Susty Party Paper Grey Napkins Review

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Score By Feature Based on 26 ratings

Value for money 2.7 
Sturdiness 2.6 
Absorbency 2.6 
Durability 2.3 
  • Made from recycle paper.
  • Design wise.
  • Thin for moist glass.
  • Can be easily torn.

Susty Party Paper Grey Napkins Product Description

You will adore the design as well as the cost of this recycled paper serviette, which is manufactured in the United States using one hundred percent recycled paper and no less than twenty percent Put up Customer Waste. Despite this, they are a little thin to be used as cocktail napkins (especially when drinking cold drinks).

  • created using of solid composting process.
  • The paper used in this product is 100% recycled.
  • More than 20% of the waste produced by consumers.
  • It is intended to be used only once.
  • A product made in the United States.

Questions & Answers

All of the napkin's features are printed on it. The back of the napkin doesn't have any print, as far as I remember.
Without knowing for sure, I could not answer your question. The printed stars could be said to have been made using a natural coloring product. It is recommended that the manufacturer be contacted.

Selected User Reviews For Susty Party Paper Grey Napkins

The difference is still good, but I wonder if this is This is an assortment of cocktail napkins, which are smaller anyway, and these are somewhat small The other option would have been the 5"), but that's what I was after (4/5)

It's been a while since I've ordered Susty napkins like this, and these ones (January 2018) aren't the same as I previously purchased. This product did not bear a Susty label (or any label for that matter), and the texture was different from what they are usually. It made me wonder if they are really Susty recycled paper as we know it, but I have no way of knowing. As they are still at a reasonable price, I may have to keep them since I do not have time to find replacements.

Austin Sandoval - 22/01/2021
The garbage is totally out of control! There is no way I can handle this! I consider this to be Tissue paper is literally what it is (1/5)

People are being duped by this to such an extent that it's disgusting. Angry baby napkins will literally tear as soon as they are opened. My refund request has been denied! What a waste of time and energy. Don't invest your money in a waste.

Violeta Delgado - 18/04/2021
This is not a good investment (1/5)

It was a disappointment to find these to be so small and thin even though the picture made them appear to be of decent size. This is a bad deal don't buy it It won't be as you expected! This is an awful.

Sloan McCarty - 29/04/2021
It is flimsy (2/5)

What a great idea for cocktail napkins! This is about all there is to Despite their thin and flimsy nature, they are not absorbent, rather they just come apart after a short period of time. You cannot double or triple them, as they will not hold up to heavy use. Apparently, what you pay for is what you get.

Brynn Serrano - 11/06/2021
My suspicions are that this product is not authentic (2/5)

Despite the fact that these napkins do their job well, they only get 2 stars. When I placed my order, I did not expect them to be like this. In the past, I have ordered Susty Party products that were packaged with clear brand labels. A label wasn't attached to any of them. Plastic wrap just covers the whole thing. I'm interested in the texture &amp design I ordered Susty cocktail napkins before, but this time they were a different size. Their appearance looks slightly different from that shown in the listing photos on Amazon. There appears to be nothing unusual about these cocktail napkins- Still quite thick, but not quite as much. I was looking for a more eco-friendly option, and this disappointed me. A photo of the old packaging that was missing from the new napkins appears in the last photo.

Marina Young - 22/05/2021
The cigarette - There is nothing more disgusting than I give you zero There is a strong cigarette smell (1/5)

Napkins are not what you are looking at. It appears to be hard slips of thin paper folded in fours. I have no idea how they are going to be used? It may just be a lack of The non-profit sector It is absorbing, just an accumulation of useless rubbish. How many? Do not fall for this con.

Tatum Roberson - 26/02/2021
Napkins that are thin and very small! I was shocked at how thin these napkins were The napkin has only two sides, not four as with a normal napkin (1/5)

Cocktail napkins usually come in standard sizes, but these were a bit bigger. I was surprised at how small they were. However, I will not buy them again due to the star design.

Raylan Warner - 06/06/2021
It was interesting to read, but I didn't believe it (1/5)

Considering that these napkins were more like tissues, I decided not to use them, but will keep them in my car before my next meal. I was expecting cocktail napkins to be a little larger because the napkins are very thin. It's cute, but it's not that good.

Zavier Page - 15/03/2021