Sure Luxury Wine Pourer Review

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  • Perfect gift idea.
  • Easy to use and doesn't drip wine.
  • Also works as an aerator.
  • Compact design.
  • A bit delicate.

Selected User Reviews For Sure Luxury Wine Pourer

This aerator works well for aerating wine (5/5)

It is meant for traveling, but I use mine at home more often than my larger aerator that has to be held in one hand while the other is used for pouring. The one I keep at home I keep with me on the go, and the one I carry in a wine bag.

Celine Downs - 02/03/2021
I love how low the price is The holidays are a great time to give a cost-effective gift (5/5)

A wine aerator based on the venturi effect has been in use for many Besides being more compact, this device also serves as a pouring device. It is wonderful, and we are thinking of buying more for our.

Paula Potts - 18/06/2021
Changes things for the better! As I mentioned, I was really surprised by how much difference it made in the taste of the wine (4/5)

My only problem with the dishwasher was the rubber flange got damaged, so I recommend hand washing only.

Ella Preston - 27/04/2021
We rate this as four stars (4/5)

I don't understand why wine-lovers are so.

Promise Proctor - 13/01/2021
I am very satisfied with my Is really good at what it does (5/5)

The pour was quick and the air was abundant. Getting the product to you fast. I am very satisfied with my.

Violette Duke - 24/06/2021
This product would make a great gift and looks luxe in its Red wine bought for someone who drinks a lot of red wine (4/5)

This gift is getting used and enjoyed by the recipient.

Keily WALLIS - 26/03/2021
This is a very nice This product is great (5/5)

It stays in the bottle when it should and aerates as it should!.

Hendrix Stark - 23/07/2021
She approves of her husband's involvement in the wine industry (5/5)

The only person in my family who drinks wine on a regular basis is my wife. The aerator works great for her, she can really tell the difference and says it makes a real difference. As soon as we received the bottles,*br>we did a blind taste test using 4 individuals, one of whom had aerated wine and the other didn't. Four out of four people had a positive opinion about the aerated wine. I am so glad my wife is happy, which means I am happy as well.

Nellie LEES - 28/02/2021