Switol Manual Citrus Juicer Review

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Durability 5.0 
Easy to clean 4.7 
Easy to use 4.6 
Sturdiness 4.6 
  • Offers great stability.
  • Handle have a good grip.
  • Handle may slip.

Switol Manual Citrus Juicer Product Description

Switol’s manual citrus juicer will be able to give you a bit more stability, so if you’re in need of one, give it a try. It has a sturdy steel base so that it will not slip around on your counter as you try to squeeze the juice out of any pomelo, grapefruit, or lemon. Its ergonomic handle gives you added stability, allowing you to squeeze out all the juice. You get a glass of delicious orange juice that goes down smooth since the pulp is kept in the strainer.

  • Cutting the citrus in half, placing the flat cut side down on the plate of the strainer, and using the hammer to extract the juice will yield the juice in just three steps.
  • Juice every last drop with this handy and professional juice press, which increases yield and prevents wastage when extracting juice from oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes and pomegranates.
  • The citrus extractor is easy to clean - just wash the stainless steel strainer in the dishwasher or wash it by hand, scrub the cap with a dishcloth, and dry it afterward.
  • Juice without bitter taste - Unlike an electric juicer, our citrus juice maker does not rub the rind, making it possible to enjoy the great taste of citrus juice without a bitter aftertaste.
  • The heavy duty juice crusher is perfect for restaurants and bars. It is also a beautiful Christmas gift for friends or family members who enjoy drinking.

Questions & Answers

There are 3 sides to the circle. This rusty ring has a diameter of 5 inches, is not stainless steel, and is not made out of stainless steel.
Good morning, my friend. the handle is made of good quality.
Juicing lemons and other fruit was very easy with this juicer The limes are not rusty and I have not encountered any problems with them.
Hi friend! If you are trying to use it for wheatgrass, it can't be done.

Selected User Reviews For Switol Manual Citrus Juicer

We give this review five stars (5/5)


Adley Fry - 28/04/2021
The perfect solution (5/5)

Simple to use and easy to.

Alaina Griffin - 29/01/2021
It's amazing how well it works! A simple to use system (5/5)

It's amazing how well it works! The juicer fits in the palm of your hand, it extracts juice much quicker, and it is The juice of 50 oranges, 40 lemons, and 40 limes was extracted all at one time. There is a strainer for catching excess pulp, so that's a nice touch. There would only be one complaint if I had to pinpoint it the bottom base only fits a standard sized I would prefer if it were a little wider so that a large cup or even a bowl could fit.

Bianca Hartman - 11/04/2021
This has a very sturdy feel to it and is easy to clean (5/5)

My apologies for my poor English. Since getting this juicer, I have juiced about 3 gallons of OJ. I was very pleased with how quickly it arrived, had all its parts, and had everything assembled correctly. It was necessary for me to tighten the lock screw with the hex wrench supplied. This has a very sturdy feel to it and is easy to clean. That would be a good choice.

Alessandro Hicks - 10/04/2021
Drinks don't stay in glass because juice runs everywhere! Due to the non-solid nature of the base, you have to hold the base with one hand while you move the squeeze handle with the other hand meanwhile, juice gets everywhere, all over you, all over the counter, all over anything within two feet, except for the glass or cup (1/5)

This device may cause finger pinches or amputations. It has multiple In order to operate it, you have to hold the thing down, and this will cause you to get pinched, which could be serious. There are worse things to deal with than four grandkids for a weekend than this thing. The boat anchor I have now was a part of a juice press made by Sunkist for many years, but I was unable to replace it so now I'm stuck with it.

Louise Barron - 30/03/2021
I like this product very much (4/5)

There are only two reasons why this isn't a five star review. If the oranges happen to be too large, you have to cut them in quarters, and you cannot remove the handle without it falling over. Otherwise, as far as use and cleaning goes, this is terrific! There are only minor things wrong with this one, so it would be a great purchase again!.

Jonas Lopez - 18/07/2021
The unit is good value for the money, but a little work is needed This is an excellent way to make pomegranate juice (4/5)

We drilled out the rough edges of the grate when we got it, as it had rough edges when we bought it. I have shown a picture after we were able to fix The edges were rough, and if you ran your hand across it you would probably cut yourself. In terms of the price for a juicer, it was less than half what a store like Williams Sonoma was offering, and I received free shipping from Amazon Prime. There was a question about where this was made, but it was harder than it seemed to answer. Pictures of the instructions written in English and German are below. Although the unit on the bottom bears the naming WAN MEI, the instructions were written in English and German, which would lead you to Germany. This looks extremely deceptive, so it may be safe to assume that it is not German made. Even after all this, the unit is still solid, but it just needed some fine tuning, which we were able to accomplish on our own. If you're not handy, you may want to spend a little more and purchase the name brand units. We use it for pomegranates and it makes perfect juice.

Archer Dean - 21/07/2021
It is great to have this juicer (4/5)

You will have so much more juice from your oranges with just one There is enough room under the squeezer for you to put a mason jar that holds 1 1/2 cups of juice, so you can catch those juices and move them to the refrigerator so you can make that great vinaigrette It is easy to remove the washable parts. It is not clear whether or not they are dishwasher safe so I just wash them using a.

Dean McCall - 28/06/2021