TAVATA Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler Review

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Score By Feature Based on 23 ratings

Style 4.4 
Temperature Control 3.7 
Noise level 3.6 
Value for money 3.2 
  • Offers large and wide space.
  • Trendy and attractive.
  • May not liked by every beer lover.

TAVATA Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler Product Description

If you’re serious about keeping beer fresh, this professional-grade wine fridge by TAVATA can be repurposed to store beer bottles and cans, as well as homebrew and beer cocktail components. This matte stainless steel beer fridge is as timeless as they come, equipped with clear doors that reveal wood-accent shelving. It also has an ETL-certified compressor that operates with 25% greater efficiency than standard compressors, making it among the greenest options on the market. It is easy to examine the products with the shelves that pull out. It also features zone cooling, which makes it possible to store beverages at different temperatures in different sections of the fridge. This unit is easy to use because it features a digital temp monitor and a digital control panel. as a free-standing unit or as a built-in unit.

  • Cool your drinks in style with this electric beverage cooler. An elegant glass front, left hinge, 5-cubic-foot free-standing beverage refrigerator allows you to view your wine, beer or soda at a glance. On the back of the refrigerator are three shelves with shelving. This cooler has a blue LED interior light so you can select your favorite drink quickly and easily at night.
  • With a large, internal storage capacity and three adjustable and removable chrome shelves, this under counter beverage cooler. is designed to keep drinks cold in a big way. You can store up to 113 standard sized soda, water, or beer cans or bottles that have just the right amount of humidity in this organizer
  • Controlled Temperature This single zone beverage mini refrigerator has a digital temperature display that allows for quick and easy monitoring. It cools down to 40°F and has an easy touch temperature control system. In the event that the cooler is unplugged or the power goes out, its memory function automatically returns the temperature to the preset value.
  • The powerful cooler features energy efficient advanced technology, the whisper-quiet compressor, and a convection fan that works together to provide cooling quickly, and ensure consistent air circulation for a uniform temperature inside an office, dorm, apartment, RV, restaurant, or home.
  • The beverage cooler comes equipped with an additional temperature sensor that also serves as an auto defrosting function. This article has an external size of Five inches wide (across the front) by 31 inches long. It has a height of 5" (top to bottom) and a width of 21". It measures 3" D (from front This cooler should not be used to store fresh foods, such as meats, vegetables, fruits, etc. This product can only be used in order to chill beverages.

Questions & Answers

There are two sizes It is W16 when 9 inches is measured. There are nine days left in 2015. The time is 129. The size of 3 is 1, The size of 2, The A 17 by 2 inch picture is a 2 inch picture. The fifth day is I have seven hours to go.
I have left out D21 on 5.
I have corrected it. Thanks for letting us know.
Nine inches wide (front across) by 29 inches long. It measures 1" H (from top to bottom) x 18" W. The diameter of the opening is 1".

Selected User Reviews For TAVATA Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler


(Short term review) Great, be mindful of temperature differences between the bottom and the In a room that is 81F, it is summer in California. I have received everything, and I am very pleased with everything. I think there is a big temperature difference between the bottom and the top of a fridge of this type, and it is normal for this type of appliance to have a big difference. Based on the 3 photographs, you can see that middle is very accurate at 38F (3C) when the temperature is set to 39F (4C). It will also cause leafy greens to last a shorter amount of time than in 1C). 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius). I want to point out again that this may be normal, but you should still keep it in mind and position
I am of the opinion that those reviews that claim it isn't cool enough are inaccurate. Setting it at the lowest temperature (39F) and using the bottom part of the heater can cause the room to cool too much. Only downside is that the door cannot be reversed, as it opens by grabbing the left edge and rotating around the right edge simultaneously. Therefore, it would not be a good purchase for anyone with a wall in front of the fridge on the left side.

Jack Ritter - 11/02/2021
It is a wonderful little refrigerator (5/5)

There is something very beautiful about this You can keep it cold to 39° while it runs quietly. The light works great and it makes our stuff look great.

Keily Townsend - 04/07/2021
The waiting room of an office will benefit from this CD (5/5)

Keeps a few cold waters and soft drinks at hand and does so in a very quiet manner. Looks good in our waiting room.

Eileen Nguyen - 01/03/2021
I'm good with that (3/5)

The reviews on many of the websites I read convinced me that I'd made a great purchase after a lot of research. You never know, it may be the best beverage refrigerator, but it's not without issues. *br>Many of the reviews mention noise. After all, it is a refrigerator, so it contains The sound isn't very loud or annoying, but you can still hear it. What I don't like about the room is the temperature and the lighting. *br>First, the light. If it weren't there, there would be little reason for it to exist. may be used as ambient lighting to create a calming In fact, if you think you'll be able to see anything with this light, you'll be horribly mistaken. Make sure you have a second light in the room or a flashlight with you because if you don't you won't be able to see what is in the refrigerator. In addition to the temperature, another important factor is the humidity. It is a bit tricky to use the controls since they are not very intuitive. The light has a button which turns the light on and off, but to change the temperature you have to hold the switches for a certain amount of time. I find that peculiar. As well, the digital readout appears to be way off. The first thing I see in the morning is the refrigerator's temperature is 42 degrees, which is where I expect it to Once again, I passed by at lunch and found it to be I believe that 10 degrees in the afternoon is a result of the door not being opened and the resulting temperature change. In the afternoon, it was 43 degrees. What is important to note is that you can never be confident of what temperature it I'd like to see the extras on the refrigerator work better, but the refrigerator works.

Clyde Patel - 05/07/2021
I think this is a good start (4/5)

I think so far it's going okay. It's been a week since I got it. The smell is terrible! Although that will probably disappear in the future, the inside continues to smell like a chemical factory even after wiping it out twice with I think it looks great.

Alonzo Bauer - 15/01/2021
Keeping things cold is a good thing (5/5)

This is something I use It takes a long time to get beverages cold, approximately 1 to 2 hours. After 2 hours, they are cold but not frozen. But once they are cold, they are very very cold. As I fill this up before a party or a football game, I do not mind. Thank you for making my day so special.

Julius Ross - 31/03/2021
Although there is a noise that is annoying, the value is good (4/5)

Despite that I like the cooler, the strange noise it makes is annoying. I wonder if there is a way to stop that.

Kace O'Brien - 21/04/2021
I love it (5/5)

I was able to set up the fridge easily since it was undamaged out of the package. The LED light design and the glass door were very appealing to my husband. I love the look it creates in a dark room since it cools his drinks so quickly. I am happy with how things have gone so far. Neither the fridge nor the air conditioner is loud in the house. Customer who is happy.

Greta Ramirez - 10/02/2021