Super Deal Ice Crusher Review

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Safety Features 4.4 
Easy to use 4.4 
Sturdiness 4.3 
Value for money 4.0 
  • A versatile machine.
  • Durable.
  • Has a powerful motor.
  • Lid has a safe-protective mechanism.
  • It's expensive.

Super Deal Ice Crusher Product Description

With a drip tray between the blade and the plate, this unit is easy to use for both home and businesses. It comes with a drainage tube and a drip tray. Considering its capabilities, it has the ability to shave more than 200 pounds. Each hour there will be 1 inch of snow. Steel blades can be used to shave chunks of ice, but you can also modify the red handle near the chute to make ice with different textures. By dropping the ice into the top of the machine, steel blades can shave large chunks of ice. Shaving ice for cold drinks and Margaritas is so easy with this machine. Shaving big blocks of ice with these stainless steel blades is not a problem.

  • Is there anyone in the mood for a snow cone? A heavy-duty ice shaver designed for parties and barbecues, Super Deal's ice crusher produces light, fluffy snow when shaving ice. Make all your favorite ice cream treats with this heavy-duty shaver. In a matter of minutes, enjoy snow cones, frozen drinks, slushies, yogurt freezes, milkshakes, breakfast smoothies and energy drinks by simply adding ice cubes.
  • Ice can be transformed into fluffy snow in seconds with a powerful 250-watt motor. If you have a few large pieces of ice to shave, the stainless steel blades are great for that. The blade adjuster can be adjusted to change the texture of the ice.
  • Because its center of gravity is low, there is no shaking while it is in It has a safe device to prevent the top head of the machine from opening, if it is not covered, it will not be able to start. Ice is dropped in the top of the machine.
  • Almost as if the ice has been shaved so finely that the flavor actually permeates the shaved ice so that you can experience a consistent taste within every bite.
  • Whether you are making snow cones or slushies, margaritas or other frozen drinks, you have so many options. Get your kids and adults into the spirit of summer by giving them ice cream treats made with the SUPER DEAL! To get help if you have a product issue, feel free to contact the seller!

Questions & Answers

I'd say it's almost like the snow cones you get at the fair, in my opinion. It is a favorite among our grandkids.
Not only worthy, but also it has NSF.
A 120-volt power source.

Selected User Reviews For Super Deal Ice Crusher

This seller is not responsible if the unit is defective (1/5)

the product itself is outstanding, enjoyed by all ages, easy to use, produces different textures of shave ice via the turn knob, great safety features for when the lid gets opened, the motor shuts off We were not satisfied with the way our unit produced shave ice, and it smelled and tasted like burnt motor or burnt plastic, and not the fresh smell from the factory. In an effort to return the unit, we followed the a to z guarantee process over the course of a month. Our seller left message after message telling us to either gift or sell the defective toxic unit to a family member. He came across as completely unaware that a machine could be defective, and implied that their factory said it had no plastic, yet they received it back using the return shipping process. Our claim for a $30 refund was verbally bullied by Z guarantee they sent us emails demanding that we withdraw the claim. As a professional company, Amazon takes very good care of its customers, so we don't want anyone else to have to go through this excruciating process, which is why I am writing you all a seller review.

Remy Roth - 06/05/2021
A simple to use system (5/5)

In a nutshell, There is a lot of noise. It still works well, though.

Jillian Cantu - 23/04/2021
A simple push of the button is all that is needed (5/5)

In a nutshell, In comparison to the Vivo 440 lb, this unit is a bit slower, but is fast enough for almost any application. The counter unit you can buy in the $100 price range probably isn't going to work well in a city park unless there is a constant flow of children milling about. There are two outstanding features of the unit. One is that it allows you to control the thickness of the ice shaves, and the other is that the drain is actually functional. Vivo 440 may seem bulky in size, but it actually requires less space than a unit of this size. However, I found that small square ice cubes worked best for me, even though any standard refrigerator sized cube would work fine. The unit was designed with a reverse switch to remove ice build up during heavy usage since it relies on gravity feed rather than hand pressure. Before this unit, I owned a couple of Vivo 440s and, even though they worked great and processed any shape of cube, including squares measuring 2 1/2′′ in length, I could not order them from Amazon without shipping damage. The 440s were returned without any problems to Amazon, and I paid the $20 extra to buy this unit, with which I am very happy, and I intend to keep it. So far, this unit seems to be near perfection in this price range, but the only thing I can mention is that you must leave the lid open after it is used. Moisture is not allowed to escape from the lid since magnets seal it tightly.

Melani Waller - 26/02/2021
This is a good performance, not a great one (3/5)

A snow cone machine and a snow cone machine were purchased Compared to this one, the cost of the other is half. The one here is slightly better than the typical $20 machine you might find in a local store, but not by a great deal. Although the blade is adjustable, there isn't a great deal of change in the amount of ice produced. This machine makes ice that looks like chips, not snow. It doesn't matter what I set it on, it never produces snow. Basically, it doesn't let you put ice through it a second time to get a more refined The problem is that, if you do that, you will have a jammed unit and eventually, it will melt It needs a better "chute" to prevent the ice from flying across the pool more freely. Among the very nice features is the way in which the water collector and drainage system is set up. The one I reviewed cost half as much and has snowy ice. If you want that, get the one I reviewed.

Victor HAYWARD - 15/04/2021
This is amazing! Excellent product! My grandbabies and husbands love it! I'm from Hawaii and I miss the sort of fluffy shaved ice I used to get almost every week from a store not too far from where I live! I can make it everyday if I want to if I have this product! Compared to what I would have to spend on shaved ice in Las Vegas, I've already gained my money's worth after just 5 uses! Once again, you made a wise choice! (5/5)


Remi Bowen - 29/06/2021
It went better than I had I love how cool this thing is! makes you want to drink everything you drink because it makes you want to say, mmmmmmmmmm that's good (5/5)

This is what I got for my mom who loves ice, since we had to get a new refrigerator, and the new one didn't crush ice like her old one did. After hearing her belly aching all the time, I decided to get her this ice crusher, an ice crusher that looks pretty fancy, but is more affordable than a new refrigerator. This thing is big and loud, and it doesn't look so great either. It would be nice to have a chrome or black option, but when you look at the results, that's all forgotten. I liked it because it was easy to fill and clean, and the ice turns from super fine snowcone ice to chunky flakes of ice. The best part I was not expecting was I could hear my mother crunching ice outside while watching TV. I'm sorry to say that's The loss of the sound of chewed up ice is great. Now I don't have to hear her chewing it up every time we have dinner. I love the machine! I would recommend it to anyone!.

Camilo McLaughlin - 20/05/2021
MAKE SURE YOU ARE WARNED! Item was not described as described (1/5)

The device only cuts, it does not shave. Described as an ice shaver, this item works by shaves ice. There was an issue with the ice crusher, so I asked to return it, and the seller sent me a return label with shipping charges. I wish I'd returned it earlier. My purchase was defective or the information was wrong, and now they want me to return it at my own cost. It was not a good experience to deal with them.

Jeremiah Fletcher - 20/06/2021
At grandpa's house, it was a big hit (5/5)

This machine is simple to operate, but you must have a room to sit when using it. Snow cones are a great treat, but it tends to pool water around it, so be aware if kids are going to get their ice from it. The grandkids also love it. Shaved ice is just as good as juice over it.

Cohen Crane - 17/01/2021