Sunwuun Champagne Stoppers Review

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Score By Feature Based on 24 ratings

Flavor 4.6 
Easy to use 4.5 
Leak proof 4.3 
Value for money 4.1 
Suction power 4.1 
Freshness 4.1 
  • Keeps the drink fresh for long.
  • Leak free.
  • Fits most bottles and easy to use.
  • High quality.
  • Doesn't have instructions of use.

Sunwuun Champagne Stoppers Product Description

With this champagne stopper, you’ll keep your leftover drink fresh for up to three days, the brand Sunwuun is known for its excellent products. Airtight seal stops leaks, making it easy to open with one hand. Made of high-quality silicone, it is built to last while providing you with exceptional service. The brand provides a lifetime warranty for this product. Gifts for champagne and prosecco fans are sure to be a hit.

  • LIFE FURTHER FOR YOUR WINE - By sucking the air out of the bottle, you can maintain freshness for longer. It works best if you pump your vacuum wine stopper several times until it sucks itself tightly. By doing so, you can preserve the flavor of your wine bottle for weeks instead of just a few Whether it's for the house, bar, or restaurant, this solution will meet all of your needs.
  • THERE ARE NO LEAKS OR SPILLS - The vacuum rubber seal fits most wine bottles, as well as all bottles of a similar type. The wine is better preserved than with the original cork and freshness is extended over a longer period of time.
  • A great product for a household, a hotel, a club, a bar, or any other business or event where safety and quality are important. The inside of the vase is made of high-quality and durable Food-Grade Silicone, and the outside is made of food grade ABS. It is non-toxic, and it is a high-class accessory for your wine collection.
  • COMMONLY USED - Fits the majority of wine, champagne, and elixir In the unfortunate event that we cannot work with your bottles, just contact us and we will arrange for a return.
  • You can buy with complete confidence knowing that you will be 100% satisfied. It is our goal to have you 100% happy and satisfied with the stoppers we offer. In the event you are unsatisfied for any reason, please allow us to correct it. The customer service we deliver to you will be friendly and prompt.

Questions & Answers

*If you are going to put it in the dishwasher, You will not be happy.
In short, yes. There is no need to dry clean it.
t just needs to be lightly twisted to come off. Compared to other brands of stoppers introduced years ago, this one does not seal as tightly. Make sure that it has no leaks before you put it down somewhere.

Selected User Reviews For Sunwuun Champagne Stoppers

Thank you for the product (5/5)

I have used these wine stoppers before and I find that they are easier to use, and they keep the wine tasting fresher than other stoppers I have used in the past. The stopper at the bottom acts as a vacuum and means I'm not using a cork anymore. A product that removes air from a seal can make it work properly. In a nutshell, This drink is particularly enjoyable with glasses of champagne and red wines that I can finish in three days. There was no need to worry about the sparkle of the champagne or the sharpness of the red wine because it kept those qualities. As the rest of the body gets flat, it will flatten. In a nutshell, It only takes four to five pushes for the wine bottle to be sealed completely. Despite attempting to place the wine in the refrigerator, it did not leak as advertised. This is a great product for wine lovers like me (good news is that no longer are we hesitant before opening a bottle. I love it.

Amari Nixon - 25/03/2021
These stoppers are great for keeping wine or sparkling liquids fresh (5/5)

Sparkling wine and nonadult sparkling drinks are enjoyed a lot in our home, but left overs must be kept in the fridge to keep fresh. Our house has a few of those fancy corks and stoppers, which are good for popping, but not really able to keep drinks fizzy for long. It's exactly for this reason that I bought this set of pressure stoppers. A set of two pressure stoppers is included in this set. In my tests, I used these stoppers with leftover champagne and sparkling grape juice and they do a great job of retaining fizz in the bottle. I think this is a very good buy for me. It is recommended.

Ayden Friedman - 26/05/2021
This sealer worked great, however I washed it after using it a few times (1/5)

Something appears to have rusted inside. In terms of sealing it worked great, but I washed it after using it a few times. It appears the spring inside is not stainless steel and is rusted after washing. *br>I observed a brown film develop on the plunger part after the first wash. This looks like rust and I suspect the spring is not stainless steel. br>*br>I don't know if this rust ends up in the wine, but it's less important to figure out at the moment. *br>Because of this issue, I am unwilling to recommend this product.

Cecilia LEES - 08/02/2021
Perfect for my needs (5/5)

Is it possible to drink too much champagne when you and your friends can't finish it all? It used to be that you had to drink more than you wanted or pour it down the drain (totally heartbreaking). With this champagne stopper, you won't have to worry about losing your champagne. Push the button several times a few times so that the stopper is placed onto the bottle opening.

It is a very simple task, no additional tools are required. As you can see, it got the job done after pushing 3 You have to do it five times. It would be five days before we were able to finish the champagne. We had intended to finish it the next day or maybe the day after, but circumstances ruled out doing so. At the time, I thought that was too much to ask of this stopper, but then I learned my error. Just as bubbly and delicious as the day we opened it, the champagne was just as good today as it was then. was very happy to find a product that solved this problem for me. It applies to all standard sizes, so if it does not fit your bottle, perhaps it is because your bottle is a special size, fear not , there will always be a bottle needed.

Annika Hays - 11/04/2021
You will love how well it vacuums (5/5)

I think it's a great stopper. Here are some of the good things Observations 1. As described in the product description, it does a great job of vacuuming! There was no lying on the seller's part. After pressing down on the button several times to extract air out of the bottle as it guides, the stopper was gently removed and I heard a pinging sound. It is the vacuum effect that proves to be the real thing! That is why, without a doubt, you can keep your wine or champagne fresh for a longer period of time. 2. *br>*br> We can use it for our champagne and wine bottles, and it is super easy to do. The lock can be used to seal a bottle that you want to save overnight. Simply place the lid on it, push the button several times, and it is The process of extracting air is simple and can be performed by anyone. In addition, the champagne keeps bubbly for two days, and the wine tastes good the next day as well. It does a great job as well (I did not test it for longer periods of time, but I believe it can)*br>*br>3. Packaged well, it comes in a nice box. To be honest, I did not expect to find such a nice product at such a low price. No matter the packaging, the materials, or the effects, the possibilities are endless. It's a great product that you need.

Ada Fuentes - 22/07/2021
I love this product (5/5)

It works well and has preserved the taste of all of my red and white There is a need to make it better Despite that, the pump will still function after 3 or 4 days in the fridge. There was an upward movement of the valve. Nevertheless, that made a lot of It is all you need to do is tilt a bit and wiggle, or even push a lever and shake In addition, it is very easy to open. My favorite part of it is the end!.

Bryson Oneill - 09/02/2021
The interface is simple and easy to There have already been a few instances when we used this (5/5)

In more than one occasion, we've been faced with the necessity of not drinking a full bottle at a time, as we enjoy wine but can't consume it all at one time. The seal is not only effective but also effective at removing air as well. Because of the vacuum feature, I find it even more effective than a traditional stopper, and I believe every household should have one in the future. has a high probability of being used all the time in our house. I have not tried it in the fridge yet since red wine is predominantly consumed in our household. I think it would make an excellent addition to a basket for new homeowners.

Fisher Gonzalez - 20/05/2021
These wine savers help you save money on wine (5/5)

They are vacuum sealed so they help preserve the freshness of your wine. So, give your bottle of wine a new lease on life with these wine stoppers. It is harder to keep wine open with standard wine stoppers, especially with bubbly wines. Apart from wine stoppers, they also have champagne stoppers that I plan to buy soon. The items were well packaged and shipped in a timely manner.

Alaina Mayer - 29/01/2021