T – Fal Textiles Cotton Kitchen Dish Towel Review

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Quality of material 4.8 
Value for money 4.7 
Durability 4.5 
Absorbency 4.4 
Giftable 4.4 
Softness 3.9 
  • Do not lose thread fibers.
  • Color variants.
  • Tag loop included.
  • Color fades after wash.

T – Fal Textiles Cotton Kitchen Dish Towel Product Description

Having a parquet design ensures that liquid absorbs well to the surface of the towel but the fabric still dries quickly due to the airflow. These towels are 100% cotton. There is little effort involved in cleaning up these, they are machine washable, and the prints don’t fade.

  • - a 100% cotton fabric .
  • It is an important product.
  • Absorbent to a great extent. As a result of its design, the parquet allows water to flow. With 100% cotton construction, these parquet woven dish towels are highly absorbent while still allowing for air to flow for a quick drying time. With a large surface area of 16 inches by 26 inches, these towels are highly absorbent.
  • A MULTI-PURPOSE product. A kitchen task will not be too much for these towels. The washers can be used to clean, dry, and wash. In addition to providing a scrubbing action for hard surfaces, the parquet weave has the ability to wick moisture away to keep your home dry and delicate objects clean.
  • Works in coordination with T-FAL's collection of natural leathers. T-Fal textiles include a full range of striped and solid colored dish cloths as well as printed and striped kitchen dish towels. Besides offering an assortment of colors sure to coordinate with your kitchen decor, T-Fal also offers a variety of designs.
  • It's easy to take care of. There will no longer be a high level of maintenance required. It is easy to clean these parquet kitchen towels and the print will not fade even with constant If you wish to achieve the best results, simply wash the garment with cold water, tumble dry low, and wash before first use.
  • 125 YEARS OF QUALITY - let's celebrate. With the collaboration of T-fal Kitchen Textiles, a premier manufacturer of cookware, Ritz has developed high-quality kitchen textiles that are long lasting and coordinate with any With more than ten vivid colors to choose from, your kitchen will be a true focal point.

Questions & Answers

The towels are made of terry and ribbed terry except for the plaid. The plaid is made with a regular weave.
I had a lot of bleeding when I washed the green ones for the first time.
I'm glad you're here! A charcoal color is a dark gray color that can be matched to a black color easily.
The Indian subcontinent and There is 100 percent cotton in the fabric. The towels are beautiful, but the color is not as seen in the picture.

Selected User Reviews For T – Fal Textiles Cotton Kitchen Dish Towel

I love it! This brand was used on all of my kitchen towels as wedding gifts, and now I There was a time 16 years ago when things looked quite different (5/5)

The only other thing like these I've ever seen is these! There is no doubt that they are "scruffy" and if you want soft towels for your kitchen, Walmart has a lot of them. Trust me on that! You need not look any further than here if you want to wash, dry your dishes and hands (or face, since I do that sometimes too). In addition to helping to scrub off dirt and yuck, the scruffy feeling makes them ideal for cleaning counters, dishes, hands, and anything else they can get their hands on. There have been reports that some things have run their colors. Is there no way you could have washed them, before you used cold water on them? They should be able to be recovered by soaking in cold water and adding salt. A dye job should not be washed in hot or warm water because this can cause it to fade. I don't know what to wear. It is best to keep it as cold as possible.

Dean Schaefer - 20/07/2021
Material in the form of a mystery (2/5)

Since they are supposed to be cotton, I wonder why they cannot be washed in hot water and dried in the dryer?.

Marcos FORSTER - 19/06/2021
I feel like the fabric is quite thin and not very absorbent (3/5)

There is a thinness to these. Love them a little, but not much. A couple of weeks ago, I bought Calphalon at The cheaper, more absorbent ones were much cheaper and more plentiful.

Ailani Merrill - 02/01/2021
I like these dish towels a lot! This is the best set that I have seen The truth has come out (5/5)

While I am not an expert on dish towels and am not an expert on prices, I am not happy with my towels and the recent ones I purchased are thin and falling apart. These towels seem well made and strong since they are heavy, strong, and substantial. This is a good quality item and I think it costs I think 64 bucks for two is a good deal.

Aisha Barrett - 08/04/2021
This is incredible (5/5)

My kitchen towels have never been so great, I would have been interested in buying them a long time ago if I had known they were so good. I like the colors, the quality is good, and I'm going to.

Murphy BARLOW - 12/02/2021
But it's not a very nice hand towel (3/5)

A towel like this is very appealing to me. Although it was dark in some areas, it seems like it got mixed into another dye and then rubbed off any residue on it, or perhaps So that we had a towel we could use, I had wanted it to match an ornamental towel only for looks. On this item, I did receive a refund. This one won't work for me again, I might run into the same problem again.

Vera Santiago - 01/06/2021
Those are some great hand towels (5/5)

Hand towels that are perfect. Unlike many other shirts, they do not get runs, they absorb well, and the fabric feels thick and sturdy. It was a great purchase. In the future, I will buy more.

Everlee Hodge - 06/06/2021
They are textured enough to give you a good grip, and dark enough so you won't be bothered by the light (5/5)

I love the textured pattern and the dark colour hides stains well so hopefully they will last for some time. They are very absorbent and need no fabric softener or dryer sheets after washing/drying. I drape the short end over the dishwasher handle instead of hanging it with the tag loop on the inside of the short end.

Abner James - 24/06/2021