just what I wanted, a solid material, delivered on time and intact. They were packaged in an adequate no frills box with the glasses individually wrapped As a result, I took off one star because, in my opinion, they should have been as clean out of the box as they were in the box. It is possible that they will pop better after washing. It will be a little while before we know. Currently, they are in wrapping.

Seven Hendrix - 08/03/2021
It's worth the money for the lifetime warranty and the quality of the glasses******updated******You will get at least one good pair (5/5)

The slanted glass I received was broken when I received it for the first time. After I submitted a "claim", Taylor dispatched a new set of glasses immediately. I was pleased with both pieces, the glass was of top quality and I loved the sleekness. With the outstanding customer service and LIFETIME warranty offered by this company, you cannot go wrong and you won't regret your purchase of these glasses or other products from them. ******I liked it when the one glass was straight and hated it when the other glass had such a slant.

Peter Shea - 22/04/2021
We are seeing a decline in quality (2/5)

My husband purchased a set of these four years ago and has been delighted Two glasses have broken already in the last week, so I ordered a new Compared to the old glasses, the new ones are less pristine. Diamonds laser etched are less distinct and less visible than normal diamonds (i. e. However, it's fainter) and there are some other blemishes (parts of text, etc. ) on the bottoms Most likely won't buy another pair of glasses from this manufacturer for such a high cost.

Nora Escobar - 05/07/2021